Walkers Crisps Reveal Mystery Flavours & Winners

Walkers Crisps Reveal Mystery Flavours & Winners

The big day has arrived at Walkers Crisps. Not only are they revealing the mystery flavours of Bags A, B and C but they’re also revealing the names of the three lucky winners. Those winners each get themselves £50,000 cash simply for guessing the names of the flavours. So do you want to know who’s won and what the flavours are? Well here they are…

Flavours A, B & C

Flavour A was Sour Cream & Spring Onion. Helen Yendall from Warwick has been announced as the winner of this part of the competition on the Walkers Facebook page. Flavour B, which Walkers revealed as being a meaty flavour, was actually Lincolnshire Sausage & Brown Sauce. The flavour was guessed by Nikki Hughes from Nottingham and she wins a £50,000 prize. Flavour C, which Gary Lineker revealed on Twitter before Walkers did via Facebook, was Birmingham Chicken Balti. The winner of the £50,000 was Emma Thirkill from London. We wonder if they got the exact name – if so that’s quite a feat! We expect people would have guessed Chicken Balti but not the location!

Congrats To The Winners

So how did you get on guessing the flavours? Were you close or were you miles out? Did the clues help you or did they take you down the wrong route? According to Sam at Walkers, they received just over 2000 correct entries across all the flavours!

A Positive Comment

This weekend we received feedback saying all Loquax does is say negative stuff about competitions and never says anything positive (!). So here’s something positive … We think this was quite a clever competition from Walkers Crisps. It created a lot of interest and with the clues and Facebook discussion made sure that it never fizzled out. The £50,000 cash prizes on offer were brilliant and whilst it may have been nice to have seen a different prize distribution there’s nothing like a big cash prize to attract interest. Hopefully we’ll see more competitions like this from Walkers and from other brands too.


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