Happy 10th Birthday Loquax!

Posted on: February 7th, 2008 by Jason 11 Comments

To celebrate our 10th birthday Loquax has had a much needed makeover. Out go the yellow tabs, the small duck logo and dark blue sidebars and in comes a much bigger Loquax logo, a gradient style background and a cleaner fresher overall look. We hope you like our nice new look!

But how things have changed!

We’ve managed to find some of our older logos and as a birthday treat are going to share them with you…..

The Early Years!
Loquax 99
This was an early Loquax banner, when we downplayed the name in favour of Win Win Win WWW Competitions. Eventually we saw the error of our ways, but graphic design didn’t follow!

3D Loquax
Loquax 3D
This 3D effect logo was all the rage once (it must have been!).

‘Juventus’ Loquax
A slightly better logo, but it looked like Tamoil’s logo who used to sponsor Juventus!

Loquax and the Duck

The most recognisable Loquax logo and the first to feature the duck!

And now we have the Super-sized Loquax logo to take us on into another year of competitions and community!

We’d like to say that it has been an absolute pleasure running Loquax over the last 10 years, and without the support of our users we couldn’t have gotten this far. Neither of us could ever have envisaged that Loquax would reach 10 years old and be regarded as the UK’s top competition site.

So we’d like to thank you everyone who has visited us and been part of Loquax over the last 10 years!

Thank you… and Happy Birthday Loquax!

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  • car01e

    was nice seeing the early logos as i wasnt around here then. must admit, cant remember what i used to do with my time before i found loquax!

    your hard work is much appreciated.

    thank you both


  • brenda.heads

    I used to do housework, this is much better!!


  • kareno1968

    I wonder what you logo will look like in ten years time?
    Great site, great fun….. no housework, homework, or gardening done… again!
    Love Karenx

  • t1gger

    The old logos made me smile.

    Happy 10th birthday again to loquax.

    Been a member now for 4 years nearly and hope to be around to see loquax’s 20th birthday.

    Good luck and thanks for all the hard work and the marvelous site.


  • janewendy

    Lovely to see the early logos.

    Happy 10th Birthday Loquax.

  • g0lrk

    Well done Jason & Kirsty, lots of changes in the Forum, I like that people suggest or ask, ‘can we do this or that’ and you try and get it done, yet some of the Forum’s I am a member of , and have been for years, they tell you, ‘no this is the way it’s always been and this is the way we do things on here’.
    You change things and try to help it really is good and of course it keeps people on here and keeps them happy!!!
    Why not have a bit of a laugh and get people to ‘design’ what they think the logo will look like in another 10 years?
    They can always e-mail them to you rather than post on the Forum and clog that up, and you could show what you & Kirsty imagine & hope it to look like?
    Then you can post the ‘best on the Forum and see what the response is from the multitude of people.
    Just the thought for today, I will put the brain cell back into it’s match box now!!!!

  • Girlpants

    Really liked looking at the old logos and how things have changed.
    Well done Loquax and a great big HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!!

  • libra100

    Loquax has definitely evolved into a super top-rated competition website. It couldn’t have done so without the hard work done by Jason and Kirsty. I don’t know anything about building or maintaining websites, but the sheer work involved with updating all the competition data, along with everything else, must be mind-blowing!

    I usually visit Loquax daily, enter some competitions and visit the forums, taking it all for granted, without realising all the hard work behind the scenes.

    Thanks Jason and Kirsty. Here’s to the nest 10 years!

  • rbarham

    Happy Birthday Loquax !

    Have a look at this for loquax over the years ..


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  • paulandrach

    I’m not sure many people had a PC 10 years ago, however did you make ends meet?