Win a House Competitions Update

July 29th, 2009

It’s been a while since we blogged about the various Win a House competitions that exist and in that time a number of them have closed. Sadly none have concluded with a new home winner like the Oldborough Estate competition.

What has happened is that a number of cash prizes have been awarded. Cash prizes are given out when the promoter has fallen short of selling the required number of tickets to be able to giveaway the house prize.

Fancy Winning My House needed to sell 16,000 tickets to part with their 4 bedroomed house in Eastbourne. The competition ended on June 30th and a Mr M.Evans of Nottingham won a cash prize. There’s no indication of ticket sales or the prize awarded.

We think between 600 to 700 tickets were sold in the Dream Home Competition. Elizabeth Graham from Yeadon won a cheque for £9,555.20 as the competition fell way short of it’s 30,000 minimum entry target.

Doing slightly better in the sales and prize stakes was A Spot of Luxury. They had 864 correct entries for their competition to win Sapna House. Mr Ian Coldwell of Derby was chosen as the lucky winner and walked away with £11,540. The house, valued at £800,000, is now on the market in the usual estate agent fashion.

Win Fellows Hall were one of the first house competitions to get on board due to the Devon Fishing phenomena. The competition was hindered slightly by The Gambling Commission and after several months managed around 2500 entries. Laura Drinkald from Darlington won over £27,000 whilst The Main Project Charity received a donation of just over £11,000.

We don’t know how well the promoters in the above competitions did financially but one win a house competition ended up costing it’s organiser £2000 (Newport Advertiser).

Despite the lack of ticket sales and home selling there are still new win a house competitions starting, like Want to Win This House (£700,000 Cotswolds Home), but there definitely has been a slow down.

Perhaps home owners are starting to realise that raffling off their home isn’t an easy way to sell?

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