Win a Devon Estate worth £1million in a Win a House Competition!

August 27th, 2008

Win a House competitions often pop up online and few (if any) ever get to a point where someone actually wins the house! Perhaps though that trend is about to be bucked with Oldborough Estate. It’s valued at one million pounds but it could be yours for just £25! The competition was featured on BBC News on August 26th.

In the interview, Brian and Wendy Wilshaw told The BBC they’d sold about “a third of the tickets” – however they’re now totalling nearly 26,000 sold tickets. That’s still some 20,000 short of their target figure, but for once a “win a house” competition appears to have captured the imagination.

The reason could well be because this is no ordinary home you could win! It’s an estate that includes a five bedroom house, two bedroom timber lodges, 11.5 acres of woodland and 2 acres of coarse fishing lakes. The estate has been run as a business and so if someone does win this home they’ll be getting themselves a whole new way of life as well as a brand new house.

The big question is will they reach the magical 46,000 tickets? The competition ends in December and the BBC coverage has helped boost sales, but the competition featured on Sky News back on July 4th and unless there’s further media boosts sales may begin to slow again.

On the other hand, if come December 1st The Wilshaws are showing signs of reaching the magic number of tickets sold there may well be a mad rush for the remaining tickets – especially as unusual Christmas presents. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find a ticket that might win you a one million pound estate in Devon?

For more details and to take part head on over to Win a Devon Property with Fishing!

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