Win A Break With KitKat Make A Break

Win A Break With KitKat Make A Break

The media often goes on about diet and healthy eating which is fine, unless you’re a comper! Why are the good competitions on the things that are deemed “bad” for you. Creme Eggs, Haribo, McDonalds and Pringles don’t exactly scream good eating. And just to ensure your good intention diet resolutions from January are consigned to the bin, KitKat have just launched their new on pack promotion. They have 100 “sun-believable” prizes to be won daily plus you could win holidays to Barbados, The Maldives, Los Angeles, Miami and Mexico.

Sun-believable Prizes To Be Won

For your chance to win you’re going to need to purchase special packs of KitKat. The special packs include 4 finger bars, KitKat Chunky and various 2 finger multipacks. Each special pack contains a unique code which needs to be entered online at the KitKat Make A Break website. By entering the code you have the chance to win Travel Wallets, Luggage Tags, Towels and Water Bottles. You can enter as many codes as you like (max 3 per day) but it’s only 5 prizes maximum per person and household. The daily prize giveaway runs between the 3rd February and 29th March 2020. Note that this a Winning Moments competition. What this means is that KitKat have predetermined 5600 times (100 per day). The first person to enter a unique promotional code on or after the such a time – a winning moment – will have been deemed to have won. Winners will be notified online immediately after entry. Our advice is to try adding codes at different times of the day. Try and avoid potential busy periods such as during the evening when people are more likely to be online.

The Odds Of Winning A Holiday Prize

But what about those holiday prizes. You’re going to have to be a bit Charlie Bucket if you’re going to be a winner here! KitKat have created 10 lucky bars each with a holiday destination on the bar. Don’t worry if you eat the chocolate and forget to check as there will be a winning insert too. Details of how to claim will also be on the insert. There are 10 holiday vouchers worth up to £8000 to be won via lucky bars. This part of the promotion runs until the 31st December 2020. If the holidays aren’t claimed then we assume that they’re not given away. But what are the odds of winning? According to Nestle’s own report “more than 1 billion Kit Kat products are eaten in the UK every year”. Assuming that each is a single bar that means you have roughly 1 in 100 million chance of finding a holiday winning chocolate bar. The actual odds will be slightly less to account for multipacks but you get the idea.

5% Virgin Holiday Discount

To be fair the chances of winning a holiday is at better odds than being crushed by a vending machine (1 in 112 million according to The Independent). The same article also suggests you have a better chance of winning the lottery! The odds of being crushed by a vending machine that produces a winning chocolate bar is off the charts! That would be a real case of bad luck and good luck. If you miss out on the “sun-believable” daily prizes but still have codes then there is a late entry draw. Another 100 prizes will be on offer and you have until the end of 2020 to enter your code. Finally all entrants whether they win or lose will receive a 5% discount code for Virgin Holidays. If you’re planning to getaway then a KitKat purchase could be worthwhile just to get a few quid knocked off the price of your holiday. OK it’s £50 off a £1000 holiday but that’s not bad for the price of a chocolate bar.


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