Win Your Dream Home In Scotland

Win Your Dream Home In Scotland

Although the ‘win a house’ competition craze hasn’t quite hit the dizzy heights of a few years ago, there are signs that other people are now viewing it as a viable option for offloading their property. Dustan Law kicked things off earlier this year when he decided to giveaway his country house in Lancashire. He’s now at 377,142 entries (16th June) and could well achieve the required 500,000 mark. Hoping to emulate Law’s success is Shamus Fitzsimons who owns a luxury seven-bedroom luxury home situated on the outskirts of Glasgow. Dullatur House is the property that’s on offer! It’s worth £825,000 but it could be yours for just £5. To enter you need to answer a question, decide how many entries you’d like, send in your details and make a payment.

250,000 Tickets To Be Sold

For the luxury home to be given away, Fitzsimons requires 250,000 tickets to be sold. The closing date is set at midday on the 18th December 2017. Given that it has taken Dustan Law just four months to sell over 370,000 tickets, then the Dullatur House deadline seems possible, but it should be noted that it only costs £2 a ticket for the Win A Country House competition. If the 250,000 ticket mark is not achieved then the draw may still go ahead depending on the number of entries. However, the draw could be extended for a further six months or a cash prize awarded instead. Given that closing dates are meant to be locked in stone we’re a little surprised that the up to six month extension is allowed. Just imagine that happening in free prize draws – ASA would have a feel day!

What Are The Odds?

So is it worth investing a fiver for the chance to Win Your Dream Home. The odds of one ticket winning is 1 in 250,000. In comparison the odds of getting five numbers on the National Lottery are around 144,000/1. However, a £2 wager on the National Lottery on the 17th June would have netted you £499! Of course, you could go on and win the jackpot playing the lottery – but the odds are less comparative. The ‘downside’ of risking a fiver is that you may well end up with a Scottish mansion to deal with. It’s not a bad problem in many respects as the winner could always sell it or rent it. The latter would probably be the most sensible idea given the fact that the current owners have resorted to the competition giveaway route! As with all of these kind of competitions though it’s up to you. You spend your money and take the chance. Let us know what you think by commenting below.