Walkers Flavour Cup Winners Revealed

Walkers Flavour Cup Winners Revealed

Back in April we told you about the Walkers Crisps Flavour Cup. There were 15 prizes of £10,000 on offer for each of the various crisp flavours. After judging the entries the winners were announced including the one below for English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding, the flavour which has also been crowned the Walkers Flavour Cup Champion. As seems to be the norm with these kind of competitions, controversy doesn’t seem to be too far away. We’ve been looking at the discussion on the Walkers Crisps Youtube Channel and what is interesting is that only videos won the £10,000 prizes.

Will Mellor & Melinda Messenger

Those who submitted photos no doubt will feel disappointed by this and most certainly it raises the question how can you judge/compare video versus a photo? From the discussion it seems that the best entries were shortlisted and shown to celebrity judges “Will Mellor and Melinda Messenger, who chose entries they felt best represented people’s flavour support in the most fun and creative way”. In fairness, no matter how good a photo is it can’t always generate the same emotions as a video. Perhaps there should have been a photo prize and a video prize? Even the video above hasn’t escaped criticism with one user asking where’s the reference to to “Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding”. They do have a point, even though the video is quite good and shows “Britishness”.

Win Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding Crisps

You can view all the winning videos at Walkers Flavour Cup on Youtube. We expect they’ll probably be a few more comments in the coming days although we don’t expect any rip off issues with this competition! Finally to celebrate the end of this competition Walkers are offering you the chance to win a hamper or a box of their Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding crisps in a free prize draw. Be quick as the closing date is the 6th August.


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