Win A Million With ITV Daytime

Win A Million With ITV Daytime

How would you like to be a millionaire? Once upon a time there were a few free entry lottos such as The Daily Draw, Banana Lotto, Freemoney etc who offered top prizes of a million quid. One or two people won them but you rarely get the chance to win such big money in a prize draw. In fact really big prizes seem to be isolated to ITV competitions these days and to celebrate their new Daytime schedule (which looks uncannily like their normal one) they’re giving you the chance to win a million!

How To Enter

Details of the Daytime Make Me A Million can be found in a video on ITV but we’ve taken a screen shot of some of the details below. We expect that the competition has already been shared on Loquax too under the ITV competitions section. Sadly there’s no free web entry for this competition. Instead you have to resort to good old “snail mail” if you want to enter for free. Well we say free but you still have to pay for a stamp and they cost a fortune these days don’t they? Still it’s a cheaper option than the £2 plus network charge an entry will cost via text or phone.

BOGOF Entries

By the way if you do enter by text/phone then there’s an offer you may have missed. In the terms it states that “entrants who enter twice from the same phone number will receive a third entry into the prize draw without charge”. If you make further entries then it’s as a BOGOF. Note you can have a maximum of 15 paid entries and 14 free ones. There are similar rules for text entries. If you choose to do the postal route then you make up to 29 entries provided you include your phone number on your postcard! We still would prefer ITV to make entries limited to person/postal address so as to limit those people who have 18,000 comping mobiles on hand to enter anything and everything.

The Odds Of Winning

We suspect the chances of winning this competition will be well over 1 in a million. It’s being featured on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning with Philip and Holly and Loose Women. Closing date is 5pm on 20th September for text/phone entries and 5pm on 24th September for postal entries. Good luck!!


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