Win £100K With A Heart Shaped Crisp

Heart Shaped Crisps

Win £100K With A Heart Shaped Crisp

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means a whole host of love related prize draws and promotions are popping up in all corners of the internet. You’ll find a number listed on Loquax under our aptly titled Valentine Competitions section but note that this only lists giveaways with the word ‘Valentine’ in the title. You might want to check out the Food & Drink and UK Holidays sections for more lovey dovey related prizes like hampers and romantic breaks. If you are hoping to win a prize before the 14th February then do check the closing dates and expected delivery. As is usual with seasonal promotions some promoters don’t mind sending off prizes long after the event has passed. Now that is the case with the promotion we’re featuring here, but we’re pretty sure no one will mind waiting a few weeks to win the prize that’s on offer. Walkers Crisps are on the hunt for a heart shaped crisp and there’s £100,000 on offer.

How To Enter The Heart Shaped Crisp Hunt

To enter this competition is pretty easy as all you need to do is buy packets of crisps and see if you can find a crisp that closely resembles a heart. All Walkers Potato Crisps are in play except for Walkers Baked, Walkers MAX and Walkers Sensations. Whilst munching through your bags of snacks just take a moment to see if any of them look like a heart. There’s a picture on the Walkers Crisps page to show you what they’re looking for. Now you can’t cheat by eating around the edges. Your heart shaped effort needs to be untouched. If you find a potential winner then it’s important that you follow the steps necessary to enter. Firstly you need to take a picture of your crisp and upload it to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you’re following the Walkers Crisps account and post using the #LoveFromWalkers tag. We suggest @ tagging Walkers too just to make sure they see your post. Once you’ve done that you need to keep both the crisp and it’s origin packet safe. You will need this to prove you own the crisp. Entries are open until the 20th March 2023 so you have plenty of time to enter.

Win £100,000

According to the terms and conditions: “all valid entries received during the Promotion Period (subject to moderation) will be independently judged to select 20 shortlisted entries based on selected criteria based on how heart shaped your heart shaped crisp actually is. The closest it is to an actual heart then, at least in theory, the more chance you have of winning. Make sure you have that crisp and bag to hand should you make the shortlist or even be named the winner. Walkers clearly state that “The Heart Shaped Crisp provided on entry must be the crisp that is produced at Shortlist Notification and Winner Notification. If not you will be disqualified”. One winner will be selected from the 20 shortlisted entries and that lucky person will win £100,000. We’re guessing that the prize will be paid out even if there isn’t a brilliantly defined heart shaped crisp amongst the entries. There’s nothing in the terms and conditions, at least that we can see, that means no prize would be awarded if there wasn’t a reasonably decent heart shaped crisp amongst the entries.

Share the Hoppiness Easter 2023

There’s another treasure hunt with big money prizes running over at Lindt. For this one you need to purchase a Lindt Gold Bunny milk 100g chocolate in plain foil only from any participating UK retailer. To win you’ll need to find a gold token inside. Lindt have hidden 10 of these gold tokens inside their bunnies and each token will net their winner a nice £5000. Winning bunnies are randomly distributed among stocks between the 1st February and 9th April 2023 but prizes can be claimed up to the end of August. If you do find a token then you’ll need to keep hold of it. Participating stores include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op, Ocado and Lindt. Note that this promotion is being overseen by PromoVeritas which means that the tokens will possibly have been distributed according to the distribution of sales of Lindt Bunnies across the country and stores. In other words that makes finding the tokens a lot lot harder if you’re not in a densely populated part of the country. In fact you probably have more chance of finding a heart shaped crisp. Additionally if the tokens aren’t found or prizes go unclaimed then as far as we can tell they’re not actually awarded. We kind of think that Lindt should hold a draw for unclaimed prizes after the 31st August so that participants know the prizes have been awarded. It’d also be nice to know the locality of the winners who do claim.

Purchase Necessary Competitions

A lot of compers don’t seem to realise that we also list purchase necessary competitions. Whilst we haven’t got the listings into a nice shopping list format it does come with all our usual features such as ordering by prize, sitename, closing date and date added. The filters also work although in this case only for type of prize. Our lists also indicate which competitions you can enter daily too. In other words it’s pretty cool and of course it’s free to use. Should you spend time with these competitions? According to the experts then “yes” although perhaps spending more time on the likes of the Walkers £250 A Hour Giveaway or similar Instant Win/Winning Moment promotions as opposed to pie in the sky treasure hunts. At least with the Heart Shaped Crisp promo it’s a nice extra to look out for when eating your purchases for the £250 a Hour element. And if you’re wondering if people do actually win then the good news is that some Loquax users have already reported £250 wins from Walkers.

Heart Shape

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