Win Daily Prizes With Quakers Oat So Simple

Quaker Oats

Win Daily Prizes With Quakers Oat So Simple

Quakers are giving away a £1000 Health & Wellbeing Pack every day in their current competition. They’ve teamed up with Nuffield Health and want to give you a great start to 2019. Although 2019 is almost 2 months old (where has the time gone) there’s still time to enter the daily competition and the wrap-up draw. To take part all you need is any promotional pack from Quakers Oat So Simple.

Win A Nuffield Health Package Or £1000

Once you’ve got your pack you’ll need to visit the competition website and enter your unique code starting QU which can be found on your pack. You will also need to provide name and email address. Once the details are completed you’ll find out in an instant whether you’ve won or not. The main daily prize is a Nuffield Health package worth £1000. Residents of “Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or people living more than 30 miles away from a Nuffield Health Centre” can opt to claim a cash prize. The good news is that you don’t leave this competition empty handed! Every valid entry into the Instant Win promotion by residents of Great Britain receives a Nuffield Health one-day pass. Unfortunately if don’t live in Great Britain – or near a participating gym – then you can’t actually use the pass unless you make a trip specifically for a visit. Whilst this isn’t good for Northern Ireland residents they do at least have the option of a No Purchase Necessary postal route. See the terms of the competition for details. Those of us who live in Wales don’t really benefit from this aspect of the offer.

Wrap Up Prize Draw

If you miss the daily prize draws – they close on 14th March 2019 – then there’s still a wrap-up draw. This is where you enter the code but instead of an instant win result you’re included in a prize draw. The wrap-up draw runs from the 15th March through to 15th May 2019. The prize is a a Nuffield Health package of a value of £1000. A cash prize alternative as outlined above also applies. One thing that’s not clear regarding this promotion is whether you can re-use your code each day. We’re assuming that one barcode equates to one entry, but the competition terms don’t actually say that barcodes cannot be reused. Unfortunately we can’t test this theory out because we don’t actually buy Oats So Simple (and don’t really want to either – too much sugar in it).

Keep Your Packaging

If you do have a code then do let us know if it’s one entry or if it can be reused. Note that it’s a maximum of one entry per person per day for both the instant win and wrap-up draw. An important element of this promotion is that you do need to retain your packaging. In the event of a win you may need to provide this as evidence of purchase. If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness in 2019 then qualifiers for the competition are worth looking out for. However, do check if there’s a gym close to you before purchasing. Remember the £1000 cash prize only kicks in if there’s no participating gym within 30 miles of your home.


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