Win £35,000 To Watch TV For A Year

Now TV

Win £35,000 To Watch TV For A Year

Sorry guys we’ll not be updating Loquax for a year as we’re going to be winning NowTV’s latest competition. They’re offering someone the chance to take a year off work and get paid £35,000 streaming box sets. It sounds like heaven – well up to the point where you’re sat there thinking “there’s nothing on” which is usually 5 minutes after picking up the remote control. Maybe we won’t enter after all. Anyway if £35,000 and a year of telly sounds up your street make sure you enter this creative competition.

Get Creative

To enter you need to post a video or photo telling NowTV why you deserve a year off streaming Box Sets. Your entry can be made on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook but remember to tag @NOWTV and #BoxSetSabbatical. Also make sure your post is public otherwise it won’t be seen by the judges. If you don’t have social media then you can always email your entry – details can be found on the competition page of NowTV. Our advice would be to opt for the video entry route unless you can get creative with photography. Video allows you to get a lot more personality across whereas a photo can easily be glanced over. If we were doing a photo entry then we’d look to create one that requires a bit of Photoshop. E.g. multiple versions of you watching telly – that kind of thing.

Loquax’s Top Tips

Before you rush off to do your entry here’s some advice. Plan out your entry in advance – it will be judged on the creativity, passion and experience you demonstrate. Apparently Joel Dommett has some tips to help you – just watch the video below for those! Other entries will be available online via NowTV’s social media channel. Have a look at how others are doing their entries. Can you do better? Don’t worry about cinematography quality – you can make and edit videos on your mobile. Remember NowTV are looking for your creativity, passion and experience – not the next Steven Spielberg! You have until the 14th February 2019 to get your entry sorted. After that all entries will be judged and a shortlist of 10 will be compiled. Those on the shortlist will be called to discuss eligiblity and after that the winner will be chosen. It’s nice to see NowTV have’t opted to use a public vote for this competition.

Prize Money

The winner will receive £35,000 paid in monthly instalments over a 12 month period. In addition they’ll get a year’s supply of NOW TV Entertainment Pass, NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass, NOW TV hayu Pass, NOW TV Sky Sports Month Pass, NOW TV Kids Month Pass and NOW TV Smart Stick to watch TV with. As far as we’re aware the winner won’t have to give up their job nor will they be forced to be glued to the box for the 365 days following the win. There are no other prizes on offer so it’s winner takes all. Find out more details including full terms and conditions at NowTV. Good luck if you decide to take part – and do feel free to share your entries or thoughts by commenting below.


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