Who Are Jumbo Win?

Who Are Jumbo Win?

Whilst searching for competitions and prize draws to list on Loquax we often come across sites that look interesting. They may not necessarily appeal to all compers but never the less we like to have a closer look and see what’s going on. The latest site in this series is called Jumbo Win. When we first came across Jumbo Win we instantly thought it’d be along the lines of a “raffle” style site such as Elite Competitions, McKinney, Bounty Competitions and others. In some ways it is and in others it isn’t. You still have to pay to enter their prize draw – and there is a NPN postal route – but the premise of Jumbo Win is to help good causes. In fact it has more of an Omaze feel to it in that there’s a decent prize up for grabs – in this cash rather than a million pound property – and by entering you can help a good cause. In this case, and indeed Jumbo Win’s first promotion, you have the chance to win £125,000 whilst helping generate funds for TheGivingMachine: “charity supporting any UK based good cause no matter how big or small”.

Who Runs Jumbo Win?

Jumbo Wins is run by Gatherwell who are part of the Jumbo Interactive Group. According to their website, Gatherwell help organisations across The UK run successful fundraising programs with Gatherwell’s digital lotteries. For example the site shows that they’ve helped raise over £1million for The Fire Brigades Union via a lottery. Other lotteries using the same platform include Enable Lottery, Giving Lottery and The Rainbow Lottery, The UK’s first and only lottery supporting LGBTQ+ good causes. Gatherwell are also licenced by The UK Gambling Commission. If you head over to Jumbo Interactive you’ll also find that the company involved say that they “provide technology solutions and management expertise to drive the growth of lotteries in Australia, the UK, Canada and beyond”. Why is this important? Well it gives you an indication that there are people behind Jumbo Win who have had experience of running lotteries and prize draws. In essence everything therefore should be fair, transparent and above board. Furthermore we can safely say that Jumbo Win isn’t being run from someone’s bedroom and that they’re not making up their ticket sales like the site we recently blogged about (and who are still faking their prize draws).

Win £125,000 Cash

As we alluded to above, Jumbo Win is very much in the Omaze category of pay to enter prize sites. There’s one grand prize on offer, £125,000, and for the chance to win you need to purchase tickets. These cost from £10 (20 tickets at 50p each) but you can get discounts for buying more. For example £25 gets you 60 tickets, £50 gets you 175 tickets and £150 gets you 700 tickets. There is a free entry route via post available. To enter you simply need to send a postcard by standard first class or second class post. You’ll get one entry for each qualifying postcard that you send. The first draw will take place in May, but if you enter before the first week of April then there’s also a chance to win £7000 in an early bird draw. If you join a VIP program you will also get entered into Weekly VIP draws. These draws offer you the chance to win £1000 each week. We might be missing something but we couldn’t actually find anything obvious relating to a VIP program without registering. However the FAQs suggest there’s a monthly fee involved, so kind of like the subscription set-up that Omaze has. As far as we can gather the £125,000 top prize is guaranteed regardless of the number of ticket sales.

Helping Good Causes

The aim of Jumbo Win is to help good causes through charitable donations via revenue generated. 20% of ticket sales from this first draw will go to TheGivingMachine. We don’t know if there’s a minimum donation to be made and we couldn’t find any information relating to this on Jumbo Win. Omaze for example guarantee that their chosen good causes will always pick up a certain amount. Whilst a 20% donation from tickets is nice we’d also like to know how the remainder is broken down in terms of prize and administration. TheGivingMachine is also raising funds through a lottery which is run by Gatherwell/Jumbo Interactive. This suggests to us that the good causes that will benefit – should Jumbo Win go on to run more draws in the future – will be the charities that are also running the related lottery product. That’s fair enough although we wonder whether the good cause benefiting from ticket sales has an influence on whether or not people will opt to play? Factors that may influence play is affordability, £10 is expensive, competition with sites like Omaze, The National Lottery and other lotteries, and odds of winning. Details of the latter are unknown and perhaps Jumbo Win are missing a trick. Would your £10 spend on Omaze be better spent on Jumbo Win? The prize may be smaller but the chance of winning could be better?

Should You Try Jumbo Win?

Ultimately that’s down to you. Most Loquax compers we suspect will not be keen on forking out £10 for tickets. They may like to try the no purchase necessary postal route though. We often wonder whether sites treat NPN entries fairly as if you want people to pay up then you ideally don’t want free entries winning the prizes. However in terms of transparency and honesty a NPN winner of the main prize would speak volumes. If you have a spare stamp handy then it’s not going to hurt having a go, although you do only get 1 entry so your chances of winning are very diluted. Those Loquax visitors that enter pay to enter prize draws or win a house competitions may be more interested in Jumbo Win and even consider spending with them. We like that Jumbo Win are backed by a lottery company, are UKGC licenced and don’t accept credit card payments. That immediately puts them above the pay to enter prize draw sites.


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