Win a Home Closes & Win a Pub Opens in Wales

Win A House

Win a Home Closes & Win a Pub Opens in Wales

According to This is South Wales another Win a House competition has fallen foul of the “skill element” issue that has dogged these kind of competitions. Sharon Craig was raffling her home for £10 a ticket, but the competition has now been withdrawn. According to the report “6700 people entered the contest”, which compared to other current promotions in our win a house watch makes it quite successful. The website at Win This Home now informs visitors that “the gambling commission that they view this competition as a lottery and as a result of this I have been asked to withdraw the win this home competition”.

Win A Pub In Wales

Hoping to do slightly better than Sharon are the owners of The Plash Inn in West Carmarthenshire who are raffling their boozer at Win a Pub in Wales. They’re running a “pub quiz with a difference”, tickets cost £20 each and there are 30,000 of them on sale. The competition has yet to launch, but you can register your interest and they’ll inform you when it kicks off later this month. To avoid falling foul of The Gambling Commission to enter the competition you must answer four pub-themed questions online and fill in a tie-breaker on why you would be the right person to run it.

Win A House Watch

The Plash Inn have good reasons for wanting to sell (Wales Online) and they hope to pass on 5% of the proceeds to The Down’s Syndrome Association and the British Heart Foundation. Can a pub succeed where so many homes and flats have failed? Keep an eye on win a house watch as we keep an eye on those win a house competitions!


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Way back in 2020 when win a house competitions really started to snowball, a renovated cottage located between the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia