Win Big Cash With Vimto

Vimto Big Cash Giveaway

Win Big Cash With Vimto

On pack and purchase necessary prizes seem to be everywhere at the moment. You might not know this but these are listed on Loquax and can be found in our purchase needed section. It’s also worth checking out the daily entry section and the Phone/SMS section as occasionally one or two don’t end up in the purchase area (it’s something we need to fix). Whilst we’d love to have every possible competition listed on Loquax it’s just not possible with resources so if you spot one that’s not on the list then please help out. Anyway one recent addition to the list that has jumped out for us is the Vimto Big Cash Giveaway. According to the headlines you could win a share of £1million as there’s 10,000 x £100 prizes up for grabs. You’ll need to purchase a Vimto 500ml bottle or 330ml can to take part and entries can be made up to the end of August. It all sounds great but is it really that good?

The Odds Of Winning

To enter the prize draw you need to visit Vimto Big Cash. You’ll then be asked to enter your name, email address and numbers from the barcode of your bottle or can of Vimto. This is an instant win prize draw so you’ll be told straight away whether you’re a winner. According to Vimto the odds of winning are 1 in 1999, which for reference is similar to the odds of getting four numbers correct on The National Lottery (1 in 2180). Vimto have 10,000 x £100 prizes to be won which if their odds are right will mean they’ll need 10,000 x 1999 entries over the period of the promotion which if our maths is correct works out at roughly 230,000 entries a day. Firstly that’s a lot of Vimto and secondly it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll get close to creating 10,000 winners. Throw in to the equation that there is a limit of three entries per entrant per day, with a maximum of 30 entries per entrant allowed across the Promotion Period then you rapidly start to see that not a lot of the £1million will be won. In fact the terms of this promotion allude to this because Vimto cover their bases by stating that if “less than £6,000 is claimed during the Promotion Period, a catch-all prize draw will be held at the end of the Promotion for all losing entries”. The amount in the catch-all draw will be £6000 minus the amount that’s won (so if £5000 has been won, then £1000 or 10 x £100 will be the catch-all prizes). The rules also state that should more than £6,000 in cash prizes be claimed during the Promotion Period no catch-all prize draw.

Social Media Prizes

We don’t know about you but the above does leave a slightly bitter after-taste from our can of Vimto. But “win a share of £1million” obviously sounds a lot better in marketing terms than “win a share of £6000, maybe more, maybe less but probably not”. However there’s still good reason to get involved as Vimto are also running a social media prize draw alongside the on pack instant win. To enter the prize draw you’ll need to share a Post and/or Story showing you drinking Vimto. Your entry needs to tag @vimto on Instagram or @officialvimto on TikTok and using the hashtag #VimtoBCG. You will also need to be following @vimto on Instagram or @officialvimto on TikTok. Every day (from 5th June through to 13th August 2023) one lucky entry will be selected to win £100. According to the terms “all complete and eligible entries received each day will be entered into a daily prize draw and a daily winner will be selected at random”. With this in mind we think that you should be able to enter daily and perhaps use the same image over and over again. It’ll be interesting to know how random “at random” is or whether it’s randomly the image or tiktok that appeals to the winner picker on that particular day. Now the odds for this element of the promotion are pretty decent as when we searched Instagram on the #VimtoBCG we found just 196 posts. Our advice is get your Vimto and target the daily £100 prize over the instant win. A further element of this promotion does offer entrants the chance to win £1000 cash prizes but these are limited to select stores and you’ll need to keep an eye on social media for updates.


The Vimto Big Cash Giveaway runs between the 5th June and 13th August 2023. The big money headlined is for the purchase needed instant win part of the promotion with a possible 10,000 x £100 prizes on offer. Realistically, because the odds of winning are 1 in 1999, the cash awarded will be considerably less and if under £6000 will trigger a catch-all prize draw. To make the promotion more interesting there’s a social media daily giveaway of a £100 prize. In our view the odds of winning seem to be much better due to limited interest. So grab yourself a bottle of Vimto next time you’re out and take a photo. Then head to the website to see if you can bank some of the cash that is up for grabs (but won’t all be given away).


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