Would You Be Buried Alive At Warwick Castle To Win £1000?

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Would You Be Buried Alive At Warwick Castle To Win £1000?

Look for low entry competitions for a better chance to win the comping experts will tell you! Well, here’s a competition that will offer you a 1 in 5 chance of winning £1000, and we don’t think they’ll be that many people trying to become 1 of the 5 in the latest competition from Kerrang! Radio. They’re celebrating the launch of the Castle Dungeon at Warwick Castle on 4th April with this unusual competition!

Grave Mistake Competition

Kerrang! are looking for 5 lucky (or potentially unlucky) people to take part in their Grave Mistake competition. The contestants will be “buried alive in their own coffin and submerged in a shallow grave in the grounds of Warwick Castle. Whoever lays low the longest in their coffin will win the grand prize”. Think that’s easy? Here’s a reminder of Joe Swash in “I’m a Celebrity…” doing just 10 minutes buried alive! Still interested? There are, as you’d expect, some lengthy terms and conditions surrounding this competition. You must be in good health to enter and thankfully people over 6 feet tall are advised not to take part! Toilet breaks will be provided and rest breaks will be provided every four hours.

I’ll Go To Sleep & Easily Win This

And just in case you’re thinking “I’ll go to sleep and easily win this” … the terms also state that contestants “may be set challenges by Kerrang! Radio. Refusing to take part in a challenge will result in disqualification from the contest”. For the chance to become 1 of the 5 head on over to Kerrang! Radio. Entries close at 8pm on 27th March. If you enter then you’re mad, but do let us know – especially if you are chosen to be buried alive for the chance to win £1000.


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