Loquax Nominated In iGB Affiliate Awards

Posted on: November 2nd, 2011 by Jason 9 Comments

We had some surprising news to kick off November and as we’re pretty confident of the likely result we’ll celebrate the news now. Loquax has been nominated in the Best Affiliate – Bingo category in the iGB Affiliate Awards 2012. We’re listed alongside some very illustrious competitors and it’d be a huge surprise if we beat them to add to our A4U Award from 2010.

It’s nice for Loquax to be nominated and even more so as we’re the only site listed who don’t have the word “bingo” in our domain name (although we do put it in our url). Mind you we do have a number of other bingo web properties (4 newsy sites and 4 white labels) around and these all contribute to our presence in this sector.

Amongst the other contenders are the likes of Which Bingo, Bingo Base, Bingo Port and Bingo Hideout. The awards are now open for voting and from that the top 10 sites will then go forward to a judging process. The winners will be announced at a black tie ceremony in January 2012.

If you like bingo then do go and take a look at our bingo section. You’ll find the usual news and reviews plus odd stuff like Bingo Hangman, buzzword cards, pre-buy games and a bunch of stats and graphs.

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  • NanaVal

    Congratulations on the nomination and good luck!!! Well deserved! Time for a new posh frock (not you Jason!)

  • Polarbear

    Congratulations on being nominated 🙂 To be honest i’ve never heard of any of those other sites, but as they are bingo orientated thats perhaps not a suprise as i’m not really a bingo player except on occasions trips to the seaside and using ex beer bottle caps to mark off the numbers lol, fingers crossed that you call House!(or is it Bingo?) and bring home the trophy to add to your awards list.

    A black tie doo, oohh thats all posh you do realise we’ll need piccie posting of Jason in his posh fancy suit and tie (bow tie) and kirsty in her finery. 🙂

  • area

    Congratulations and Good Luck!

  • Thanks, but it’s unlikely we’ll make the shortlist 🙂

  • jayanna

    Congratulations and best of luck.

  • Patterry

    Best of luck to you, and enjoy your evening

  • hks

    Congratulations and best of luck…you never know what could happen!

  • libra100

    Congratulations, best of luck to Loquax.

  • suroben

    A nomination is a good start. Let’s hope they decide you are the winner we all know Loquax to be.