Flipping Eck! Vote Competition Controversy Hits Flip Video

Posted on: September 3rd, 2010 by Jason 6 Comments

Yet another competition is embroiled in voting controversy over on Facebook! Over the summer Flip Video UK have been running a competition with a £3000 prize on offer. The competition has been in four stages. Step 1 was answer a few questions. Step 2 required votes.

Step 3 reduced entrants down to the 20 who got the most votes and they were tasked to create a video about their summer. The final part, Step 4, required people to vote for their favourite video and therefore pick the winner. People who voted had the chance to win a Flip Video.

However, controversy began to kick off when the number of votes being accumulated by two entrants raised eyebrows amongst other finalists. This has since boiled over at the start of September when a user spotted a number of ” faceless, non profiled accounts” voting for the entrants. There are also allegations of fake accounts being used to get other entrants disqualified.

Flip UK, to their credit, have posted on their wall and are investigating

We are working with Facebook to identify any fake accounts. You will appreciate it is very important that Facebook can prove beyond reasonable doubt that these accounts are indeed fraudulent before taking action. This takes some time and we are going to have to ask you to bear with us.

This isn’t going to be an easy task and whatever the result the competition has been tainted. Reading some of the comments on Facebook suggests the goodwill of some finalists has gone. This can’t be what they hoped to achieve when the competition kicked off.

Brands love voting competitions, especially via Facebook, as they can help create viral social media buzz which means more likes/followers/friends for them. Their brand is being splashed over walls, posted on forums by people begging for votes and tweeted across Twitter.

However, as we all know in the comping world voting competitions are notorious for controversy. People will do anything and everything it takes to win, including spamming forums and jumping on people when they login to Facebook via the chat facility! There are voting groups on Facebook – some open, others private.

Even if people are playing within the rules there’s always suspicious minds and conspiracy theories usually come into play!

We can only sit and wait to see what happens with Flip’s Facebook competition. Hopefully there won’t be any indiscretions, but if there are then appropriate action should be taken.

Voting competitions are fast becoming a mammoth pain in the backside and it’s about time promoters woke up and started to realise the problems they’re getting into with them. Yes they do create viral buzz, but perhaps not always for the right reasons.

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  • krmshep

    Thanks for another good blog!

    I am in this competition and currently 3rd place but the whole thing has gone mad.

    Just wishing Flip good luck in sorting out all these problems! :-/

  • docpetra

    Thank you for this blog and well done to Flip for investigating. There have been a few rare occasions where I got myself drawn into voting comps, and every single time things have gone wrong for one or other reason. There always seems to be a way to cheat, sometimes simple, sometimes more elaborate. I think a (reasonably) fair way of running a voting comp is allowing voting combined with judging (e.g. the winner will be picked by the promoter from the 20 (or 10 or 50) highest rated entries.

  • krmshep

    After reading your ‘Vote Request’ topic Jason, I have realised that my last post here may seem like a vote request but I didn’t mean it that way and can’t delete it so if you or someone else is able to delete it then please do! Thanks x

  • kuryli80

    I am also in this competition but have not put out any requests to vote. I am more than happy with the flip that I won in the first round and the videos that i have accumulated since.
    I knew it was going to be voting in the 2nd round and it didn’t put me off, I already knew that with who was my competition so never bothered, having said that I did only enter my video because I wanted people to see what was the highlight of my summer, which to me was amazing.
    This has been courted in controversy as soon as it began, votes shooting up by 200 in an hour?? It beggers belief really.
    As soon as it became public knowledge about these faceless accounts, flip video uk fans dropped by around 300!! If thats not an indication that something fishy is going on then I don’t know what is.
    In voting competitions the votes tend to wain off towards the end but i’ve seen more voting in the last few days of the competition since at the beginning and it just doesn’t seem right. I also do not think its fair that 2 people from the same household can be in the same voting competion and only tout for votes on 1 video, if you’re up against 2 vying for votes on the same competition then you really didn’t stand any sort of chance in the first place.
    I really hope that if flip cannot find any indication of cheating then they at least do the right thing and pull the competition alltogether, because whoever wins now its going to leave a bad taste for everyone.

  • jwhelan

    My poor sister is in this competition. She spent hours and hours planning, making and editing the video and was really looking forward to her first ever comp. It has put her off for good. I really feel sorry for Flip too having had a wall fill of accusations and negativity for the last 2 weeks. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens during these final few days.

  • Tiggytop

    I think its pretty awful theres vote rigging / cheating going on, but at least the one at Blackpool has some (little) merit. The one in 2nd with a dog running around in a playground ( Bad idea at the best of times see: http://video.news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Dog-Mess-Toddler-May-Lose-Eye-Amiee-Langdon-Infected-At-Playground-In-Fallowfield-Manchester/Article/201008315696476?lpos=UK_News_Top_Stories_Header_3&lid=ARTICLE_15696476_Dog_Mess%2C_Toddler_May_Lose_Eye%3A_Amiee_Langdon_Infected_At_Playground_In_Fallowfield%2C_Manchester) is probably the worst vid on there, i can understand why the other people that put some effort in must be a bit peed off.