Win A Mini Cooper With Radio X Car Roulette

Radio X Car Roulette

Win A Mini Cooper With Radio X Car Roulette

If you like the idea of winning a car then you might want to tune into Chris Moyles on Radio X. He’s come up with an exciting roulette style competition that will see one lucky listener win a brand new Mini Cooper. The competition is based on a roulette wheel. However Chris’ roulette game doesn’t use a small wheel with a little white ball. Instead he has plans for a 40 metre wide wheel that will be based at one of The UK’s test tracks.

On-Air Competition

Now a 40m wide roulette wheel would need an extraordinarily large white ball. But in this case Chris will make do with a Ford KA. The car, driven by Dominic Byrne, will be filled with a small amount of petrol and then driven around the wheel. Eventually the car will run out of fuel (or breakdown) and come to a stop at one of the 37 numbered segments. The segment where the car stops will be the winning number and this number will correspond to a lucky listener. This is an on-air competition and runs on Radio X between the 4th and 8th February 2019. The rules of the competition can be found here. This link also explains how to enter. Note you will need to listed to the Chris Moyles Radio X show. During the show a question will be asked and you’ll need to text in an answer. Texts will cost £1.50 plus standard network rates.

Car Roulette Plays This Friday

Everyone who enters will receive a 4-for-2 offer in return. This means that if you enter a second time within the same competition round, then you will receive two additional entries into that competition round at no extra cost. This offer is worth taking up only provided you can afford and are happy to spend £3 on a competition. For Monday to Thursday there will be 9 winners whilst just 5 selected on Friday. The car will be won this Friday (8th February 2019) so you could be driving a brand new car by the weekend. The prize will be “a Mini Cooper Classic 3-door hatch, manual, at standard ‘Cooper Classic’ specification”. Note that the car used during the roulette spin will not be the prize.

The Chris Moyles Show is on Radio X from 6:30am to 10am, Monday to Friday.


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