Create First Win a House Winner!

Win A House Create First Win a House Winner!

Despite only selling just over 4000 tickets have become the first Win a House competition to create a home winner. According to the website Stephen Lakey, 35, from Hertfordshire was drawn as the winner of one of the eleven available flats. He is now the owner of a luxury London apartment worth £400,000. A brand new competition has launched for the other 10 flats. Back in October 2008 we told you that a Win an £8million London Pad Competition had launched. The promoters had hoped to sell 200,000 tickets and therefore giveaway 11 of the luxury flats would be given away. As is not, even 19,999 tickets were sold for the first flat prize draw.

10 Flats To Be Won

According to the rules the promoters had a cash prize of £152,847 on offer, but instead decided to give away a flat, which whilst very generous is no doubt a clever marketing ploy to spark further interest in the competition. Starting March 9th 2009 the remaining 10 flats are now on offer and entrants have a 15,000 to 1 chance to win an apartment and a 30 to 1 chance of winning a prize! As well as the apartments there are now 400 cash prizes of £250 and 4,500 cash prizes of £150 each. The promoters aim to sell 150,000 tickets at a cost of £50 each. Anyone who has already entered will automatically qualify for the new draw.

What Are The Skill Requirements

In the original competition entrants received an MP4 Player instead of a ticket for their entry. This we believed got around the skill element problem that has beset many win a house type competitions. now charge £50 but there’s no purchase of an item and we’re wondering whether the questions (which haven’t changed by the way) will satisfy the skill requirements demanded by The Gambling Commission. However the new competition pans out, the rules and regulations and number of tickets unsold won’t be a worry to the first £400,000 flat winner!