What Is #WhiskySanta All About?

Whisky Santa

What Is #WhiskySanta All About?

Way back in the dim and distant past Haggis Hunt was usually the first indication that festive competitions and advent prizes were on their way. The competition involved staring at haggis-cams in the hope of spotting a haggis. Top spotters had the chance to win a bottle of Whyte & Mackay Whisky. Sadly that particular promotion has long disappeared down memory lane but another whisky based competition is filling the gap. Master of Malt have been running “Whisky Santa” for the last 10 years and this year they’re offering entrants the chance to win in their #WhiskySanta £1m giveaway. There are two ways to enter – firstly by making a purchase on site and secondly makes wishes every day on social media to see if Whisky Santa will grant them for you.

How To Enter #WhiskySanta

If you’re looking for some gift ideas for Christmas then Master of Malt have a wide variety of gifts available on their site. When you purchase online you’ll be rewared with a free gift from #WhiskySanta. The main bulk of the giveaways are reserved for purchases! The prizes on offer include 30ml sample drams, 50ml bottles, Master of Malt Gift Vouchers up to £50 and even the value of your purchase returned. You won’t know what you’ve won until after checking out so good luck if you choose this particular route. As well as making the purchase route you can also enter the competition for free by making social media posts. This is actually really easy to do with Facebook and Twiter. All you need to do is visit Master of Malt and look through their products. When you’ve found one that takes your fancy you just need to click on the ‘Wish’ button. This then gives you the option to share your wish on social media and therefore make an entry into the draw. Note that if you’re not a fan of whisky then don’t worry as Master of Malt do have other beverages to wish for. There are even some no and low alcohol options if that’s for you.

How To Enter On Instagram

You can also make your entry on Instagam by simply making a post on your profile showing the prize that you’d like to win. You also need to add the hashtag #WhiskySanta to complete the entry. We’re not sure that this is a good approach because of the way Insta has changed things with respect to searching tags. The platform does seem to limit the number of searches that it finds for hashtags which makes it hard not just for search but presumably figuring out recent entries to a prize draw. For example at time of writing there’s nearly 14,000 posts with #WhiskySanta. These will cover previous years but if we look at the posts for #WhiskySanta there’s only a handful. Of course Master of Malt may be using a better way to show tagged content but we think it’s a concern. What we do suggest – as a a recent IG winner has been announced – is to post your wish to your Instagram story, tag @masterofmalt and include the hashtag. This way you know that the promoter has at least been notified of your wish and should be able to spot it much easier than searching via tags.

Super Wishes & Whisky Santa Winners

Occasionally Master of Malt will offer up some super wishes. These are where you can win some really exciting prizes. For example the first superwish of the season is for a Glenfarclas Ultimate Collection worth £2100. You don’t have to do anything different to enter other than head to the prize page and make your superwish. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Master of Malt blog for updates and details. However you won’t find details of the latest winners on the site. Instead you need to pop over to their twitter feed where winners from either Twitter/X, Instagram or Facebook are announced. Interestingly some of the early winners have ‘whisky’ or drink related things either in their handles or bios. Whether that trend continues throughout the month remains to be seen, but we guess it can’t hurt your chances by updating that you love whisky, rum, gin or whatever in your bio.

Whisky Santa 2023 runs until 24th December and full details, including terms and conditions, can be found on the Master of Malt website.


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