Is Loquax a Scam and Does Anyone Win Anything?

Posted on: May 17th, 2010 by Jason 35 Comments

Every once in a while we have a look at how visitors are making their way to Loquax and two intriguing search statements crop up. The first one is “does anyone win anything using Loquax?” and the second one is “Is Loquax a Scam?”. We thought we’d take a few moments to ponder these important questions and try and allay potential new user fears once and for all.

Is Loquax a Scam?

Loquax lists competitions and prize draws from around the web and we’ve been doing this now since 1998. These range from well known brands such as GMTV, Capital FM, Heatworld and to independent retailers and bloggers. We don’t run the competitions. They are all on other websites and our role is simply to point you in the right direction via different listing options such as prize type, type of competition, date added and closing date.

We don’t collect personal data and we don’t sell personal data. It’s a free to use site and there are no catches. All sites are reviewed (as best we can), the number of “MyOffers” type sites we list are limited and we even have an option to block bingo sites too. Visit us each day and we’ll have updated the site with various new competitions that can be found around the internet.

So is Loquax a scam? The answer is simply “No”.

Does Anyone Win Anything Using Loquax?

As mentioned above, Loquax has been listing competitions online for over 12 years now. We don’t think many people would use the site or enter competitions if they weren’t winning anything. Remember as we don’t run the competitions we can’t influence who wins and who doesn’t. But “yes” people do win online competitions and “yes” they do win by using this site.

Not everyone can win every competition and yes there are some people who don’t win anything! That’s just a fact of life associated with comping. There are people who will use one listing site and win absolutely nothing. They then go to another similar service and the prizes start rolling in. That’s purely down to luck and nothing else! We’ll only except responsibility provided all other possible reasons such as changing your lucky underpants have been exhausted.

Not convinced people win anything?

Then visit our Winners Post for the latest winners who are happy to share their success with others.

Remember we are one of a number of competition services, so people will be winning from all over the internet. Our job is to help you find the competitions we think are the best, give you a nice way of finding them, provide a free tracker and offer you a good community to get involved with. The rest is down to you and a little bit of help from Lady Luck.

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  • funky_snowhead

    How random that people think this… Cos I’m involved with – we expect to get questions like this asked of us – and we always endeavour to respond and hopefully put peoples minds at rest. Wierdly its places like Loquax where we can come on to the forum and hopefully assure people we’re legitimate!!!!

  • jjbeagrie

    If Loquax is a scam its the best I have fallen for.
    You take nothing from me, you point in in the right direction to comps I would have had no way of finding & depending on my luck have lead to some nice surprises in the 4 years I have been with you.

    So keep on scamming me

  • wilmaj915

    I’ve only been a member for about 2 months and have won 3 prizes – 3 more than I would have won without Loquax. Definately not a scam, in fact in my opinion it is by far the best comp site on net.

  • lilmiss1982

    Yeah its a scam, nobody wins anything, move along now please.

  • netkitten

    I have won prizes via loquax, long live loquax.

  • denmort

    Fantastic, wonderful site to which i’m thankfull not just for all my lovely prizes over the years but the wonderful forum family i am proud to belong too !!!! It’s the best competition site on the net and you dont have to believe me come and take a look for yourself – you can be assured you wont want to leave!!! and if it is a scam it’s the nicest one i’ve ever fell for.

  • rainbowhope

    It definiately is NOT a scam….I have won several prizes over the years through their contact lists…they list genuine web sites with genuine prizes…and the forum is full of lovely, friendly people !!! Thanks so much !

  • Patterry

    I have been on Loquax for some years, but only about 18months ago did I decide to get more involved with the forum, and my prize wins have probably trebled. Lovely site, and I’m on here every day.

  • elainelane

    If Loquax was a scam that would mean over a quarter of a million gullible and disappointed members, hardly likely!
    But if I had a quid for every time I’ve seen the question “does anyone win anything” I could probably afford to buy my own holidays and gadgets.

  • hesketh

    Without loquax l wouldn’t have any of the luxury items that l have won through the site . l would never have been able to afford to buy them. lts all thanks to the deicated people who run the site and the generous members who post comps and answers
    Bless you all

  • Ennill1

    lilmiss1982 said on May 17th, 2010 at 5:49 pm
    Yeah its a scam, nobody wins anything, move along now please

    I have to agree with this, just move along in an orderly way, just go away, find another hobby – lots out there, trainspotting for one, counting seagulls is also v popular and very rewarding I’m told. Leave the rest of us losers to trawl and cast our nets on Loquax

  • angelco

    I put my hands up….I was once as sceptical as them. Oh how my ideas have changed (thank the lord!!) I have been a member for only a few months and have already won some money can’t buy prizes, I only wish I had found you sooner! I now tell all my friends about Loquax (who were also sceptics until they heard about my wins!!)

    Thank you Loquax!!

  • Janetf

    Definatly not a scam. I have won some lovely prizes all thans to the lovely people on Loquax

  • clareandtribe

    well what can i say ive been a member for a while now and not only have i won several competitions via the loquax site but i have met some wonderful people in the forum who have been very helpful and friendly i visit everyday and wouldnt change the format because its tops thanks to jason and all the others the work hard and bring us the latest competitions 🙂

  • Alexbe34

    No way is it a scam as I’ve won loads of prizes in the past 10 years since I found this site.I’ve been entering competitions since my teens & the prizes have ranged from a sweat band to £1000 cheque. Thanks to loquax I’ve won 2 LCD TV’s ,A hotel stay (couldn’t go as wife was working/pregnant with the twins),£1000 Cheque,2 mobile phones,many Videos,DVD’s,CD’s & various other prizes .Thanks Loquax & keep up the good work 🙂

  • robinw

    not a scam but you may need to enter a lot of competitions to win anything. The same amount of effort invested in a job would give a better return. So you do need to consider if the time you need to invest is worth it.

  • tizliz

    I don’t agree with robinw, you can earn money from a job but there are prizes that money can’t buy. Also there is the excitment of the postman coming – no job I have done has made me excited. So dull job and a steady income or Loquax and excitment? I know which I choose.

  • libra100

    Loquax is definitely not a scam! It’s the best website on the net.

    Have been a member for many years and won lots of wonderful prizes.

    Jason and Kirsty have made Loquax a fantastic, well-run and organised website and lists practically every competition running.

    I enjoy visiting daily to enter competitions and check out the forums, trying to contribute a little here and there.

  • Naomi17

    Loquax is fantastic everyone is willing to help.
    Its Laughable to even consider it a scam!
    I would love to win one of the big ones!

  • mojo_jojo838

    Loquax a scam? Definitely not. I haven’t been here long, and I don’t chat much but the opportunity is there to do so. And yes, we do win prizes *thinks back longingly to my night in the Hilton, lounging on the huge bed after the Brit Awards…* lol

  • aliali

    Loquax is a priceless find, and has turned nearly all it’s members into WINNER’S.
    Thank you, Loquax I AM A WINNER.

  • frenchdream

    Loads of Comps lists, loads of extras on the Forums – everything it meticulously listed under category and type, you can even track what you have entered!!
    So much effort from the site owners, all offered for free to those of us who love comping.

    Loquax IS comping.

  • chickenrun

    Frenchdream is bang on, as are the majority. I started comping Jan 2010 and Loquax has helped me win several big prizes.

    I didn’t take the site seriously too start with, but it is far better than any magazine that is out of date when it hits your mat…

    To anyone new to this: Loquax is not a scam!

  • fluffywhite

    I would like to thank Loquax because if it wasn’t for this site or the people who post the comps i would NOT have won a thing! I couldn’t live without this site and now i have my 3 sisters hooked to it too! Keep up the good work Loquax :o)

  • geeorob

    I have won nothing except for a Satnav, a weekend in London with spending money, the chance to meet Bobby Moore (not so go coming from the Northern side of Hadrian’s wall) and various other prizes. Everyone who uses Loquax can win but at least they give you the chance to be in to win it. Go on yerself Loquax.

  • cabincrew73

    I wish all scams were as good as the Loquax one! Ive won things I could never have afforded or bought – its just one great suprise after another!

  • plumtart

    I’ve been a member for 9 years and won literally hundreds of prizes, not all mega expensive things (although I’ve had quite a few of those) and can honestly say it’s the best site I’ve ever found. Long live Loquax!

  • mattsmum2005

    I’ve been comping on and off for about 4 years and although I’m still waiting for the big one! I’ve had plenty of little wins mostly through Loquax. Definately not a scam but a very helpful site, keep up the good work guys 😀

  • welsh34

    Definately not a scam. Couldn’t do without Loquax. Spend far too much time on there. My son had the best Christmas ever last year with the Wii and ipod Touch that I won. Was able to treat my nephew too as I won the ful,set of Peppa Pig Dvds.

  • jeanniejev

    Not long after I joined Loquax, I won a Holiday YIPPEE !!! A prize a month would do very nicely thankyou….I am not greedy

  • clare smoker

    It is most certainly not a scam……i have won some amazing things!

  • karenw49

    Def not a scam! I posted only the other day about winning a w/e in Dublin and have won other prizes and i’ve only been comping since August!!

  • dobbin

    4 prizes over xmas. Nothing big but all nice

  • proctors

    How could anyone think Loquax is a scam? Having said that, forum users will have to check the comps they enter more carefully than they might have done previously. All the cometitors using the site now wouldn’t post duff competitions, I’m sure, but we won’t have Jason and Kirstie checking these out for us.

  • issytm

    Ive won so much including a family trip to new york not a scam