Have We Over Shared On Facebook?

Posted on: December 13th, 2011 by Jason 11 Comments

Every week there seems to be a new competition issue with Facebook and we had planned to write a blog about the latest problems surrounding multiple accounts. However, earlier today our Facebook account mysteriously logged itself out. On login, we had to verify the account by recognising photos of friends.

That was OK, but then up popped up a message saying that as we’d been sending “spam and irrelevant posts on Facebook pages” for 15 days. Now this was on the Loquax account – and it’s left us a little bit perplexed. By the way the Loquax account is attached to a personal account – we just change identity within Facebook.

On our account we just share competitions that we spot and that we think may be of interest to our followers. Occasionally those shares appear on the walls of the brands/promoters but very rarely do we comment or post as “Loquax”.

We know we’ve not spammed or made irrelevant posts. However we do need to know why we’ve been hit with a penalty and why our activity has been spotlighted. We see people with duplicate accounts and reposting plenty of times, so why are we in the dock?

The question is have we been oversharing?

With advent and 12 Days of Christmas competitions popping up left right and centre our Facebook wall has seen a lot more activity of late. It’s possible that Facebook has deemed that sharing too many posts is not a good thing!

Who knows?

Interestingly we can still share posts – as we have done before – but we can’t comment on other walls (which we rarely do). The shares however don’t appear on the walls of the brands we’re pointing our followers too.

We’ve contacted Facebook – well by contact we’ve tried to work our way through the Spaghetti Junction that is their help centre – and hopefully have at least managed to get our questions over to someone. Hopefully we’ll get a reply and some light will be shed on this situation.

For all we know it could be a glitch, it could just be a misunderstanding or it could be something a little more underhand. We think Facebook need to give more information about their decision making and make it a damn sight easier to question that decision.

It’s all a little strange!

No doubt there will be some competition groups and compers who are pleased by the above… but the above good equally happen to you if all you’re doing is sharing competitions on your wall for the people who follow you.

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  • hazelangell

    A few people have mentioned that Facebook are clamping down on compers – although I don’t see how or why but I do know that some compers have had to verify there accounts with photos like you have and/or providing proof of who they are to Facebook.

    Not so long ago I got blocked out of my Facebook and it came up with some McAfee security? I then had to identify photos etc but it seemed odd to me so I got rid of a few recent apps thinking they could be some kind of virus and changed my password on a regular basis and haven’t had any problems since.

  • portal

    Jason everyone seens to be at it,YOU AND LOQUAX have done nothing wrong,it is probably them competition groups and compers who are pleased and reported you.But hang in there,it will soon be sorted,there is a lot going on in facebook that l dont understand.And if it applies to loquax it got to apply to the advent calenders and everything that people are posting,dont know if this makes sense.

  • c2lass

    I got a warning message from FB a few weeks ago as I had allegedly made a threatening/bullying comment which FB do not tolerate. I have absolutely no idea where that came from. I have never left such a comment to anyone or anywhere as it simply is not in my nature.

    The really annoying thing with FB is that they throw this c**p at you but don’t tell you why. I was really quite upset by this so called warning which more or less said if it happened again they would suspend my account!

    How on earth can you defend yourself when they don’t give you specifics?

    Obviously there was nothing I could do about this however I did discover that some other friends had also received similar warnings in the past.

    FB needs to take a lesson themselves in good old communication and start communicating with people in a proper way. Totally agree re trying to get help with the so called help pages it is an absolute nightmare and most people would give up at the first hurdle.

  • Bdonna191

    In the right hand corner of every post you can mark it as spam- If enough people were to do this on your posts I would guess(and am only guessing) that facebook would do something about it. Why people who follow you- and therefore would surely want to know about the competitions would mark it as spam is beyond me. Unless the comping craziness has gone even further and it’s a malicious campaign by some other comping group or compers who think you’re ‘ruining their chances’? Whatever the issue I hoe you get it sorted, quite often you’re the most interesting thing on my page! Keep up the good work.

  • gaynorj

    I’ve had a lot of problems getting into Facebook at all today, the service has been “intermittent” to say the least. I don’t think it was anything related to my own Account, just loss of service generally, but it does make you wonder if they have been messing about with something today….

  • sheena444

    That all seems very heavy handed by Facebook- maybe use Twitter more? Facebook itself is not the most user friendly site for compers, I really dislike “sharing” my details just to enter a competition, and I am sure my family are fed up of all the promoters details on my wall, but so many good prizes are available on there that it is difficult to avoid.

  • My theory is that because we’ve shared and tagged a fair few posts of late using the @ link up then we’ve popped up on a number of walls (not our fault imo, it’s the way FB is set up).

    Whether that’s got us flagged up or we’ve been reported I don’t know. But it’s all guess work unless we can get an answer from Facebook.

    I guess we’ll just review what we’re doing – thankfully the daily advents will be gone soon, so we can go back to posting just a few comps a day.

    The fact that we can still post/share and still appear on followers walls suggests that whatever it is we’ve done wrong, it isn’t that.

  • ide6mh2b

    This would usually happen as a result of being reported.This is an automatic process which should then flag the account to be looked into by a human advisor.There is often a delay in this happening due to staffing levels.Hopefully they will see the nature of your spam is in fact requested information and remove the restrictions.This may not always be the case in which case the restrictions will rmain for a mandatory period or if the offense is severe the account will be deleted.Linked accounts may also be deleted.

    Early contact to sort out the situation is best.

  • ide6mh2b

    OOps forgot to say.I think your sharing is about right.

  • Thanks ide6mh2b..

    The ban does cross to my personal account (so no FB comps that require comments for me) – which makes figuring out “why” the ban arose a little harder.

    But, I’ve been looking at other 15 day penalty blogs and it seems that it’s an automated FB bot. Basically they pick up on how fast you’re posting, how frequent etc etc.

    Not a lot you can do but ride it out or hope FB (as they have done before to quite a lot of people) realise their bots have been overzealous.

  • legray22

    I don’t like Facebook comps, purely because my kids say to me ‘Why are you spamming yourself?’ However, I do still enter a few if the prize is right, yet I seem to go through a ‘Sweepstake’ mostly, and I don’t think the chances of winning a sweepstake are any higher than the lottery, so I think Facebook comps have got too big and the hierarchy are run off their feet at the moment and can’t moderate effectively, so they block high users. Give me back ‘Tie-breakers’ and NO MORE Twitter and Facebook!!