Losing Your Comping Mojo & Win Another Loquax Mug

Posted on: February 23rd, 2011 by Jason 183 Comments

For every competition that has a winner there’s always a whole bundle of people who haven’t won. For every newspaper article showing a “Queen of Competitions” there are plenty more compers who struggle day to day for any kind of win. The thing about comping is that it’s not glamourous, it can be hard work and at times it can start to feel a bit of a chore! But many plug on day to day in the hope of getting an LWE whether it’s for a DVD or a brand new car!

But at some point though – everyone loses their comping mojo!

Not winning is the usual cause! Entering hundreds of competitions a day/week/month without return can become pretty demoralising. Even more so when the same names keep appearing on the winner’s lists. Every day life can often interfere with precious comping time too and with so many ways to comp and so many competitions to enter it can become overwhelming.

If you find comping is becoming a chore and you’re not enjoying itstop!

Comping is meant to be fun, so take time off to do other things. Time is precious and spending it in front of a PC doing something you feel is more work than enjoyment isn’t a good thing to do. This may sound strange advice from a website – after all we want you online all the time don’t we? Well, no, not if you’re not having fun!

Taking a break means you can come back to comping fully recharged and ready to take up the challenge again. I head off to the kitchen to make cakes when Loquax starts to get me down… so far I’ve enough cupcakes to stock several bakeries nationwide (joke… just a corner shop, and that’s this week).

If taking a break isn’t something you fancy doing then how about having a change instead?

1. Rethink Your Comping Strategy!

We keep telling you that there are low entry competitions out there. Blogs for example attract very few entries – so perhaps try something different! Most compers will do the easy stuff and overlook other comps in the process. Some will just try for the holidays and cars, but ignore the smaller goodies. So try a new approach and see if that works.

2. Don’t Fret About Twitter/Facebook Etc.

Most people have limited comping time! If you don’t have time for Twitter/Facebook etc then don’t worry. Yes there are some nice competitions on these services but it’s not the be all and end all of comping. There are plenty of things to have a go at.

3. Try And Be Positive!

Always tough to be positive during a no win patch, but if you start to think you’re not going to win then that’s going to drain your energy. Enjoy your comping, be positive about what you’re doing and try and have fun.

4. It’s Not a Job!

Don’t treat comping as a chore or a job. It’s not! If you’re in the mood for it have a go… if you’re not then there’s no harm missing out. You don’t need to do every competition. Tomorrow they’ll be another 100-200 new comps on Loquax – be selective and use your time wisely.

5. Be More Than Just a Comper! Be a Loquax Comper!

Only read on if you read the above in a seductive M&S advert way – if you didn’t go back and read it again.

You don’t have to comp alone… so get involved with a comping community like the forums here at Loquax! You can find compers around the country or in your own area to bounce ideas off, get motivated and hopefully be inspired by. There’s even a chat area which is for anything but comping.

6. If All Else Fails…

Moan like mad! For some reason compers feel a good old moan works wonders in getting their mojo back. Some even go for fairies and dust (!) whilst one or two even rub their lucky Buddhas (or lucky ducks)! It all sounds odd to most people, but for some reason it seems to work.

Remember it’s meant to be a fun hobby with the added benefit of winning cool stuff (for some people anyway). The internet has made comping less of a solitary pastime too so make sure you get involved with other compers. There’s no point being miserable about not winning on your own… far better to join the rest of us and so we can all be miserable together. LOL!!!!!!

Win a Loquax Mug Time!

Time to cheer things up! with our next blog competition.

We want to know what you do to stay motivated with your comping? Do you have a lucky charm? Do you just have a Positive Mental Attitude? Or did you change strategy to make comping more fun again?

Leave a positive comment on the blog and we’ll pick a winner (randomly) after the closing date of 5th March 2011. UK only and usual Loquax rules apply.

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  • diammondgirlz2010

    I lost m,y mojo til this morning i’d never ever won a competition but kept on trying i did not enter as many last few weeks as was losing hope, then i got a inbox message on facebook stating congrats you’ve won!!! I almost died of shock literally shock with a collapsed lung as i suffering at minute is not good LOL but this goes to show no matter how hard u try….or how many you enter it like the lotto lady luck shall only shine upon you when time states it right to do so! Keep trying never loose hope x

  • LUCKY321

    i just keep trying and i imagine any day now the postie will turn up with a lovely big cheque or i might get a phone call saying i am the winner of a brand new care fun . Little prizes keep me going , even silly things like cat toys !. i dream about comping even so am probably an addict but hey who cares , it is great fun 🙂

  • Footpather

    I do what I can when I can. I’ve never been a prolific winner but I keep going as I always have optimism that it will soon be my turn again. On a different note I think about what comping has brought me apart from the prizes ie friends, days out (comping days), insights into other peoples lives (blogs, forums) etc.

  • elainelane

    I lost all my enthusiasm for comping months ago but still spent time on loquax because that’s where my friends were, and lo and behold, lately I find I’m getting back into it. Not to the stage of obsession because that’s not fun but a few each day, my pick of the prizes. I refuse to waste hours trying to win stuff I don’t want or need.

  • maywin

    I only have to look back at what I have won over the years , and the opportunities and joy it has brought to me and my family . This alone inspires me to keep motivated . I often have long dry spells , and then out of the blue someting arrives , and whether big or small , it motivates me even more .I treat it as simply a hobby, which is free , and do it when time allows .

  • Dougal1972

    Keep a record of all your wins. I have a wins folder which I compile each year. It makes for good motivational reading during a dry spell. You’ll be suprised how many wins you will have actually forgotten all about!

    Get out and meet other compers. We sometimes spend too long sat at a PC or a laptop with this hobby. Nothing beats a good natter at a local pub sharing tips, advice and of course those elusive entry forms!

  • cheggers2000

    Small wins keep me going obviously.

    But what usually keeps me at my PC is the thought of other people (even lovely Loquats) winning MY prizes !

  • clarkmob

    I have a lucky Budda which my friend Suchi gave to me after she went back to India for her sister’s wedding – the photos were spectacular! She also used to thread my facial hair which I found painless and the results were awesome. My main incentive is winning prizes for my kids which I would not normally be able to afford. It started via the internet about 4 years ago when I craved a laptop, took me 3 years to win a macbook and several fantastic holiday prizes were the icing on the cake. I love the comeraderie of your forum which sometimes makes me laugh and cry. Many thanks LOQUAX – long may you reign! xx

  • googoodoll

    I don’t have a lucky Buddha or ducky (although I’ve been eyeing up rubber ducky necklaces on eBay so I can have one with me at all times. Oh dear), I just enter and see if I win! 😀 I did go through a small dry patch where I didn’t win anything, then I got an LWE from the Daily Express saying I’d won £50, and yesterday I won two things in one day, I was pretty pleased with myself; some vintage whisky and a month’s membership to ikeepfit.

    I’m not really superstitious at all, nor do I have a positive attitude, I go into comping thinking I’m not going to win anything haha. But then I’m pleasantly surprised when I do. I’m still going to get myself a rubber ducky necklace though. 😀

  • Sunnydreamer

    I am really supersticious, and I am embarrassed to admit it! I have some lucky chinese coins that I found on the floor and I wont leave the house without them!
    I think a positive mental attitude goes a long way though 😀

  • piemur

    hi have been entering for awhile now idon’t get big prizes but live in hope that one day i will but i do get the odd small prize and thats a boost to carry on trying

  • trueblonde

    I got my first big win in Dec 2010, when I won a car, had been comping for three years till then, I thought no way would I win it, as there will be loads and loads, well as I say now “gotta be in it to win it”, carry on, I am aiming for a holiday now, think positive, it does pay off eventually, GOOD LUCK TO ALL OTHER COMPERS OUT THERE


    i had a great year in 2010, so this year is a slow start, few small bits, but i love all aspects of comping, and the family i have gained in loquax, i have tried to vary my comps, but it may just be a bad year who knows?, but it is a great HOBBY, and to see other people win is lovely, thanks for the blog Jason,it is great advice

  • DianeA

    I think a positive attitude is what keeps you motivated, and keeping comping as a fun hobby. Once it becomes a chore and you’re getting really down about not winning then it’s time to take a break, go off and do other things. See friends, get out into the fresh air, there is life away from the computer and it’s there for living. We all get dry spells, but changing your attitude towards it really helps. Instead of dwelling on the past few weeks when you have won nothing, just look forward to the next few weeks when anything can happen. I enter comps because I enjoy it, and like ‘belonging’ to a comping community, when I win it’s a lovely bonus, and when I don’t it’s not the end of the world, there’s always another comp, another time.

  • misslucky

    I dont have a lucky charm as such, I think perseverance and an optimistic positive attitude really work, comping shouldnt be a chore, if Im not in the mood then I wont do any for a few days, but most of the time I really enjoy entering as many as I can, I love this hobby and always look forward to the postman and always on the lookout for that winning email! You have to be positive, if you keep saying I never win anything….then you probably wont win..but if you think like a winner and feel like a winner then you will have more chance of that happening to you.

  • rebeccajlsk

    I don’t let myself get down about not winning, especially when other people are complaining about their lack of wins too. This makes it all the more special when that win does come along.

  • joepenk

    I’ve decided its my new post mans fault!! No seriously you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. I was getting a bit sick then my daughter win axwii game on the Pringles text comp she was so pleased and it restored that great feeling you get when you do win. Good luck all

  • maci234

    yes its very easy to lose faith after a long spell with no wins at all , but many have big wins as long as people are all getting a fair chance and no discrimation of where they stay be it england or scotland etc ,this is a brilliant site LOQUAX after all and keeping the comps fun is the best way

  • krnries

    I only comp when I want to, but generally spend a lot of my free time doing it. I only need to take short breaks from comping, usually because life is wearing me out, not because I am disillusioned from not winning anything.

  • Rikka

    As Oscar said “A triumph of hope over experience”, although I think he was talking about second marriages. (Wilde, that is, but not furious)

  • Hels76

    I can easily lose my comping mojo – and having my son eating loads of muller yoghurts and giving my the lid every morning doesn’t inspire me to keep going! However when I’ve entered a few and get a little win it spurs me on to keep going and plough away for a bit longer. I sit with the tv on and loquax on the lap top as well and as the evening goes by I enter a few – I now try to make sure I enter the closing next day as then I won’t miss out on something I REALLY want to win! With hubby being out and about most evenings its easy to do however when he is at home I get the raised eyebrows “still got that lap top on!” so if and when hubby is here the comping gets forgotten however he never forgets to remind me I haven’t had a win for a while!

  • clareandtribe

    i lost my coming mojo back last august went away on holiday and just couldnt get back into it so mulled around for a while on facebook entering a few here and there i saw a video competition with cadburys spots facebook page and had never entered a video before so thought id give it a go me and the family had great fun doing it and it spurred me on a bit it was a voting comp and to be honest i didnt have many comping friends on facebook so i decided to recruit some new friends and its the best thing i ever did i have met some fantastic helpful compers since and they got me back into entering comps again so goad bless them everyone 🙂

  • MariaT41

    It sounds silly but the reason I carry on comping is because I love day dreaming about the prizes I may win especially the big ones like holidays. I haven’t had any big wins yet but I know if I keep on going I will win something one day, after all someone’s got to win these prizes haven’t they and why shouldn’t that be me! 🙂

  • lgardner

    to be honest it is a hobby, but i really enjoy my time spent entering and if i dont win, then i dont win. Id much rather someone on loquax won if i wasn’t going to win. I tend to only enter for the things i want to win, so only takes me around 1.5 hours per night LOL. But all the guys on the forums keep you going with large wins, check out the winners posts. If you think of giving up check this page out and you will be even more motivated

  • fluffyblueberry

    I’ve been comping for 19 days on loquax and I am hooked – but recently, I have still had a couple of times where I’ve felt down. Pretty much because I have dedicated all my spare time to it recently. I think once I’ve found a balance and can still manage to do things aside from comping in the eveing, I will feel better. I have already won a small win in the 19 days, which I think is pretty good going. I only just realised today that it’s only been 19 days – it felt like much longer because it’s all I’ve been thinking about! I don’t have a charm or anything but if I keep a note of how many competitions I do in the day and I write a little note about how I’m feeling somettimes. The other day I wrote: “In need of a win please!!!!”…. just hours later, I had my first win! I felt really great after that.

  • pooterfreak

    I just try to keep plugging away regularly to keep momentum in the prize department because even the smallest of prizes keeps the motivation going. Some times I lose heart but I find neglecting family and friends when I’m on a roll really helps!
    But my biggest motivator has been the list I’ve compiled recently of every prize I’ve ever won…it really shows why comping is worthwhile.

  • JackieJ

    I keep going as even if I’m not winning anything, I know that if I give up then I definitely won’t win. I change tactics every now and then depending on what spare time I have. I have to fit comping around my 4 kids and job so am not one of those 24/7 compers. I used to work through the closing comps. Now I focus more on the prize directory, selecting what I really want to win and then look at latest comps. When time is really limited I do twitter comps. I find I can enter them really quickly on my iphone when sitting outside the school, dentist etc. I just follow Loquax and then are there on feed. I do some Facebook too as they have a short closing date.

  • suroben

    Sometimes my mojo definitely gets misplaced but never totally lost. If it seems like too much trouble to find it again I immerse myself in the forums instead. After a while I seem to find myself having a quick look at the comp listings, maybe entering one or two, and before I’ve realised it I’m a flat out mojo holding Loquat comper again.

  • trampus

    Balance is the key – when I’m enjoying it, I’ll push the boat out, once I get bored or resent doing it I back off and have a couple of days away until my mojo comes back!

  • chloe1705

    Reading what people are winning keeps me going aswell as when i got the odd win.

  • chris2468

    I know this sounds really cheesy but I head for the Loquax forum when my get up and go has got up and gone. The ups and downs of other Loquats make me feel ‘one of the gang’ so I don’t feel so downhearted after reading other moans / success stories / wins etc

  • jackson424

    When I don’t seem to have won for a while I wander round my house and it’s amazing how many things in it are prizes. my dressing table alone is groaning under make-up and skin care products. And eventually something or other will arrive and it will inspire me to try all the harder

  • rince11189

    I’m new to this and no luck yet, but I will keep trying, I know that the chances are small but one day I’m going to check my email and there that winning message will be 🙂

  • luckyellie

    I have a positive attitude to comping and it works for me. Perhaps because a had a ‘biggie’ in my first few months of comping, but I’ve never lost my enthusiasm since then. I comp mainly in the evening and do lots on Facebook and a few on Twitter, as well as main site and forum comps. Blogs are another area which I’ve discovered and have won 5 this month alone, but do get sidetracked reading all the blog articles, mainly of which I find entertaining and interesting. To anyone who is disheartened, try a few blog comps or start a FB account, it has certainly worked for me 🙂

  • aliali

    Always expect the unexpected and celebrate when the postie delivers a prize howe ver small it is.

  • deborahlamerton

    I always up the number of entries I make during a lean period, lately ive entered twice as many comps, ive won nothing in 12 months, so my theory was i wasnt entering enough competitions, i now also make a point of entering for the smaller prizes, as bigger prizes also means more entries to compete against.

  • bcm

    i have won a few small prizes over the last few weeks, comping is fun. good luck everyone xxxx

  • melandjake

    I have entered comps on and off for years, my first win was a comp in school when I was 11 it was to write a poem, then at 15 I won a boots competition to see the pop group King, remember them?

    To keep my competition mojo I try to do a mix of comps that require some skill with those that are picked at random. I also look back to what I have won in the past.

    What I have found recently and also in the past is competitions that take time and effort to enter have lower entries, so my best wins are from slogans and local comps and also recently twitter and facebook.

  • cmears

    I have a very positive mental attitude to comping. I believe that I will win big at some point and that keeps me going. And if I start to loose my mojo, I’ve only got to remember that the lappy that I am using was a prize, and remember the excitement of getting that e-mail, and off I go again 🙂

  • shell53

    I have only ever won a couple of small comps…but I’m still positive about every single one I enter.
    I enter them then forget about them….so when any thing does arrive its a nice surprise.

  • jacquelinec

    I like to read what others have won , makes me realise I have just as much chance myself. I win a fair few smaller prizes too, so they really motivate me . The occasional bigger prizes recently included a nintendo dsi and a £50 cheque really inspire me , as I know the next win could be in the post.

  • gc14

    We all go through little lean spells,but need to keep on entering because the luck does change …Keep on believing,That dream win will come !! Good Luck everyone …

  • lizziebr

    Its all a game of chance at the end of the day, as they say you have to be in it to win it! I do less comps during lovely weather, live’s too short to be stuck indoors all the time. Get out, go for a walk, have lunch with friends and come back inspired. Look round the house there are loads of comp wins, tvs, baking trays, food items, etc, etc, which will keep you inspired.

  • area

    I don’t have a lucky charm. I enter as many comps as I have time for. Sometimes my mojo goes awol but there’s always something on Loquax forums to make me laugh, or feel I want to comment on and then I think I’ll just maybe do a comp or two …. and then I’m enthusiastic again. I think Twitter and Facebook have introduced one element which we didn’t have before which can be very discouraging. For years we used to merrily do comps – and then forget completely about them, they were gone and we were on to the next one, we didn’t think about how many we weren’t winning! However with Twitter and Facebook we then see the winners announcements popping up every day and it does draw our attention much more to the fact that we didn’t win those competitions. Maybe “negative reinforcement” is the reason why so many mojos are going missing.

  • niddy

    to stay motivated, I remind myself it’s great to get something for nothing. I always say thank you and some of the smallest things I have won have given me the most pleasure. In a world full of bad news, it’s great to hear when others have won, that also keeps me going. I only enter things I would want to win and that keeps me plugging away, though it does annoy me when ‘volume compers’ win specific things they have no use for such as items for disable people.

  • reneetoby

    I can get down when I dont win but then I get a small win and then Im off again with new energy ! Dont have a lucky charm or anything. Just think comping is a land of dreams and wishes that sometimes come true. Thats what keeps me going.

  • rogerwalter

    As a scientist (!) I’ve analysed this question before. We all know that you can’t win a competition that you don’t enter; and that (generally, over time) the more you enter, the more you win. It’s called the Law of Averages.

    I like to get the Law of Averages working for me, so if I’m flagging, I think about this concept – and get my head down again!

  • Starbuck

    Thank you for that Jason. I know this sounds selfish but I’m going to stop reading The Winner’s Post for a bit, I don’t think it’s entering the comps that gets me down so much as reading about what everyone else is winning. Does that sound awful – sorry, don’t mean it to. Good luck to everyone, I hope you keep winning, it’s just that I don’t always want to know!!

  • steeps

    I try do do just enough comping to give myself the chance of winning something but not so much that comping takes up all my time. I work and have a family so I’m a dabbler when it comes to competitions. I’d feel far too guilty to spend any more time than I do, so I just have to accept that I stand less of a chance of winning than people who seem to devote their whole lives to it (and good luck to them!). I don’t have any lucky charms or rituals. I think you make your own luck by trying to be creative than everyone else.

  • juwarot

    One thing that hasn’t changed in 40 years is that I never win when I don’t enter. Therefore, I just keep on entering….

  • julsey

    I don’t have any sort of lucky charm, just a positive attitude. I’ve been comping long enough to know that if I stick at it sooner a later a good prize will come along.

    I enjoy reading the winners post, as it keeps me encouraged that Loquats are winning, and which sites they are winning from.

    Above all, I don’t believe in entering everything I can. I try to be choosy with what I enter and often look back in my little black book of wins for inspiration.

  • stuntkid

    I enjoy comping and usually multitask. I can catch up with a TV program and comp at the same time and not worry about using too much of my time!

  • emilykf

    I’m always a ‘glass half full’ person in life in general, and I always come home from work thinking, “Oooh, just think of all the WEMs/LWEs/unexpected parcels there’ll be when I get home!”. And when there’s nothing but my beloved with a cup of tea for me, I just think, maybe tomorrow!

  • mattsmum2005

    Every day before I enter any comps I have a read of the winners posts to see what people have been winning and it keeps my morale going 🙂

  • keriku

    I normally enjoy spending time comping, but sometimes I honestly can’t be bothered eg because family responsiblities suck the life out of me. Then PLOP! A wee parcel wiil turn up out the blue and I will give it a go all over again. Like all hobbies, it has to be enjoyable. I have had times of total obsession with comping, now I try to be more relaxed. I see comping as my escape eg when everyone is in bed at night, I can go on the computer and have some fun.

  • cristalleangel

    i have never actually won anything online but used to be lucky with scratchcards but haven’t won on them for a very long time. i was thinking of buying a lucky charm or something and see if it helps………. it would be nice to actually win something for a change online…

  • embk27

    I read the Winner’s Post on the forums to keep me inspired during dry winning patches – nothing like hearing about wins to keep you going! I also tend to change strategy to keep it interesting – I might really focus on the daily entries or the extra www comps so I feel like I’m approaching things afresh.

  • locky_uk_2000

    My strategy to make comping fun is to drink. The only issue is writing my address when I’m half-way through the brandy… ha!

  • tractor girl

    I just think about all those lovely prizes that i could win, and tell myself that you’ve gotta be in it to win it! Sometimes i get a bit bored/fed up, but then i get a lovely win to pick me up! I recently won an iPad which i gave to my mum, and seeing the smile on her face is enough to keep me going! 😀

  • julie-j

    I’ve lost interest a bit lately as well, just find myself floating around the forums instead of entering as many comps as usual. There seem to be a lot of facebook and twitter ones, so I’ve been trying to get involved with some of them, but twitter is proving to be a bit of a challenge, my son makes it all look so easy but it’s going in one ear and out of the other for me. All it’ll take is the next win though, whenever that might be, to get me motivated again.

  • bethscott

    I’d all but given up entering competitions as life has been tough the last 18 months or so and I’d lost any enthusiasm for anything, but I won a hoodie on Facebook the other day without even meaning to enter anything and it’s given me the nudge needed to get back into entering. Fingers crossed I can win a few things to brighten life up now that things are getting better

  • hary

    I’m another one of those who’s losing a bit of interest too and easily gets distracted by the forums when I’m meant to be entering competition. So am actually doing closing comps on the day itself after 10pm, which isn’t a very good idea as my winnings are slim pickings nowadays.

  • geoff1960

    I have been comping for ten years now and really enjoy it. Have had some amazing holidays appeared on TV etc and then January 2011 nothing since October 2010, i thought i have to do things different especialy with FB and Twitter so i mix my comping days up where a day i will do facebook and check Loquax and then another day only Loquax and another try and look for effort comps here on Loquax, but i would never give up. Time for a cuppa 🙂

  • djillanne

    Whenever I lose my comping mojo I still log on and browse without entering comps – putting it off even when it’s a prize I would love but I read the winners list avidly and take heart from all those loquat winners and it never fails to give me hope and inspire me to persevere. I love reading about big wins – I feel like all loquats are my friends so I’m really happy to see loquats win big.

  • pjhodson

    The buzz I get from even having a small win makes up for the periods between winning. But this ismy hobby, and the pleasure of being part of the loquax community, sharing ideas and thoughts, and sometines receiving a prize keeps me interested.

  • samarie

    I always read the forums when I feel like giving up. Reading about other peoples wins always make me feel better and gives me the incentive I need to keep trying

  • jac22

    I seem to have lost my comping mojo recently, in that I haven’t had a win for a while. I find that if I go onto the winners forum and read through that, it reminds me that it’s just luck and people do win. I love the fact that opening my email and looking through my post, could show me that elusive win.

  • mssabrina

    Well, I’m having a lucky time of late. Speading the luck xxxxxxx

  • janeg88

    Its been said many times before but when it stops being fun, its time for a rest, however given the long closing dates and general disorganisation of some promoters, its is possible to receive prizes months after the event, so you never know when that doorbell isactually going to ring (like now please!!!)

  • Emmakew

    Ive taken up comping since giving up work to be a full time Mum. So far this year Ive won 2 things family ticket to Holiday on Ice and 2 tickets to west end show. I think what keeps me going in knowing its not just me who benefits but my family. I took my neice and nephew to Holiday on Ice, I think their tickets would be about £30 each and I just couldnt have afforded to take them if I hadnt of won. Iam taking my Mum to the west end show she shreeked when I told her I had won and she was coming with me. I think its that which keeps me going. I would love to treat my family but cant afford too but winning competitions allows me to do that.

  • hodsey77

    I just remember the feeling when I received that winning email, letter or prize – it’s a great feeling! If, when you think about that and you still don’t want to enter any, have a break. But when you remember a win and it gives you a buzz, then it’s time to try entering again – who knows what win might be around the corner to give you an even greater feeling of elation! 🙂

  • Midastouch

    I’m generally a positive person so I keep on entering in hope of the one biggie. When I lose my comping mojo, I still enter, but enter less until I get it back. Good luck peeps.

  • k359329

    I’m on maternity leave at the moment, I adore my kids but at time I do feel like everyone else is getting out there and having fun! Comping allows me to have a chance to win the things I can’t afford and I actually enjoy it!

    I won what I consider to be a decent/big prize recently – my Dad watched me ‘celebrate’ (go crazy/punch the air/etc) and said “If you’re like this about a small win I’d love to see what you’d be like if you won the lottery” But what he failed to see was that I put alot of effort into winning it and to me, at that moment in time, it was like winning the lottery!

  • donkey21

    A new year was a new me as far as comping was concerned I have just began entering twitter, blogs and facebook. I think I am entering right. Time will tell. If I do postcards and texts my little boy likes to kiss the phone/postcard don’t think he is very lucky either though!

  • peacheyporridge

    i write down my wins in a book and i get more than i realise …..

  • Lucy120606

    I have a list of what I win and the approx value which spurs me on everytime I look at it, it’s amazing at the end of the year how much you get. If I find I’m having a comping dry spell joining in the forums hearing of others wins always helps me to keep positive.(also running U2U’s has always brought GREAT karma!)

  • peonies76

    Hello, I have been comping for about 10 days now! I’m not sure I’m doing the tweeting thing properly tho. I am really enjoying it as I have won 2 prizes already! I hope I can keep winning…..I’m not worried about losing my comping mojo more that I wont be able to find enough time to comp with kids, hubby, job etc..

    Thanks for the article it was really interesting. Good luck to everyone!


  • tabithacat

    As long as I do about 100 a month I think I have a chance.

  • helenwarrener

    i try to have positive attitude but sometimes even that waines but i try to think that my next prize is round the next corner , i only use one post box and a gorgeous buddha or two

  • Jo Haigh

    It’s great if you win a years supply of something delivered on a monthly basis…then if you don’t win for a month or two it reminds you that you can and did! My year of fruit and veg from Robinson’s Fruit Shoot has been wonderful for maintaining Mojotivation! 🙂

  • tizliz

    I find that just entering your e-mail address/details/copying answers over and over is soul destroying. I have subscribed to a puzzle magazine and doing the puzzle and putting the answers on Loquax makes it much more interesting. I used to not understand why people shared their answers but now I understand; it is the doing and sharing that adds interest.

  • lumers

    Hi everyone, well its my hobby not my job. I have been comping since 1996 and have my fair share of lean spells, but just love it and I get a lot of pleasure from giving prizes to family and friends. I like to join in the forums and although never seem to be able to add many comps (they are alrady there) I try to run at least 1 u2u every month. Trying my luck on Facebook, cant get the hang of Twitter though! But this is my first Blog?! LOL

  • flumpypup

    I had a really good first year of proper comping and always cling to the hope that it will be just as good again. I also keep track of my wins over the years so I can look back and see how well I have done before. This keeps me motivated for the future!

  • JudeVFR400

    I don’t worry about how many comps I enter, some days just a couple, sometimes 100 plus all the dailies. I used to worry about doing all the closing tomorrows but now I tend to pick what I would really like to win, and then do all the others on that website. Or maybe pick a word and search for all comps to do with that. My partner asked me to win her a truck, I didn’t quite manage that, but did get her a boxset of Ice Road Truckers. Luck is a funny thing. I would say, don’t give up, just change what you do. You don’t have to rush to enter everything.

  • Julie Taylor

    I keep lots of records to keep me interested, love to try and find a really obscure low entry or local comp. After 10 yrs comping I have ups and downs when im interested and gave up for a bout a yr a one point. Little and often is the key, trying lots of different ways of entering.

  • gallweym

    I’d recommend entering for loads of smaller prizes…..books, CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays etc. I had a few weeks of doing this over Christmas and New Year and it wasn’t long before a CD came through unexpectedly from Jazz FM.

  • highrising51

    The only method I have is persistence. I’ve lost count of the amount of people at work who go all green eyed at the talk of comping – join loquax, try and win 3 tellies, ‘fail’ then never come back. And then in 6 months wonder why I’m off on another spa break hehe. My first year comping I won around 6 things, last year was about 77. I’m on less this year – but who knows whats round the corner!

  • amytittermole

    Its actually helped me in my job, generating leads! Finding companies who may have an interest in my services so its like homework that I can win prizes for.

  • athenajm

    To keep my motivation going I like to look back through my wins and remind myself that even when things seem quiet on the prize front, it has been like thaat before and then I’ve had an unexpected phone call, email, or letter saying I’ve won a fantastoic prize. Also joining in on the forums keeps me going as the majority of people on here are friendly and chatty. Even when an argument develops it makes for interesting reading and while I’m surfing the forums, who knows what comp I might see that’ll pique my interest again.
    Good luck to everyone in their comping, and thanks as always to Jason, Kirsty and the mods for all their hard work.

  • lightfran

    I have the same strategy as athenajm. I keep a running tally in my diary of things I have won, so if I am having a quiet patch, I flick through my diary to remind me of all the lovely things I’ve won. Also, I usually have my biggest win – my 46 inch telly! – on in the background when I am entering competitions, so that is an ever present reminder that I DO win, and that it IS worth all the effort! 🙂

  • lukeboy

    have had a good year so far but only enter competitions when there is more than one letter in the month

  • kathrynann

    I have been entering for more of the smallish prizes recently and have been rewarded with a few dvds. The arrival of a WEM in my inbox or a package through the door is always a boost that spurs me on. I agree with aliali – always expect the unexpected 🙂

  • miss claire

    When I see other people’s winnings on Loquax it spurs me on to keep trying or when postie suddenly brings a surprize win it keeps me going. It is hard work though and the competitions never seem to end. I do have to accept that I can’t do them all as there’s too many now with Facebook and Twitter as well as the competition listings. Crazy times.

  • glitterpuss

    If I’m having a spell of no wins, I look back at my “win list” to remind me of why I enjoy my hobby so much. Also everyday is a possible win day, so you never know what may land in your in-box or letter box. I try not to get too obsessed, and remind myself that a hobby is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

  • witsyl

    I think of all the things I’ve won
    And what I’d like to get
    And if the postie comes to call
    I’m there so quick ,you bet
    It keeps me going while I comp
    Positive thinking’s best, you see
    So on I comp and always hope
    The prize will come to me

  • biffsmom

    Ive only been doing this for 2 1/2 months and it was my best friend who got me started and having a quick chat with her makes me motivated! We tell each other when we see a new competition or one with a prize we think the other will like. When we win something we text each other straight away and we are always happy for each other!

  • Isis1981uk

    If I ever start to flag I have a read of the Winners forum – that always inspires me! Also, I think back to how I felt when I got the calls telling me I’d won my 2 holidays.

  • sasha1703

    Reading about other people’s wins spurrs my mojo, when I read someone won on Tickbox, I always rejoice and think: someone has won, which means it might be my turn next time, though it does look like I am going to join the 1000+ club on Tickbox, lol. I enjoy blogging and love doing Mummy blog giveaways, and have been lucky to have a few little wins. But I totally agree with the message: if it becomes a chore, stop and do something else. Nobody forces you to do every comp under the blue sky.

  • carolgriff

    im fairly new to comping, but when i feel im loosing my mojo i have a good read through the winners forum, and before i know it im back entering again thoroughly enjoying myself thanks loquax

  • OnesAndTwos

    Every time I get demotivated I stop for a while. Also, I remind myself of the last cool thing I won and that usually does the trick!

  • roseh

    Always be prepared for the dry spells and don’t overlook free local mags that come through the door – often a good source of relatively low entry comps

  • ednaworthy

    I’ve lost my comping mojo, but coming on here and seeing what other people have won is keeping me motivated – that big win could be just around the corner!

  • barboofa

    I read I’m a winner thread and then feel inspired to get comping. I also take a look around my house at the things I have already won and then I know if I keep entering one of those entries will bounce back a prize.

  • rai

    Don’t do your comping when you’re feeling rushed or stressy, it’ll only wind you up more (and whats the point of getting stressy with a hobby – it’s fun). Wait til you can chill with a good film/ evening of tv and comp while you’re watching. It’s not a mad sprint its a fun walk with your mates!!

  • Red Robin

    My husband goes out 2 nights a week and so when the kids are in bed I put on a film (usually a favourite which I have seen before) and watch it whilst entering comps so it doesn’t feel like a chore. I don’t hold out for a prize but if something turns up I see it as a bonus.

  • dianebelcher

    I was told that pessimists are right in the end, but optimists have more fun. I am always optimistic that the more comps I do, the more chance of winning. I do the comp dreaming of winning the prize, then go onto the next comp and forget the previous one, so I don’t dwell on it if I don’t win as I’ll win one somewhere.

  • mabowen

    I think you have to enter regularly and at the moment I am visiting loquax every day and entering as many comps as I can in the time I have. I have one small prizes in the past and am still dreaming of that “big one” – maybe one day!!

  • greig23

    just keep trying thats what i say, and you never know what the postie will bring you lol

  • rsblee1

    For me I just keep it fun, and don’t let it get me down if I don’t win a competition. Its the small things that can bring a smile to your childrens or partners face that keep me entering competitions. I have never won anything “big” but have won quite a lot of small prizes like toys, dvd’s etc. which my family love :o)

  • Emmasophie

    When I feel like I’m having a dry spell I read other areas of the Loquax forums e.g. winners post, and that always gives me enough motivation to keep going until my next win (and when you break your duck that’s super motivation!!)

  • jobster

    It`s a hobby ! Keep that thought and everything`s a bonus…..Particularly the Baileys Hamper and Pink champagne that just turned up. THAT`S why we keep going. Every day could be a postman day!!!

  • mar-k1

    Always remember that gotta be in it to win it. Looking back over my spreadsheet of past wins can help to inspire – I can see that there have been lean periods before, but the winning times have always returned. Also good turns seem to help – if I give away or share a prize, then often I get a nice win for myself just after.

  • sheenagayle

    I can definitely relate to ‘losing your comping mojo’. I suddenly stopped doing any comps at all because I had not won anything despite doing loads of comps and being in Loquax and subscribing to comping mags etc. When my subscription ended, that was it for me. However, I then realized that I missed the feeling you get knowing that right up until the actual winners are announced, it just might be you! So I started back in a much smaller way so that I would always be in at least a few comps and still a possible winner. Now, I feel encouraged despite a lack of winnings because it is the POSSIBILITY that keeps the enthusiasm going. At least, for me!

  • mtp123

    I think one of the secrets is being happy with anything you win, you may not need/want the prize (usually a runner up prize) but if you can find it a good home you feel lucky twice over. I have no small children so any prizes for them I give to the local village school/playgroup. Some have become “extra” birthday presents for family etc. Raffle prizes for my WI. Keep on trying it always amazes me when I win anything and makes me feel good all week.

  • crazyc

    Little and Often!

  • laurajayne

    When I lose my motivation, I just have a break and then get back to it when I want to. Dont have much time for the facebook/twitter comps but will enter if I see them whilst on the sites.

  • popple79

    Reading the winners posts usually boosts my motivation to carry on! On days when I feel I can’t be bothered with comping I’ll have a browse on the forum instead. People worry too much about entering EVERY comp going.

    My lucky charms are a buddha keyring (currently in the bottom of my handbag somewhere as it keeps falling off!) and a small buddha who sits on my bedside cabinet. I’ve also got a Yurakoro Lucky Cat – dead cute!

  • cindyg

    I have been lucky enough to win prizes I use all the time – my saucepans for example! It means I’m constantly reminded of what can happen if you keep going and don’t lose heart. And though I’ve had no wins for ages, one of my favourite prizes last year was a subscription to Cook Vegetarian magazine, so that’s like a little win every month when it arrives. That sort of thing helps you remember that you can and do win. As others have said, a little read of the winners post section of the forum is a big inspiration as well.

  • caspertheghost

    I record my wins and figure that if I stop entering then I really will never win! Keep at it kids..

  • herlameness

    I have a lucky Ducky Fridge magnet taped above my PC on my shelf so its right in front of me everytime i look up. It was given to me by a loquat, if i need a push, i just give it a rub.. bonkers i know, but works for me 🙂

  • part-time comper

    I only enter for what I want for myself or for what would make a great present for a friend or family member. So if I win then I am always really pleased with the prize. I only ever enter when I feel like it, so I never lose my mojo. I don’t believe in lucky charms.

  • SugarCookie

    I keep a record of my wins & take pics. When I look back at what I’ve won it encourages me to carry on. I do actually enjoy comping though… You’ve got to be in it to win it!!

  • gingerchick633

    No lucky charm, no secret, I have lost my mojo many times. I usually take a break, don’t worry about comps that I don’t enter, I can’t enter them all. Working full time means I just don’t have the time. I just enter when I can for the prizes I’d like to win. I just love everything about comping.

  • rachelt2003

    I haven’t been comping long, but I just keep at it, knowing that the next win is nearer today than it was yesterday! If I need some karma I search google for comps that aren’t on loquax to add them, but just keep at it. You have to be in it to win it!

  • marymod

    It’s difficult to keep going, particularly when you see people that win so much and so often, but I remind myself it’s their choice to enter everything, even for things they don’t want personally and mine to be more picky due to time constraints. When I get down about the time invested for little return, I remind myself of the fab things that I have won and that picks me up again.

  • beX454

    Exactly, I’m not picky and enter everything, the little things will keep you going!
    ive won my first comp this week, and probably wont for a long time now but
    as they say ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’ .
    Although if I won a holiday or something im not going to complain :p

  • tweaky

    We all have quiet times, but I have the “you’ve got to be in it to win it” attitude and a bit of cosmic ordering does wonders, you’ve just got to picture those winning emails and chqs coming through you post box and then sometimes they do.

  • maisietoo

    I love all the comments from friends saying ‘how do you do it’ or ‘you’re so lucky!’ but there really is nothing more to it than entering as many as you can but being selective at the same time. It’s also the small prizes that you get that you’d never buy yourself that keep me going.

  • dania66

    every win makes me keep going 🙂 you have got to be in it to win it 🙂

  • coppelia100

    I think everyone looses their comping mojo at some time or other, especially if you’re going through a dry patch….like I am this year!! So, instead of sitting their thinking ‘what’s the point’, I keep a diary of every single thing I have ever won, including where from and the value, and I have a quick flick through that to remind me that the prizes are out there and just waiting for me!! I also come on the forums and read about the good luck that fellow loquats are having….that reminds me that people have and are still winning! The other thing is, I tell myself that if I don’t enter, I can’t win anyway….so just keep going! Even the smallest little prize is a huge motivation 🙂

  • Patterry

    I’ve been comping so long that I cannot imagine life not doing it. I just love all the wins that turn up. I am not able to enter for all of the lovely holiday wins, due to my husband not being able to travel too long, so at the moment I do look at those lovely far off places and wish we could go. However I think the forum is great to inspire me to carry on just reading about others wonderful prizes

  • dayslikethese

    Make a list of all your wins, you will be surprised how they can mount up over time. In those times when you’re on a lean streak, you can look back and hopefully feel encouraged that you have won and will win again.

    I think also if you’re feeling really despondent about the lack of wins, take a couple of days off, this shouldn’t a chore it’s meant to be a hobby and something to enjoy.

  • emily

    I think firstly you have to enjoy the act of comping. There would be no point going fishing if all you wanted was some fish, you’d have to enjoy the act of fishing to make it worthwhile. For the most part, if you spent your comping time working in Asda you’d be better off financially, you have to be the sort of person who likes filling out surveys, thinking up tiebreakers. Definitely write a list of all your wins, it’s easy to forget all the things you’ve won over the years especially if they’ve ended up as Christmas presents etc. Quite often I will think grumpily that i’ve hardly won anything lately, but a quick look at my list reminds me that actually i had that lovely book, and those vouchers that haven’t arrived yet etc etc. The best thing about comping though, is that in the next ten minutes, any one of us could have a phone call telling us we’ve won thousands of pounds, or a fantastic holiday – that is the thing I love most – it’s happened to me before, and I know it will happen again, it’s just a matter of entering and waiting and sooner or later there’ll be another big win along 🙂

  • norpet

    I’ve never lost my mojo yet – and the comping is still fun! I think my secret is that I look back at the things I have won and look forward to the things I might win. Every time I enter a comp I imagine what I will do with the prize when it comes through the door. If it’s a horror dvd, for example, I will give it to my youngest grandson who just loves them – it’s okay, he’s old enough to watch them ;-). And I don’t enter any comps for things I don’t really want, or cannot use. I know some compers sell on the things they win and that’s fine – it’s just not for me. So even if I don’t win my imagination tells me I have. Then I read the forum and see some really lovely people winning things and it inspires me all over again!

  • clare smoker

    Having Loquax in my life has changed it so much,every day there is hope!

  • murraysj

    think positive

  • variety

    I have four children to look after in the day so there is not too much time for comping and therefore I have only had 3 of those lucky winning emails – none of which were high value either but it was still a lovely feeling! I only really dedicate time to competitions 2-3 times a week but like we all say its for fun more than anything else. I will enter comps with both big and small prizes and only really for things I would like for myself or as a gift for others. I have always believed in fate so if i am not meant to win I wont One day I will win something big i’m sure and i’ll let you all know when I do xxx

  • yelselhpesoj

    I havent won anything for about a year now the only thing that keeps me motivated is hoping that i win a holiday i would never be able to afford one so i enter every competition.things that i win and dont need im planning to sell and put in a kitty towards our holiday,i have 3 children who keep asking me if we are going on holiday and it breaks my heart to tell them we cant afford it.

  • amb263

    Loquax makes me smile! The anticipation of what I may find in my inbox is usually enough to see me through the lean times. I anticipate but never expect to win and to win is a bonus. I love reading the forums as it is filled with warm and friendly people who, in their comping world, feel and think the same way as me !!

  • jj32

    My little George he was born may 13th 2010 and since then I seem to win all the time :0)xx

  • jayanna

    I keep a nice collection of ducks (including one won from Loquax) by my computer.

  • NanaVal

    I’m quite positive, although not overwhelmed yet this year with parcels and packages, but I’m a great believer in the fact that I will win something, big or small, at some point. I didn’t think I’d won much last year, but I keep a notebook and jot down every win, and actually I had a few good ones including a trip for 2 to the UK Beauty Awards and an £800+ goodybag (or rather a huge box full!) which of course I shared out between my family & friends, a Philips electric steriliser, and a very posh pushchair (my second pushchair win) and quite a lot of little bits and pieces, so when I think the prizes are passing me by, I just flick through my notebook and hope is restored. I also have a big yellow duck sat at the side of my computer who gives me a nudge now and again. Like they say “You have to be in it to win it” !
    I love winning things for others too, and find the winners stories on the forums a great incentive.

  • Michie

    What keeps me motivated is reading “The Winners Forum” … it’s lovely to read what everyone has won, no matter how little. I can never believe it sometimes when there are the big wins such as cash prizes and holidays, but they definately make me feel better and think ‘one day that could be me’ … but you’ve got to be in it to win it!!

  • hughese

    Just dip in and out for a bit. Enter a few for really exciting prizes e.g. great holidays, then enter a few for some lesser value ones too. Sooner or later a win will come along and you’ll be back on track.

  • webkin

    I keep a Competition Wins book with all my wins in and when I get down I look at it for winspiration. Also love reading The Winners Forum and seeing other people win 🙂

  • C Duncan

    I have had 2 small wins this year. I’m hoping it’s third time lucky and I get a big win. That is what is keeping me going. Maybe I should keep a notebook as well for inspiration.

  • vodka_cat

    What keeps me going if i feel like giving up is the ‘Winners Forum’ reading that others are still winning and rading the wins they get keeps me motivated……….. if they can do it then so can i !!! 😉 x

  • vodka_cat

    lol reading the wins not rading…………… lol

  • arnesbarnes

    Like a lot of others, I keep a note of what I’ve won so that when I’m feeling demotivated I can remember all the great things that have come my way as a result of my hobby.

    I find taking an occasional break (and not worrying about all the comps I’m ‘missing’) is a big help, too.

  • matronmelons

    If I get a call from my friend to tell me she has won, who is a really successful comper then I usually get something too but she does get the multiple £100s and me smaller but its a bit spooky. I haven’t won anything for ages and gone off the boil a bit but I received note that I had won a heart shaped Le Crueset caserole dish – how cool so I’m back on it BUT I go for what I want only and realise that way I may not win as often. Its the positive mental attitude and take note of the sites too – sometimes you can pick up some great tips and bargains too – good luck all

  • barcoder

    It’s logical really.
    If you don’t enter you can’t win and the more competitions you enter then you increase your chances of winning. Sometimes it helps to win several small prizes – books or cds rather than only trying for really big wins. You may find that once in a while something bigger appears in the post.

  • joane1

    One way I try to keep myself going is to enter in different ways, i.e. closing comps / A to Z / prize directory / latest competitions. I find that this does help to break the monotony – especially if I am not getting any wins. I usually only do my comps in the evenings as the days are to busy. Me doing comps and hubby watching telly – and making me a cup of tea to keep me going

  • bill.gould

    I don’t think I have ever lost my comping mojo, and I’ve been comping for years! You always go through good patches and bad patches, so during a bad patch I just keep thinking about good wins. That’s enough to keep me going!

  • chinichats

    You’ve got to be in to win! Loquax keeps me going and have helped me win,I find their system easy to enter, have won a luxury weekend in London, an ipad 2 days before christmas and £500 worth of Hasbro toys which came in very handy, lots of small prizes,seem to win a few together then nothing for a while, just keep plugging away, even a small win always gives me a boost to keep going! don’t give up people really do win them!

  • hks

    Through lean spells I just keep looking back at my comping photo book (photo’s of the comps I have won). It keeps me going!

  • garyraymond

    Love the site as give you a chance to win things money cant buy – Film Screenings.

    A great escape form reality…

  • xGinax

    Started losing my mojo last year but coming on Loquax every week and seeing all the things I know I ‘could’ win keeps me going, lol!

  • Joanne82

    I lost my mojo a few years ago because i just seemed to be sat here all day (think i was a little addicted). Now im at uni i have less time so only enter now and again which is great because i enjoy it again and have won a few dvd’s etc for the kids 😉


    I don’t have any lucky charm, though won a lucky duck long time ago via a U2U but this has now been claimed by little one lol.
    Any wins I get even small keeps me motivated, when having a lean spell reading the winners post on loquax keeps me going as I think “it could be me next”…I feel even happier when I see regular contributors to the forum winning…;
    At home my biggest motivator is my little girl 😆 post came very late yesterday while she was having a nap, and when she woke up, I told her a little parcel came, with a little toy phone inside…you should have seen her excitement, as she jumped out of bed “going to see it”….That in itself is a huge motivator lol.

  • RobbyBoy

    I now keep a spreadsheet. i try to beat the previous months total of entries. and always watch the telly whilst comping

  • doverblue

    I don’t have any lucky charm or special technique. I do have a positive attitude though. If I make the mistake of comparing the number of draws/competitions I’ve entered with the number of prizes won then that positive attitude can take a severe kicking and will take some considerable time to get back up to good levels again. I’ve just gone though such a period when I realised I enter between around 100, sometimes as many as 200, draws/competitions every month and in the last TWO years all I have won is a book and a DVD. That’s all. Still, if you don’t enter you can’t win. So I will keep on trying to win that big prize.

  • caroldodds

    Not had many wins this year but keep on trying and have a definite positive feeling that i will win – added to which I am sure that a Loquax pen will help with the postcard comps and a Loquax mug filled with lovely hot tea to keep the mind concentrated

  • fluffywhite

    I don’t think i have ever thought about “packing in the comping”, obviously I get a bit down if i dont win. I keep a record of the competitions i am enetering in a little book – i have done this since feb 2010 and i keep a little black book of monthly wins. I LOVE what i do and never get tired of it! I love helping people out and posting competitions too! Most of all i LOVE this site x

  • covequeen

    been a wee bit slow with my comping just now, due to family illnesses 🙁 hoping to pick up again real soon, would love a new mug to help me along the way.

  • Tashja

    I think we all lose our mojo from time to time but I have found that reading about other peoples wins really helps !! Recently I havehad a friend win one of the packages from ITV (worth a few £1000’s) and another friend win a trip to Florida and both these times it has made me realise that people DO win these things and one day it WILL be me 🙂 That said it has been a little while since I had a win !!!

    Another thing that keeps me going is the look on my kids faces when the postman does call 🙂 Priceless – especially the time when a courier delived a childs size Ferrari – my son was really struck speechless for about 10 minutes 🙂


  • paulinecnd

    When people say they haven’t won much this year!! I havent won anything since October and even that hasn’t turned up yet despite i don’t know how many emails.. I have a peep in a file with all my winning letters to help inspire me. Oh, and a nice cup of tea in a Loquax mug would really help. Thank you Jason and Kirsty.

  • Macognet

    Stack em and rack em, clean em and fry em!

  • tony10059

    I love comping, and consider it a hobby, i enter different comps on different days – i may enter loads for a few days then miss a day or two. then go mad entering again. this is my first year and have had some good wins especially the 3 months before christmas
    I think my wins are considered on the small side but a wins a win, my prizes have been varied and it feels good to give a prize i have won to someone, cheers me up to see someone smile

  • ladette

    i dont have a lucky charm. however i try to do a variety of comps to keep things fresh.

  • flashingblademr

    I just read the forum about the great wins people have had and it spurs on in the hope it might be my turn next

  • kaffbbb43

    It could be me!

  • luckytc

    The excitement from imagining the winning prize turning up keeps me motivated – honestly I’ve been half way round the world in my daydreams whilst entering comps!! lol. Also any little thing that turns up reminds me that there is still hope of a good prize turning up one day soon……

  • bopper

    i just think of the few nice things I`ve won over the years,and just as per above,take a break if I`ve had enough. Comping should just be a pastime, not take over your life.

  • Scampbeast

    I remind myself of the time I was about to give up comping then won a 42″ plasma TV. It makes me think that at the end of every dry spell could be one big prize rather than winning lots of small ones.

  • JW

    Someone once said to me that if you throw enough mud – some sticks! I often think of this when I am entering and it makes me throw just a little more mud!!! By the way, it does work, some does stick. Jane

  • spibes

    No matter what happens, even if I am going through a dry spell without any wins I still keep going entering more and more competitions. I always post competitions I find if they arent listed and take an interest in other peoples wins. This makes me feel part of the community and hopefully creating comping Karma. Involving my 4year in the world of comping also keeps me going as he gets so excited when a win pops through the door, he always beats me to the letterbox.

  • mercury3

    Basically I’m an eternal optimist so I always think that the next prize is just around the corner. If I’m going through a lean spell I look back on the list of all the wins that I’ve accumulated over the past 23 years and think how lucky I have been. Loquax has been responsible for quite a lot of my wins – so thank you so much for being here.

  • baconbap

    Just enter when you’re in the mood – winning sure helps to keep going. Fits and starts is the best way.

  • AmeBee

    There’s been a few times when dry spells have been far too long and I wondered if comping was worth continuing, but I would miss it if I gave up. Best thing to do is have a little break and then get back in the pond *Quack*
    What keeps me going is the present box that has things in for my daughters. It makes a HUGE difference come xmas.

  • katgit

    I’ve only ever won one prize and have had nothing since, so to lift my spirits and reinvigorate myself i just look in the forums and congratulate those who have had better luck. Sounds cheesy but makes me genuinely pleased for them…..btu also hope that some of their luck will rub off on me!!

  • Marname

    I’ve had a bit of success lately (£100 and £200 cheques) but I remember a post by Lucien about ‘Cosmic Ordering’ and try to visualise what I’d like – including the colours, sounds etc and then press on and sit back and wait for it to arrive!

  • kulikaur

    I have given up twice but then gone back to it. It is fun not knowing what is coming to your front door, be it big or small it is always a lovely surprise

  • The winner of the Loquax Mug is elainelane