Win a Three Million Pound House – Poachers Retreat

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Win a Three Million Pound House – Poachers Retreat

Win a House competitions could be about to become hot news again with the launch of a brand new site. Poachers Retreat is the latest home on offer to potential entrants who wish to part for £25 a ticket. The big difference between this house and similar sites is that this is a Three Million Pound Home. The site went live on the 21st September and already has had press coverage in local publications as well as The Daily Mail and Sunday Times. According to the owners, Malcolm and Maxine Cox, their country retreat home near Alcester (7.5 miles from Stratford upon Avon) is the most valuable individual property to be sold this way in the UK, possibly even worldwide.

£1Million Cash Alternative

It’s eco friendly and finished to a top spec, but if a £3million property doesn’t interest you (!) then there’s always a £1million cash alternative on offer. Many win a home promoters like to try and support charities and this competition is no exception. Malcolm and Maxine home to raise money for four different charities including Born Free and The Lord’s Taverners. They even managed to get Chris Tarrant, President of the latter charity, involved in publicity for the property. The couple hope to sell 150,000 tickets and are hoping to entice entrants from all over the world. As well as the property additional prizes are being included in the competition that requires entrants to answer questions and then take part in a spot the key skill element.

Will This Competition Be a Success?

All win a house competitions need to have several elements to succeed. A dream life changing property, a good bit of press and luck. The Cox’s have the first in spades, but to get 150,000 tickets sold they’re going to need plenty of press and luck. If public interest can be sparked so as to ignite a ticket buying frenzy then press coverage will just increase. They’re targeting worldwide entrants, which is a sensible move and could help sale volumes. On the downside we’d have liked the online payment system to be in place before launch plus we’d like to see a number of tickets sold counter (although many start up win a house sites don’t add this until sales start moving). That aside everything else is in place and the success of this venture is going to be purely down to luck. As we’ve said many a time now, win a house competitions rarely succeed as they lack appeal. If a £3million home doesn’t appeal enough to sell 150,000 tickets worldwide then perhaps these competitions are never ever going to work?


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Way back in 2020 when win a house competitions really started to snowball, a renovated cottage located between the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia