What Is Make Me A Winner?

Make Me A Winner

What Is Make Me A Winner?

If you regularly move in comping circles then you may well have seen the words “Make Me A Winner” mentioned once or twice. This tagline may well apply to every prize draw and competition that you enter but it’s also the name of a popular radio prize draw that’s been running daily across some of The UK’s Biggest Radio Stations. These stations include Free Radio, Gem, Greatest Hits Radio, Hallam FM, Hits Radio, Hits Radio Pride, Metro Radio, Pulse 1, Radio City, Rock FM, Signal 1, TFM, The Wave, Viking FM, Wave 105, Lincs FM, Pirate FM, Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, Absolute Radio 60s, Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s, Absolute Radio 00s, Absolute Radio 10s, Absolute Radio 20s, Absolute Radio Country, KISS Network, KISSTORY, KISS Fresh, KISS Dance, KISS Garage, KISS Bliss, Magic Radio, Magic Chilled, Mellow Magic, Magic Soul, Magic at the Movies and Magic at the Musicals and Planet Rock. To take part all you have to do is enter the daily prize draw. After 3pm you may get a winning telephone call but in order to win you must answer the call within 5 rings and the very first thing you need to say is Make Me A Winner.

Win Happy

Details about the Make Me A Winner prize draw plus ways to enter online can be found at Win Happy. This is the online competition site brought to you by Bauer Media Group and it’s well worth bookmarking as they say that “more exclusive online competitions” will be “launching every single week”. As well as details about Make Me A Winner there’s also details about Cash Register which is exclusive for Scotland Residents, Cool FM’s Downtown Cash Call that’s for Northern Ireland Residents and a £75,000 Bonus Cash draw that closes at 6pm on August 20th 2023. But for now let’s just look at Make Me A Winner. The Make Me A Winner competition page gives you the chance to purchase entries. You can pay £2 for 1 entry, £4 for 4, £6 for 8 and £10 for 30 entries. In our view these kind of pay to enter prize draws aren’t that far removed from the concept of “raffle sites” such as Elite, McKinney, Bounty, Bear and the numerous others that operate online. In fact it’s a bit of a gamble too because you’re spending money on the chance you may win. It’s a grey area but we strongly advise that if you do pay and play that you keep an eye on your spending. Only spend what you can afford to lose. Interestingly we can’t see any exclusion options but perhaps that discussion is for another day? Entries can also be made by SMS. Texts cost £2.00 (from the UK) + standard network rate.

How To Enter Make Me A Winner For Free

The good news is that you don’t need to spend £2 in order to enter the daily prize draw. You can enter Make Me A Winner by calling 0330 880 4541 and following the instructions via the phoneline. Phone calls (from the UK) are charged at standard network rate. So it’s not entirely free but it is a lot cheaper than paying for SMS or online entries. The number may be different for different radio stations but this is the one featured on Win Happy. Other numbers and SMS details are provided in the terms and conditions. There are limits to the number of entries that can be made by each format. According to the terms entrants can enter a draw a maximum of 42 times by calling the phoneline, 12 times by SMS and 30 times online. Do people win using the phone entry option? Yes they do so it is worth doing. But how do you win? After 3pm one random lucky person is called by the radio group and provided they answer their phone within five rings and immediately say “Make Me A Winner” then they win the cash prize. If the phone isn’t answered or the caller doesn’t give the appropriate phrase then they don’t win and the prize is rolled over to the next draw. Don’t be surprised if you phone any comping friends and instead of hearing “hello” you hear “Make Me A Winner” followed by some muffled expletives once they realise you’re not a radio presenter.

How Does Make Me A Winner Rollover

When we read that there was a rollover element to Make Me A Winner, if the prize isn’t won on the day, we automatically thought of The National Lottery and Euromillions. In those games if the main prize isn’t won then the jackpot accumulates. This doesn’t happen with Make Me A Winner. So for example if £90K isn’t won on day 1 then the day 2 prize isn’t day 2’s prize plus day 1’s prize. Instead the rollover element of Make Me A Winner refers to the entries. Therefore if you enter on a day that the cash prize isn’t awarded then your entries are kept in the draw for the next day. And so on and so forth until someone wins the prize. What this means is that Bauer could in theory go for many days without actually paying out any cash. Alternatively it could also mean a lot of money being dished out if callers are a bit more vigilant with respect to the winning calls. It’d be interesting to know whether people still pay for extra entries into rollover draws knowing that they’ve already got entries in. Or whether rollover draws end up being swamped by entrants opting to make their 30 entries by telephone?

What Cash Prizes Can You Win?

The best place to go for Make A Me A Winner updates is the official MMAW Facebook page. On there you’ll find the current prize (today it’s £92,000) as well details about winners. For example Alexandra won £86K, Jerry won £79K and Julie won £78K. We have had at least one Loquax MMAW winner with ‘haggismuncher‘ collecting an impressive £56,000 back in June. Back to the Facebook page and there are also a few stories about taking phone calls after the deadline in some of the comments which are worth a read too. Make Me A Winner is currently still running but according to the Loquax listing the closing date is currently 28th July 2023. What happens after that we don’t know. It’s possible that Bauer will decide to continue the draws and continue increasing the cash prize amount. Alternatively they could choose to bring Cash Register back. When Cash Register previously ran it had the same format as Make Me A Winner but the winning phrase was the amount you could win rather than MMAW. Given that these kind of prize draws attract a lot of entries, and therefore decent revenue for the radio stations, we’d be very surprised to not see something in Make Me A Winner’s place once the closing date has passed.


Targeting Low Entry Competitions

“I’m not winning”, “I never win” and “I never have much luck” are all phrases you hear in comping circles. If there are