MyComps Reviews Loquax Again – How Do Sites Like Loquax Work? They Still Don’t Know!!

Posted on: June 17th, 2011 by Jason 31 Comments

A couple of weeks ago we reported about a review of Loquax made by a competitor competition site. MyComps Reviews Loquax – What They Do & Don’t Tell You gave our rebuttle and our users the opportunity to comment on their unsavoury attempt to try and discredit this site. The good news is that Oxfordshire Press, who run MyComps along with Simply Prizes, Just Comps, National Compers Alliance, Coffee Break Winner and Competitions Club, have re-reviewed Loquax.

The sad news is – they’re still trying to be underhand. In our opinion, a decent company would have pulled the content and quietly apologised for pulling a petty stunt like that.

So once again, as they don’t have the courage or the conviction to allow their users or our users to comment on their “review”, we’ll set the record straight for their beleaguered “comping experts”.

Well, this is a fairly good start except Loquax was founded by Jason Dale AND Kirsty Darbyshire. Perhaps MyComps didn’t bother reading about Loquax before conjuring up their latest missive?

Well we hold our hands up about the banners, although a maximum of three per page isn’t exactly intrusive. Yes, there are gaming elements on the site, as there is on MyComps who own Simply Bingo, but we do have a “no bingo” option for users.

Do the presence of these things effect people wanting to find and enter competitions? No!

The sea of marketing emails is a completely nonsense statement. Where are these emails coming from because Loquax doesn’t send them. People who enter competitions will get emails from the promoters. It’s a fact of comping life.

Talk about over dramatic. It makes out like we mugged them for all sorts of information and services before they could enter a competition. Wrong! Yes, we have links to our cash for old mobiles section, offers, bingo and other sections on the homepage.

You don’t have to use them to use the competition part of the site.

Many of our users have banner blockers, use cashback sites, use voucher code sites, opt in to block bingo on their listings etc. These impact our revenue – but guess what? Loquax is still free to use! To use MyComps you have to pay for “the biggest listing of competitions in the UK” – which incidentally is significantly smaller than those you’ll find on most free sites/forums.

The first thing you receive from MyComps is a 28 day free trial followed by a bill. No competition listing site can guarantee that the only thing you receive from entering competitions is prizes. Of course they want you to think they’re wonderful as they want your money!

Most of our listings our done by our dedicated research team that does work around the clock. They are checked to their best of our ability. As are the submissions by promoters and users. If we’re unhappy with a listing we don’t include it. If we think it’s a duplicate, we don’t include it.

If there’s something we think a user should know about a listing (e.g. it’s currently live but needs to be checked, entry may result in phone calls, or it’s a payday loan site) then we include that information for you. As some Oxfordshire Press editors have been on Loquax in the past, we’re actually quite surprised by just how little they know about the site.

Users can also feedback/review any site listed on Loquax so any issues can be highlighted to fellow compers.

MyComps may well pride themselves with their efforts – and for £100 a year you’d expect a quality service, not one so desperate that it has to write substandard commentary about Loquax – yet they happily included a Scottish Power sponsored competition that we know can result in marketing emails and phone calls (Subscription Service or Free Competition Listings?). Just saying!

Of course a site costs money to run, and we’d be surprised if anyone expected us to work for nothing. We are a business and we have a business focus – but we also have a user focus. We’re in a fortunate position where we can be selective with how we operate. We don’t have to advertise marketing sites like MyOffers and Win4Now to you like some competitors do.

We had banners from our ad agency on Loquax last week for a “marketing competition site” that we weren’t happy with, so we switched off the banners (forum post). Very few sites would do that as it costs them money, but we do! We most certainly aren’t so low as to advertise an automated competition entry service to you (Subscription Service or Free Competition Listings?).

Also no competition site can guarantee what happens to your data other than within their own four walls. We don’t sell data, we don’t send a sea of marketing emails, we don’t even rent our lists out (Medialabgroup).

Any site that makes claims that the only thing you get from comping online is prizes, or that they’re checking and double checking to make sure your data is safe are just desperately seeking your money for a subscription.

We don’t know why Oxfordshire Press have decided to attack Loquax. Because, that’s what it is – it’s an attack on this site, it’s owners, it’s users and it’s community.

It’s sad, it’s underhand and it demonstrates quite clearly their lack of respect for this comping community, some of whom who use MyComps, Simply Prizes, Just Comps, National Compers Alliance, Coffee Break Winner and Competition Club on Facebook.

Are Oxfordshire Press being fair? Do you get spam mail from them? Have you been awash with marketing emails from Loquax? Is there another site called Loquax we don’t know about? As ever we’d like to hear your views! Who knows, perhaps someone from Oxfordshire Press will post to substantiate their claims?

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  • elainelane

    You beat me to it in the last paragraph Jason. Was going to say that I think I must have been logging into the wrong Loquax all these years! I’m feeling quite left out now…. where are my “sea of marketing emails” and why have I never been “mugged for money and info”
    If this is my comps idea of a fair and impartial review….. heaven help anyone they take a dislike to!

  • tizliz

    They seem to be reduced to sending out their magazine for free. Don’t know where they got my address from – they must have bought a mailing list from somewhere ….. (and I know it was not from Loquax)

  • robinw

    never had anything to do with Oxfordshire Press and in your place I might be inclined to get a lawyer to look at the reviews for me……..

    I don’t get spam mail from Loquax, I do get a lot from other places, including a supposedly secure site that had to admit to me it had been hacked. Loquax has a good section on software to help deal with security and advertising, I wonder if Oxfordshire Press does? Loquax also has some spam conscious users to help to highlight anything dodgy.

  • jayanna

    Didn’t the adverting laws recently change to include online ads? As their service is paid for that could mean their whole site counts as an advert, so can Loquax complain to ASA about their false advertising? Just a thought.

  • dpfoib

    I wouldn’t touch MyComps with a barge pole. Any set-up that purports to have presented a review (and I use that term loosely) of a reputable brand like Loquax, when in fact, they have written a fairy tale, should be avoided. The whole thing smacks of desperation in my opinion.

  • libra100

    Have been a member of Loquax for almost 10 years, it’s cost me nothing, enjoy entering ‘free’ competitions, visiting the forums and contributing. Loquax is a wonderful and friendly website, run efficiently by Jason and Kirsty.

    When companies such as MyComps criticise in order to increase their revenue, it usually implies jealousy. However, they need to be certain that their statements are in fact true!

    If Loquax was the type of hard-headed, money-grabbing website that MyComps alludes to, I would not have been a member for so long.

    Through the years I’ve won more competitions through Loquax than I can possibly remember. There are more competitions listed than most of us could hope to enter, and there is no subscription fee involved.

    MyComps are using nasty, underhand tricks to hope to increase their revenue.

    Not a chance!

    I would certainly consult a solicitor regarding MyComps literature.

  • grahameckley

    God they write some rubbish. Jason and Kirsty thanks for running a great site. I have recommend loquax to all my friends i would not even consider using other sites

  • Dougal1972

    Having ‘met’ two Oxfordshire Press employees at a Comping Day they failed to answer even the simplest of compers questions so I am not surprised they have to resort to these underhand tactics in an attempt to boost sales.

    Loquax has everything a committed comper needs and it has standards!

  • littleanne

    Disgusting why should they resort to this? Could it be that they are jealous because we have a great site.Jason & Kirsty thank you for the hard work.Maybe you could demand an apology and a retraction of the article.

  • Janetf

    I’ve never been spammed from Loquax but I am fed up of receiving junk mail from Oxfordshire press even though they have confirmed to me in writing that I have been removed from their marketing data base.

    Maybe they don’t like the idea that people would rather have the information for free rather than pay for it.

    Jason & Kirsty run a wonderful site.

  • Gloworm20

    Hi Loquax! I have never received emails from Oxfordshire Press, only emails from competition sponsors I have entered on Loquax! They have no right to denigrate your site and they are the ones who are being underhand!

  • colvilleone

    Who on earth is the bright spark at Oxfordshire Press who came up with the idea of ‘reviewing’ Loquax in such terms? Certainly such a proposal should have either resulted in them being handed a P45…….or alternatively a Colt 45 and directions to the library. Given that they have shown themselves to be particularly adept at shooting themselves in the foot perhaps the latter option would have been the more appropriate.
    Why Oxfordshire Press should consider it a good idea to draw attention to a competitor who demonstrably does everything better than they do is beyond me, least of all one that operates a free site. To then compound such a flawed strategy with a list of criticisms that have no foundation in fact smacks of desperation.
    It would be very surprising if the net result of this nonsense is not a further increase in Loquax membership and a further haemorrhaging of subscriptions at Oxfordshire Press.
    I did though particularly enjoy the bit about advertising on the Loquax site, having just clicked on the Go Compare Banner and saved £110 on renewing my car insurance.
    Anyone care to guess where £100 of that is not going?

  • 1pmt

    Very underhanded i have been a member for quite a few years this is definately the Best Site

  • DDB280801

    I definitely think this is defamation of Loquax. I have been a member of the site for quite a few years and I have never had any issues and constantly recommend my friends to join in too. I do get lots of spam emails but this is because I enter about 50 competitions a day so I would expect that! I have won some wonderful prizes and am so thankful to Loquax for this site.And although I don’t know anyone personally there is always someone who will help if you post a question or problem.

  • jmc26

    The fact that they are having to slag off someone else to try and gain support is just desperation – if their service is a wonderful as they claim(!!!!!!) it should sell itself and not need underhand criticism to try and support it.

  • Ennill1

    It is extremely unprofessional (and suicidal) to attack a competitor – which is what they are doing – without reasonable grounds.

    I don’t think Loquax has any choice other than to threaten legal action and get at least a retraction and a public apology.

    They have already made themselves look rather silly and totally unprofessional – obviously they are losing business when a (IMO) more comprehensive and FREE site is offering a better service. We don’t just comp on here, we offer advice etc, we have ‘debates’ which if we had in a pub would probably end up with somebody having a blackeye…but it is also at the end of the day (hate that phrase but I have watched too many Jeremy thingy programmes) a web based community as well as a comping forum where we love/hate each other but will then fall over backwards to help each other if we can – so that other lot just can’t compete, can they?

    Sour grapes.

  • HK2011

    How sad they have to make such comments ! Long live Loquax ! Thanks to all who make it such a great site:)

  • We have asked for a retraction and an apology – and we got this rewrite.

    We have also taken legal advice and are pursuing the issue accordingly.

  • colvilleone

    Oxfordshire Press make great play on their website of the fact that they are members of the Institute of Promotional marketing. The problem with using this to enhance their credibility is that they are obliged to follow both to the letter and spirit the code of conduct that is a prerequisite of membership. Now I’m not a big fan of this organization for several reasons. As a trade organization that regulates its own trade members there is a question mark as to exactly how impartial they are, and in certain circumstances the ASA is likely to have sharper incisors. Their membership is also comparatively small and although it includes some household names, it also boasts amongst its numbers rather too many organizations that you really wouldn’t want to take home for tea with your Mother.
    That being said, Oxfordshire Press would be hard pressed (sic) to explain how their Loquax review didn’t drive a coach and horses through articles 1,2 3,5 and 7 of the code of practice that they have signed up to. A written complaint based on this should set in train an established procedure. Which firstly requires a written response and if the complainant is not satisfied with that, the setting up of a committee to examine the issue and exercise sanctions when deemed appropriate.
    Litigation as always should be the last resort as it is always initially, if not finally expensive and besides that, the court takes a dim view of those who have not endeavoured to find a resolution or indeed impeded one before that recourse.
    I’m not going to try and second guess the route that the redoubtable Mr Dale is choosing to follow, but I will take the opportunity to point out that the initials IPM also stand for Integrated Pest management.

  • Thanks for the IPM information, we will most certainly put in a formal complaint in that direction as well.

  • soozandlily

    I have only being joined with loquax for a week now, but I think it’s a great website, easy to use and I certainly don’t think it’s swarming with advertising! Keep up the good work and I’m sure I’m going to be an avid user 🙂

  • melsaffron1

    MyComps might mind this backfires on them – some of their users may check out Loquax just to see what all the fuss is about. When they do, they’ll find out what the rest of us already know…that this is a brilliant, free site!! Carry on the good work, Jason and Kirsty.

  • suroben

    As a Loquax member for 10 years I have been fortunate enough to win many prizes at no cost to me except my monthly broadband subscription. During that time I haven’t been inundated with emails from Loquax, just a weekly email that I requested. Recently I noticed my inbox filling with Oxfordshire Press emails. I may have inadvertantly ticked a box somewhere but certainly never wanted the quantity of spam emails I received. I unsubscribed and, at the moment, don’t see their emails anymore as anything of theirs goes straight to my junk folder, but they must have sent more in a month than Loquax has sent in years. I barely notice the links to other sites on Loquax but when I need something it’s useful to know where I can get a trusted link from.
    I don’t think Oxfordshire Press realise that trying to confuse people into using their exorbitantly priced and less efficient service is likely to result in a loss of popularity and income as people check out Loquax and see how much better a service is offered for free.

  • lapsapchung

    Sorry but I really did laugh out loud when I read their accusation about people being “bombarded with spam emails and annoying phone calls” as I get so many of both from Oxfordshire Press. At least their phone calls give me the chance to say, “Don’t you know who I am?”

  • Bessi

    Wow, that is awful. I feel sorry for the people who pay to use their site, they are being taken for mugs when they can have all the competitions they can possibly enter free here and other places!

  • Nostradamus

    i too have been inundated by spam emails and junk mail from oxfordshire press, and rather than feel enticed to join, i wish i could just just hit a block button, or hit them grrrrhhh.
    having been a member of loquax for what must be over 6 years now, i’d be lost without this place. the people, the comps, its enriched my life in many ways.
    I hope you and kirsty get a very public apology.

  • The review has been removed as we involved ASA in the situation.

    The page now says (about their review of Loquax) “there was nothing factually wrong with the review, the tone of our editorial style could have been seen as denigratory” – in our view it was factually incorrect AND denigatory.

    Anyway, they will relist the review when it complies with ASA’s code of conduct.

  • DianeA

    Would be interesting to know if any of the people ‘complaining’ about being awash with marketing stuff are actually Loquats! Most of the junk emails I get are on an email account not used for comping so not coming from here. The banners are not over the top and as I am not interested in bingo etc I use the option to hide these. I haven’t belonged to any other site so can’t comment on how they differ from Loquax but what I can say is that they obviously don’t know how Loquax works if they can print all that rubbish. Will be interesting to read their ammended review, hope they have a ‘comments section’, would love to add one! And I hope you and Kirsty get an apology.

    They are obviously trying to discredit the opposition and in a nasty underhand way. Loquax is the best and only site I use.

  • huttle

    I have been a member of Mycomps for quite a few years now (still only pay £3.97 monthly) and have begun to notice that the number of listings is dropping dramatically from when I first joined. I wanted to be able to enter comps online to reduce the cost of postal entries and liked the fact they provided answers as I have little time for research myself.
    Recently they are including expensive text/phone comps and details of magazine comps where you have to buy the magazine to enter and lots of postal entries. This is not what they were about at the beginning and I find I hardly enter any of their comps anymore.
    I have also at times subscribed to Coffee Break Winner, Prize Draw Centre, and a betting service but always cancelled quickly as realised they were not worth it.
    I still get lots of emails offering other services but just delete them.
    I had no idea that Mycomps had reviewed other comping services in a derogatory manner as I just use them once a week after receiving their e-mail but
    am thinking about cancelling with them as feel “the writing is on the wall” and they will soon go under.
    Having recently rediscovered Loquax i am finding far more comps to enter online so thank you and keep up the good work!!

  • nbrad

    Well, I think Loquax is a wonderful website that offers a free service and does a very good job. I have never had junk mail from Loquax.

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