Competitions Feature on The One Show

Posted on: October 13th, 2010 by Jason 6 Comments

The One Show had a feature tonight about compers and competitions. Dom Littlewood took a group of campers and with the help of successful comper Jane Willis (Compers Grape Vine) hoped to turn them in winners.

The segment was interesting and light hearted, but from a Loquax point of view something else caught our eye. Was that a duck that we saw? And were they our listings scrolling down the screen?

Loquax on The One Show

Yes they were!

If nothing else it made watching The One Show a lot more exciting! It’s probably a bit over the top to start plastering “Loquax – as seen on The One Show” across the place though. If only they’d shown the ducky logo!

If you caught the item about competitions on The One Show and want to get into comping then take a look at Loquax – it’s free to use! If you want to catch up with Jane, the successful comper and real star of The One Show item, then you can find her at The Competition Grape Vine and @compergrapevine.

If you missed the competitions item on The One Show then you can catch up with it on BBC iPlayer. It’s about half way through the programme! It’s the 13th October programme and we believe it will only be available for a short time?

According to Jason Manford the compers entered 31 competitions and didn’t win anything and that it was “pointless”. Perhaps a few compers should tweet him their best wins at @jason_manford?

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  • Pauline25

    Glad they decided it was pointless or there would be another influx of new people giving it a go, it’s hard enough to win as it is.

  • minipenguin

    I was glad it was found to be pointless too 😉

  • Jo Haigh

    31 comps? and for big prizes? expected outcome! Entertaining tho’… kudos to Jane & Loquax 🙂

  • scrapaddict

    At least it didn’t make compers out to be greedy and devious so that was good and as they didn’t win anything that’s fine too

  • libra100

    Publicity about comping can result in an influx of new compers, however if they fail to win pretty quickly they soon lose interest. Better for us!

    I always read the Loquax blog, and Jane (compersgrapevine) also writes an excellent comping blog. Both are compulsive reading for compers, helpful and informative.

  • mojo_jojo838

    Yes I’m with Pauline, as much as I want to brag about my wins to my friends, for each win there’s always a mate who says, ‘Ooooooh I’m going to start doing that! What’s it called again? Loquax?’ Me ‘Yes. It’s spelled L O K W A C K Z’ 😉