Looks Like We’re Still Around!!

Posted on: August 29th, 2014 by Jason 8 Comments

Can you believe that in four months time it will be two years since things changed on Loquax. Time has flown by so fast since then and surprisingly we’re still standing, there’s compers still around and life continues as normal at Duck HQ, albeit we’re not running round like headless chickens any more. More strolling around!

At some point in time we do intend to get a bit more organised and blog a little more – no one reads the stuff we write but it does serve a purpose in reminding a couple of people we’re alive. Of course those of you who continue to be part of the Loquax Competition Community know things are ticking along nicely. As ever a massive thank you to everyone who gets involved!

If you read our newsletter earlier in August we alluded to a few changes to come on site. First off the competition community is staying and secondly we’re not changing what we do (i.e. we’re not coming back). But we do have a plan! Although we’re not as active as we like with compers these days we do continually listen to your comments and feedback – we’ve taken that and will see where we can go with it. Watch this space as they say.

Elsewhere we continue to work on the main Loquax site and in other areas. Our chicken themed bingo site – Clucky Bingo is now 1 year old – and it will soon be joined by another friend. It’s another bingo site but it’s not bird related. We do like to diversify!

As you know we’re not too afraid to make big decisions and our Bingo Blog site closed earlier in the year. This worked well for a large portion of it’s lifespan, but it had a limited shelf life. Mind it didn’t help that every article was being replicated on a site called “Lucky Lady”. Whoever runs that site has also ripped off articles from Loquax which impacts us in search. This is turn effects our income which ultimately can lead to closures. Sadly when people set up things to rip off other sites they don’t think about that!

On to new things: As one site goes another comes in and so joining our collection of sites is Prize Draws. This is a project we’ve had in mind for a long time. There are loads of comps out there but we wanted to just dish out some odd things in easy to enter draws. Of course there’s an angle in that we get to promote our own sites as ‘sponsors’ but we think the approach is good. The site is mobile optimised, easy to use and you can enter quickly via Twitter and Facebook logins.

So that’s a brief blog about what’s occurring. We’re still here, the Loquax site has closed and compers are still around. Hopefully we’ll still be plodding away for a bit longer – and perhaps so that we can remember to blog a bit more too.

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  • SandraDJ

    Things are ticking along very nicely Jason. I have noticed the pictures of your strolls on FB. I do feel envious when I’m sitting in my office stuck in front of a computer all day! Well done, you!

  • bristolgirl

    I would like to correct you on 1 point – I read the stuff you write. I think from a comping point of view things are ticking along very nicely (although the distinct lack of wins is a bit of a downer) I find the site just as easy to navigate as it was before the change. The only thing I find different is how quiet the chat forum is. Still that gives more time for comping.
    Very glad that things have worked out well for you.

  • area

    Yes things are ticking along nicely, Jason – and aren’t we all glad they are! Very glad things are working at your end too!

  • libra100

    I’m another comper who also reads (and enjoys) your blog.

    Are there no laws to prevent sites such as ‘Lucky Lady’ replicating your hard work? Surely they’re guilty of plagiarism? It seems totally unfair that the Loquax team are researching stuff and other sites stealing your work.

    Loquax is always a joy to visit, lots going on, having been a member for over 10 years, it’s one of the best sites on the internet.

  • dynamicdragon75

    I’m another one who reads the blog posts – and am very honoured to still be a part of the amazing family that is Loquax almost 2 years on. I’m so glad that going this route took some of the stress from you and Kirsty as it means we still all get to enjoy what we do – thank you for such a great site.

  • Ennill1

    It’s great Loquax is still here – I think I joined very early on -when the comping was all and everything and we all had some great wins – grr then other people out there came in on the act…. (lol) comping is no longer the main thrust and I, for a while, wasn’t here, but that was due entirely to personal circumstances (illness within the family) so wasn’t on the pc anyway.

    Do feel like, well for me, the one and only community I was attached to was Loquax – it has been, and still is, an extremely interesting site. We can, and have, over the years had some b***y good rows on here.

    I do think Loquax can be reinvented – not relying on bingo or whatever, for me now it is a bit of an ‘institution’

  • Ennill1

    It’s a bit like you know when that woman, Paul Daniels wife was asked “What first attracted you to the millionaire?” I would be what first got you addicted to the internet? Erm, a site called Loquax?

  • Saterkey

    Great your still here, have enjoyed the new ways of doing things including getting more involved. I miss being able to put my notes on for a site, which gives me a quick indication of whether I like it, its slow, niggles or likes, is there a way of adding this facility again at all. I tend to go to closing and then to new if time allows so don’t often go to forums anymore if im honest. Other than that I like it a lot, and its nice to know that its calmed down a bit for you now. 🙂