Win A Holiday Every Hour With Walkers & Doritos

Walkers & Doritos

Win A Holiday Every Hour With Walkers & Doritos

One aim for the Loquax Blog was to highlight a few more competitions, especially those that offer big prizes and/or require a purchase. However so far this year we’ve been lost in a world of nostalgia, site closures and house raffles. So we’d better pull our fingers out and start to let you know of some of the exciting promotions that are around. One of the best ones in terms of volume of prizes comes from Walkers and Doritos who are giving you the chance to win not one holiday voucher over an entire prize draw and not even one holiday voucher per day. In fact they’ll be dishing out 12 of them daily up until the 23rd May 2022. The aim of the promo, which is being run with Easyjet, is to “inspire the British public to leave the adversity of the past two years behind”. Interested? Grab yourself a bag of snacks and find out how to enter below.

How To Enter The Prize Draw

The prize draw runs at both Walkers and Doritos from 10am to 10pm daily. To take part you’ll need a promotional packet of snacks. Scan the QR code on the packet to go to either of the websites (from what we can see they’re identical so there’s no advantage of using one or the other regardless of the pack purchased) or just click there yourself using your browser. Once on the site you’ll then need to qualify your entry by entering the batch code from your packet along with your details. The batch code starts GB and as far as we’re aware is not unique so the code can be used again and again. That’ll save you a few quid on crisps! Once you submit the entry you’ll then be told instantly if you’re a winner – or not. Entrants can have one entry per hour of the giveaway.

Winning Moments & The Prizes

There are a total of 1080 prizes to be won throughout the promotional period – 12 prizes per day with 11 x £500 Easyjet Vouchers and 1 x £2000 Easyjet Vouchers. Prizes allocated by a random winning moment every hour between 10:00 and 22:00 each day. This means that a random time is decided and whoever enters their code on that time or the closest time afterwards will win. This means if the set time is 11.10am and Person A enters at 11.09am but Person B enters at 11.11am then Person B wins (assuming no one else enters). If there are no winners during a given hour then the prize rolls over. There’s no strategy to this kind of mechanic other than pot luck but you may be better off focusing on the early and late prize draws when less people may enter their details. Of course if everyone uses the go early or late strategy then that kind of negates any advantage.

The Promo Packs & NPN Routes

There are a number of products included in this promotion including Walkers Single Packs, Multi Six Packs (various flavours), Meaty 12 & 22 Packs, Variety 12 and 22 Packs, and Tesco Classic Variety Box. Doritos packs of 48g, 70g, 150g and 180g of Cool Original, Chilli Heatwave and Tangy Cheese are also involved. Whilst residents of England, Scotland, Wales and ROI will have to buy their crisps to get a code (or go wombling for packets), those of you in Northern Ireland can take advantage of a no purchase necessary entry route. Details of which can be found in the terms and conditions. All NPN entries will be given an equal and random chance of winning a prize. If you have or pick up promo packs after 23rd May then don’t throw them away as you can still use them for a mop-up prize draw running until 23rd August 2022. Ten winners will each win 1 x £500 EasyJet Holiday Voucher (or cash equivalent in Euros for ROI winners).

Problems & Winners

Looking through the Twitter feeds of @DoritosUK and @Walkers_Crisps there have been a few snagging issues when entering codes. If you do encounter any problems then messaging them on Twitter seems to be a good approach as they’ll then try and sort out the issues via DM. One important tip seems to be to make sure that when you enter a code that you make sure there are no spaces. Winners aren’t announced on social media or the website so you’ll probably have to rely on checking in on comping groups to see if there are any announcments about prizes won and the times involved.


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