Win A Million Pounds With Heart Radio

Win A Million Pounds With Heart Radio

In January we told you about how listening to Roman Kemp on Capital FM could win you £100,000! That competition has now passed but you might want to tune your radio to Heart. They’ve seen Capital FM’s £100K giveaway and raised it to a massive one million quid. Heart’s Make Me A Millionaire competition runs from 24th February through to the 7th May. When we first heard of the competition we anticipated it’d be another mystery voice style promotion. However it’s a lot easier than that to take part.

Make Me A Millionaire

Every weekday morning listen out for the artist of the day announcement. Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden will reveal the featured artist but you can also check online by visiting In addition Jamie and Amanda will announce how much you could win. So for example the 24th January’s featured singer is Pink and the prize money is £5000. Whenever you hear the artist of the day on Heart (between 8am and 4pm) you need to text in WIN to 82122. One lucky texter will be selected at random to go on air. They can either choose to take the cash prize on offer or say “Heart, make me a millionaire”. By doing the latter they’ll forgo the cash prize and instead be entered into a prize draw at the start of May. By the way it’s not a straight prize draw. On May 6th nine people will be selected from those who have elected to enter the draw. They’ll then be one final round of the competition to get a 10th finalist. All finalists will be asked to head to London on the 7th and one of the ten will become a millionaire.

Odds Of Winning

Entry is via text only and sorry but it’s not free to participate. Entrants will be charged at £2 plus one standard rate message. Entries from each round do not carry over so you need to text in on each song if you’re hoping to get picked as a winner. With that in mind just keep in mind your costs as they can quickly mount up. Also when you do enter you’ll be sent a confirmation text and the option to get 4 entries for the price of 2. Again be wary of the costs! You might want to also consider the odds of winning a million quid! You have up to eight chances a day to win a prize or go to the prize draw. We have no idea how many people will enter at this stage but the odds will be 1 in x000. Over 52 weekdays Heart could potentially create 416 finalists although perhaps not all will opt for the million pound draw. Only 9 people will then be selected as million pound draw finalists and then – at the very end – it’s a 1 in 10 chance of winning. Basically the odds are stacked against you when you look at odds of winning round one, being picked as a finalist and then collecting the million quid.

Cash Or Prize Draw

However someone has to win as the prize money is guaranteed to be won. So what would you do if you managed to get through the initial text competition stage? Would you take the cash prize draw or go for the million pounds? £5000 or more is a nice sum of money but then a million pounds is better. Could you turn down a few grand knowing you might have a chance of a million or do you decide the odds are not in your favour and take the money. It’ll be interesting to see what people do decide. We wonder whether Heart will start to raise the money offers and whether there’s a maximum cash prize on offer. Also will more people opt for the prize draw towards the end of the competition when they know how many others have opted in? Full details of the promotion can be found here and qualifiers for the draw are posted on the website. Good luck if you decide to take part and just keep an eye on the mobile costs if you choose to play daily.


What Is Make Me A Winner?

If you regularly move in comping circles then you may well have seen the words “Make Me A Winner” mentioned once or twice.