MyComps Reviews Loquax – What They Do & Don’t Tell You!

Posted on: May 28th, 2011 by Jason 84 Comments

Whilst having looking round Google yesterday we were surprised to come across a review of Loquax. Firstly because the review was on a competitor’s website and even more surprised about just how inaccurate the information given was. We’ve ummed and ahhed about how to respond to this article. We could ignore it or we could ask the company to remove it, but the inaccuracies are so bad – perhaps even designed to mislead and perhaps slur our brand name – that we felt we should make our retort publically.

The article is on MyComps, a subscription based service from Oxfordshire Press, that offer subscribers who pay £50 upwards “over 170 new competitions every week”. We found the link whilst looking for our trademarked term.

MyComps seem to be little muddled about what Loquax does and doesn’t do. First off Loquax isn’t an affiliate site, at least not in the way that MyOffers, Win4Now and GetMeATicket work, which is where MyComps initially seem to be pigeon-holing us.

To help them out here’s what we do: we don’t run the competitions! We do list a lot of sites ranging from brands to bloggers and they’re the ones who run the competitions. Some of our links do go through affiliate partnerships (e.g where if you buy something we may earn a commission. That’s basically it and it’s how lots of other sites operate.

The affiliate site will cash in every time someone clicks on the competition link

Totally wrong! Almost 100% of the time, we’re not paid per click for any competition! The vast majority of links to competitions listed on Loquax will earn us nothing.

They don’t really care what the quality of the competition is – or what you’re chances of winning really are.

Really? So why do we check all competitions that are added to our main listings then? Why do we reject competitions that we feel aren’t suitable and why do we no longer list competitions from the likes of MyOffers, Win4Now, UKPrize, Surveys etc?

These affiliate competitions are carefully disguised among many genuine competitions, so it is often difficult to identify them.

Well, as we don’t list them our users should be fairly safe in the knowledge we’re not sending them to them! Even on sites like Autoexpress and Pick Me Up where there are some “marketing” style competitions, we will select the one’s we believe are good prize draws – rather than sign up to Scottish Power, E.on etc.

Too Good To Be True?

If a company is offering you lots of ‘free’ information you’ve got to ask yourself “what’s in it for them?”.

What’s in it for us? Same as it was when we started! A bit of fun to help compers and to be an independent service of a high standard. There’s a kind of business idea in it too!

Every company has to make money to survive, so if you’re not paying a subscription for all the info they’re giving you, the chances are you’re paying the price with your personal information.

The chances are you’re wrong again MyComps, oh dear! Loquax doesn’t sell personal information. The site is free, it updates with more competitions than your paid for subscription service AND we don’t sell data.

You’ll never find a comp listed in MyComps that we haven’t checked and double checked to make sure it’s genuine. Neither will we pass on your details to anyone else.

That’s grand! But, every competition added to Loquax is looked at before it’s accepted. And as above we don’t sell data. Although, we do wonder if you perhaps do (MediaLabGroup)?

We also don’t advertise automated competition entry services to our users, but you do!

In January 2011 MyComps advertised a service, complete with affiliate link, which in our opinion is detrimental to compers, the people who they want to pay for their services. That might make an interesting blog piece!

So, there we have it!

It’s an article about Loquax from a competitor called MyComps of Oxfordshire Press and it is full of inaccuracies! Who knows why they wrote it? Maybe it’s for search engine optimisation on our trademark? Maybe it’s to try and justify why they charge? Maybe they deliberately want to mislead their potential customers? Maybe it wasn’t meant to be public and that naughty Google has found things it shouldn’t on their sites again?

If you want to know how Loquax works then just ask us!

Loquax is a free competition community site and we don’t sell your data, that’s about the long and short of it.

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  • freyamae

    What I find interesting is that the comps theyve checked double checked and youve paid the subscription to them for are probably exactly the same comps people list on loquax for free!!! The great thing about loquax is its mainly comps posted by users for users so you know your not being diddled!

  • Not forgetting the contribution from The Loquax Team – we do a lot of the main site listings 😉

  • Angie-k

    I used to use MyComps. Until I started using Loquax about 5 or 6 years ago. The only good thing was that I got some free post cards from signing up I’m not happy with Oxfordshire press. I ordered postcards from them in November and I still haven’t received them (to be fair, I forgot that I ordered them until about a month ago.) Yet they send me emails daily about why I should join their many comping sites. I’ve emailed and emailed, I’ll be calling them early next week to find out where my postcards are.

  • libra100

    I can’t believe all the inaccuracies in the MyComps article.

    MyComps are just wanting to receive subsciptions without worrying about any problems they could cause Loquax. They should definitely check their facts before writing such rubbish.

    Surely you have a strong case for slander?

  • elainelane

    Disgusting article! Bordering on libellous. Obviously don’t know what they’re on about, fancy charging for info easily found for free, and then advertising an automated entry service which if all their members took up would put them out of business (which might not be a bad thing….)

  • aliali

    Please don’t let them get away with it Jason. Threaten them with legal action for all their lies and inaccuracies.

    I had to look twice, as I thought my eyes were deceiving me when they said ”Many of the competitions require the entrants to answer a prize question.”

    Doh, erm yes it’s a competition, what do you expect ?

  • fluffywhite

    What a cheek!!! I would be totally miffed if it was my site. Go and pick on another site MyComps.

  • kroga

    Astounded – what a bad piece of journalism (if that’s what you call it)! Writers of articles like this show their lazy and inept, if not malicious, side.

  • djillanne

    utter rubbish! and from a site that charges too!

  • suroben

    It’s all well and good posting here but you’re preaching to the converted. Wherever their article is being printed is where you need to get your article published to make sure their inaccuracies are shown up to be a random allocation of misinformation to Loquax, presumably to improve their sales figures. If you prefer we could always go mob-handed to their offices and get on the news to protest against their lies. : )

  • Scampbeast

    ”Many of the competitions require the entrants to answer a prize question.” Makes it sound like the question is your bank details and pin number rather than the trivial stuff most ask. Does this mean that they do not list competitions with questions themselves?
    I think they are trying to scare people away from Loquax as a free site is too much competition for them.
    I think you should get them to retract the incorrect information

  • hazelangell

    I also think you should contact them telling them a retraction AND a public apology is in order! What a damn cheek.Why even write an article in the first place? this place is free to register so people can check it out for nothing, if they don’t like it here they are under no obligation to stay – methinks they’re very afraid of their competitors and it makes me wonder why? perhaps it’s because their site is an utter pile of dog poop!

  • tony10059

    Mycomps are a joke (we add 170 comps a week )
    I enter more than that in a few days sometimes on Loquax, i have tried a few comping sites in the last 12 months – only did the odd postal before that.
    Plus the forum, especially the winners post gives me hope when my luck is down.
    Loquax is the greatest,

  • Polarbear

    PS you can also apparantly follow them on twitter and facebook, although i dont think detrimental comments will last long on their home pages etc. lol

  • dhamm

    Jason, sorry, can you confirm whether you sell our data 🙂

  • I can 100% confirm that Loquax does not sell your data.

  • Polarbear

    OOPPS i see my first bit has gone into the netherland, i suppose it was almost a blog on its own -but i was so annoyed about all the rubbish they had written about loquax, still think you should sue them for libel. Ignorant so and so’s that they are.

  • janeg88

    Have you taken legal adivce?

  • charbarcrazy

    I see no mention about the time when Oxfordshire Press left a link to people’s names, addresses and credit card details on their website either – or have they forgotten about that??!!

  • area

    I think you should demand a proper apology and retraction.

    I have in the past dabbled on other competition sites as well as using Loquax as my main comping resource (forgive me, Jason, for I have sinned until I saw the error of my ways) – but Loquax is the only site on which I know I don’t have to check every single comp for dodgy t&c re use of data etc. because you and Kirsty do such a brilliant job.

  • Joca41Joca41

    Scandalous inaccuracies! Anyone who has used Loquax will, of course, realise that what they have said is completely false and untrue. I’d be more than annoyed if I was you, given how much time and effort you put into the Loquax brand image. I would demand an immediate retraction.

  • HK2011

    How unfair ! Don’t let them get away with such rubbish ! Thanks anyway for such a brilliant site !

  • fmaclean1

    funnily enough, the only time I’ve ever found my data ‘misused’ from a comp was from one I entered in the oxford journal. A few weeks later I got an email addressed FROM the oxford journal suggesting I joined mycomps. I thought I’d take a look at the free trial, but it’s one where you have to provide your credit card details up front and then cancel them if you decide not to continue after the free trial. I run dating sites for a living and I know that technique, and also know that some organisations use it in an unethical way. So, given I was already a bit dubious, since I felt my personal data had been misused by the oxford journal(I think thats the name of the paper), I gave it a miss;)

    I hope you challenge it…

  • ully

    i wouldn’t leave it, because it really is such a smear on the good and genuine character of i would write to them asking where they got their (clearly ridiculous) info from. and when that went unaswered (as it likely will) i’d turn the heat up on them…and not be too nice that time around….
    think they’re cheeky so and so’s and all that misinfo they’ve written should be removed. i hope so anyway..

  • dotwalker

    Can’t believe they would have the cheek to publish such a load of carp! I would want it rescinded and an apology.

  • lucidlupin

    Scandalous and what a load of poop! Agree with other comments re an apology or more! MyComps are only jealous – how sad & pathetic!

  • part-time comper

    I think that they should post an apology.

  • tvp3110

    When in doubt discredit the competition or use whatever tactics to try and muddy the waters. Loquax is great. Keep up the good work.

  • SBrunette

    MyComps is a terrible service,which i paid for at one time with an interest in seeing what they list and they list hardly anything compared to Loquax and what they do list is available for free elsewhere plus they don’t like making cancelling your subscription easy at all. They didn’t reply to several emails stating i wished to cancel so in the end i had to go through my bank to do it.

    Loquax on the other hand has more competitions than you can shake a stick at, it’s free and private info is NOT sold on. So i know which website works out better imo.

  • yd1556

    As has already been said, appalling article, riddled with inaccuracies. All smacks of unethical marketing exploits – “times is ‘ard and the only way we can think of to try to get new business is to discredit our more successful FREE opposition”!

  • dpfoib

    This company is obviously a ‘low-end’, unprofessional set up. The very fact that they’ve put pen to paper without worrying about the inaccuracies says it all for me.

    A blatant attempt to mislead it’s users!

  • Ennill1

    You really can’t let it go – it’s libellous and needs retracting with an apology – it’s against the Loquax site mainly, but it also demeans all of us that use the site/add competitions/run u2u comps/ etc etc

    And do click on the MediaLabGroup link – there they are offering to sell off all data they have for £xxx

  • carolyn1957

    What a cheek – sound like they are getting a bit worried about Loquax s popularity!

  • As of 12.30 1st June the article has been amended.

    Nothing has been changed as above but they’ve included

    “Even a basic website costs money to run, and ‘free’ competition websites often cover their costs using ‘click to earn’ campaigns, ‘sponsored’ games and other methods that could land you with an inbox full of spam and no prizes!”


    “Our listings aim simply to get you the best prizes – with no hidden extras!”

    We’re taking matters further.

  • bishandrach

    Good on you for taking it further.

    I think Loquax is great. My wins have increased since I started using it properly.

    I think they must be jealous of how popular Loquax seems to be – it is more than just a competition listing, it has a real community feel to it.

  • Emmaross

    There is something sad about people that feel they have to tarnish the successful to make themselves look better. Unbelievable.

  • chie

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments. Thought that I would share a phone call I recieved today from Prize 500, informing me that I am on a shortlist to win a VW car, yeah right! I said great,thanks for letting me know! Then she hit me with would I like them to enter me in 500 comps a month, I then proceeded to tell her what I think of automated entries! How did they get my name and number? Has anyone else had one of these calls?

  • mojo_jojo838

    What a ruddy cheek! I don’t blame you for taking it further, it’s just not on.

  • LaLupa

    I cannot for the life of me understand why people actually subscribe to sites like this. I have to admit that, in the days before the internet, I did subscribe to a competition magazine but that fell by the wayside when I discovered the joys of surfing and was able to source competitions myself. I don’t know why they’ve written the things they have about Loquax, because it really doesn’t make any sense. I would consider their comments as slanderous. Loquax has a great community spirit towards its fellow-compers. We go the extra mile to help one another win and rejoice when one of ours does so. What more could anyone ask for?

  • turnersbabe

    From an SEO point of view, they may have written it knowing that Loquax is higher up in google for competitions than they are, so writing about Loquax and adding the name as many times as they can in the article as well as putting it in the article title would mean that it would be picked up in google and rank a little higher for them to get them shown on the same page probably. But from a factual point, it’s total tosh. Loquax rocks!!

  • sheena444

    Only just read this, and I can only think that they are trying to promote a worthless service by all means- ethical and unethical- they can. They sound too stupid to pay any attention to reasoned argument either. If it were me, I think I would put a rebuttal on my own site- as you have done- and just let them flounder around, annoying potential subscribers and other website owners until the whole Ill conceived enterprise collapses.

  • car01e

    they obviously havent bothered to do any research….loquax is too much competition for them methinks xx

  • Arabella99

    I think we all know how brilliantly successful, free and spam wary Loquax is. I have been bombarded with emails from Oxfordshire Press, someone purporting to be a Helen Kennedy, who has gone from saying I was one of a chosen few dozen to (several emails later) very fortunate because after she had pleaded with her bosses she was now able to offer me a 2,000 (yes two thousand!!) pound discount on a years subscription. I’ve won far more through Loquax and can still hold my head high that I played a fair game. I think I shall start replying to each and every one asking if they are responsible for fraudulent competition entries and defaming other sites on the internet. Surely the “Angry Ducks” can club together in defending Loquax with carefully worded questions via twitter, facebook, and other forums to out these little ****s!!

  • NanaVal

    DISGUSTING!!! How very dare they! I get regular mithering emails from them (never had anything to do with them) so I’m going to make sure I block them from now on. It’s bordering on libelous, but if it’s their ‘opinion’ they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about, and know nothing about Loquax. Think there’s a bit of clutching at straws going on, as they’re obviously very worried about the competiton, which is probably why we’re all on here, and not on ther. It’s also why this is the only competition site I trust and the only one I use.
    It feels like a slur on our family name! Go get ’em Jason!!!

  • sezegg

    over 170 comps a week for a fee? what a joke, I enter at least 100 a day for free! lol

  • xxsophiexx

    thats so bad,blatant lies i would want an immediate apology jason.

  • bestkeptsecret

    That’s terrible. Loquax is wonderful and free, don’t let them get to you.

  • dianebelcher

    I think I would demand an explanation from My Comps and ask why they think the site runs like that? Loquax is much more than just a competition site. Through the friendly advice from other site users, I have never felt that a problem I have cannot be fixed. I have won a few comps through your site and feel it is a personal site which is used by compers for compers and wholeheartedly support everything you do!


    Rubbish, to ignore or not, i think i would demand they retract thier remarks, Loquax, is the only site, nobody is going to take note of the rubbish and lies, they have printed, its upseting, but everybody is behind you, it is just that, you are number one, andthey hate it

  • Brian601

    I can well imagine why you should be outraged, Jason, but I suspect that you do not have to worry too much. It looks as though this could well be a death rattle from MyComps who may be finding that their £50plus subscriptions are drying up and are trying to reassure their remaining customers that they should not turn to Loquax, who are not only free, but have a better coverage (as well as a great community).

  • ejsmith1972

    What atrocious rubbish! If I’m generous I could attribute it to an absolutely horrendous bit of journalism, if however, I’m realistic it’s probably down to a lack of revenue on their part and they’ve resorted to slander. I think that past problems with other sites were best ignored, not getting into a fight, but this is different, If I came into comping new now, I would be cautious after reading this (although not mug enough to sign-up with them!) Is there anything we loquax users can do? Couldn’t find them on facebook or twitter, else I’d have shared my feelings with them!

  • Reidy1000

    I did notice the Contact Us page, Might just contact them 🙂

  • Graeme Johnson

    I happen to love Loquax. End of. Apart from urging you (as we say in Yorkshire) to SUE the buggers!

  • swampbeastie

    A fellow quiz setter once posted a really negative review of my quiz nights on his website, the first criticism that I’ve ever had. I usually have at least twice as many people attend my quizzes as he gets so I think we know what his motivation was……
    Same thing here Jason. Inferior competition trying to score cheap points…….Shall I send Mrs Swampbeastie round to their place with the tactical nuclear device?

  • snilloc

    I can’t believe the cheek. Perhaps they have lost membership due to Loquax and sounding off in this way.

    I have introduced quite a few of my friends to Loquax and told them how good a site it is.

  • Spagface

    I have have recently started doing competitions after a long break of several years and was hunting around to find the best site. Loquax is far and away the best competition website that I have found. When I occasionally have a look at others I always come back to Loquax as it has a feeling of being ethical, which a lot of others do not.
    The only thing I struggle to understand is the forum. But I think that is because I am new to them. I will keep trying to leave comments and notes. I’m sure I will get there in the end! Thanks again – great website.

  • Kazzaw

    I think you should demand a retraction and apology, should not be allowed to slander Loquax

  • Carolelynn9

    I can hardly believe this. I think the Loquax site is one of the best competition sites there is and I am always recommending it to people. It is very informative and I have never had any problems with it.

  • flowering

    Not very good with a computer, sad oldie managed to get by THANKS to you all at Loquax and I HAVE WON £200 and bits and bobs

    Thank you again you have made life a little less boring

  • Myrrhanda

    Extraordinary – as others have said I think you should seek retraction and apology.

  • netkitten

    I don’t enter many competitions lately, just don’t get time, but have had no doubts about the honesty and integrity of Loquax.

  • arcturus

    they are obviously losing subscribers,due to the price hike and magazine revamp.I will not be renewing thats for sure.keep up your good work.

  • Tizzler

    I just feel sorry for would-be compers who aren’t aware of the excellent Loquax site and who will fall for all that twaddle, and pay a lot of money for it!

  • barboofa

    I 100% trust Loquax. I have won loads of prizes from Loquax listings. The community section is great, giving tips and support. This service costs me zilch, nothing, nil in monetary terms and the time I spend on your site is enjoyable, informative and always full of hope. Thank you Loquax, you are commendable. MyComps review is blatently false and I and other duckies can vouch personally for that. There is even a forum on Loquax where we can check out bogus and spam callers info. Maybe MyComps should be among them. Loquax is too much competition for them and they are using scare tactics to try and make people think Loquax is not the honest, friendliest, best competition website around. And as someone else suggested trying to link their name with Loquax to get further up the Google chain . MyComps have got the collywobbles because Loquax is a better sight for free. Thank you once again Loquax for always providing the best competitions + community website all free of charge, professional, safe and friendly.

  • dingpot

    I have only been part of Loquax for a couple of months but i can tell everyone i feel this is a wonderfull site, its free there are no conditions and you dont get any spams and its really good fun, nothing bad, all good. love you.

  • maggiemuppet

    I love Loquax, and thank Jason for his input. It’s easy to dip in and out of – and it’s free.

  • melsaffron1

    Don’t be dishearted, Loquax team, by what is obviously sniping and jealousy by a so-called competitior which charges a hefty fee for what you offer for free. You do an absolutely fantastic job and I’m sure all Loquax members would agree. Carry on the good work, it’s most appreciated.

  • mattsmum2005

    Jeez, what aload of …… What a shame when people feel they have to slur others. I found loquax along time ago and it took me a while to realise that not all comping sites want something for their service. I trust Loquax and know that to the best of your ability you only list legit sources.

    Keep up the good work, you all do a great job and it very much appreciated by all 🙂

  • d6j7

    Like many have already posted, I also tried their website and got bombarded with emails from Oxfordshire Press. If you had the time, you could easily find all the competitions MyComps list for free or better still use Loquax. This site is reliable, trustworthy and I have recommended it to friends too. Jason please take all necessary action against MyComps, you have all your users supporting you! Loquax is a really good site! Well done

  • zeb

    Loquax might look too good to be true, because it is so good. People providing a great service for like minded people for free. Used your site for years and trust it. Had some nice wins and never any problems. Other sites don’t compare well in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

  • Elektra

    What a (bad) joke this article is. I’d be fuming if I were you, it’s so crass and inaccurate. Just sounds like they’re trying to drum up more paying users for their pathetic service and bad-mouthing the competition in the process, in an effort to make themselves look better.

    As my son would say, EPIC FAIL! I stopped subscribing to a couple of comping magazines years ago (it’s so long ago, I can’t even remember their names), when I discovered Loquax. Loquax is SO much better, there’s just no comparison.

    I personally don’t understand why you’d need to go anywhere else… Keep up the good work Loquax and ignore the ‘sour grapes’ from your pathetic would-be competitors. Lol.

  • jmc26

    I can see why you are angry!!!! How can they publish such an inaccurate article and get away with it? They are trying to defame to try and justify charging.

  • Pauline Jollands

    Loquax is great. My Comps is trying to discredit you.

  • daisybeebee

    I am angry for you , what a nerve. Loquax offers a fantastic service , open and transparent , which is far more than they can say.

  • luckytc

    I used to subscribe to MyComps, cost me a fortune in stamps by entering postcard comps on top of my subscription. Thankfully when I met a new friend and mentioned that I entered competitions she pointed me in the direction of Loquax… and I’ve never looked back. What can I say, loads of comps provided free and a lovely bunch of people in the forums, and I’ve won far more prizes via this free site than I ever did with MyComps. Well done Loquax!!! :0)

  • founder

    I have listed many competitions on Loquax this year – it is an excellent site. Looks like an SEO tactic to me. Keith

  • babycakes25

    I think its a lot of rubbish that they have said, is the best i have found so far.

  • The review has been removed as we involved ASA in the situation.

    The page now says (about their review of Loquax) “there was nothing factually wrong with the review, the tone of our editorial style could have been seen as denigratory” – in our view it was factually incorrect AND denigatory.

    Anyway, they will relist the review when it complies with ASA’s code of conduct.

  • carolesul

    What a cheek, I’ve never wanted to visit any other site, why bother with the rest when I’m already with the best LOQUAX.

  • suemenzies

    I think it is absolutely disgusting that they are trying to put Loquax down, this is an fantastic site and I really think the only problem they have is that Loquax are getting people onboard and they are now… I wonder why that is!

  • pooterfreak

    What a load of old….baloney. I did actually pay for one of their comping mags for a while but it was constantly full of typos, misprints and inaccuracies. This really annoyed me….after all, I HAD paid for their service. A couple of years after I subscribed to them, I stumbled across Loquax and for a while used both side by side. But I eventually stopped my sub to Oxfordshire Press…not as might be supposed because Loquax was free (though that is of course a bonus), but because I found that OP were still getting things consistently wrong and I was having to cross reference comps on Loquax to get the accurate information I needed in order to enter. I was just no longer prepared to pay for such a poor service. Loquax, you rock and I for one love you.

  • tiamegz

    What a nerve! lol Trying to make themselves look good by making someone else look bad is ‘sharp practice’ of the worst kind but to make all that stuff up is libel – no? I for one would never take that kind of libelous slur as gospel without checking it out and I’m sure other’s won’t either. So don’t think Loquax has much to worry about. It leaves a nasty taste though to have that done to you!

  • denmort

    Blooming shocking – how dare they !!!!!
    Doesn’t it say something when we all subscribe to Loquax and not to them!!!
    I think its sour grapes and we should all get together and try and do something about it – they shouldn’t be able to spread lies like that and slur our lovely Loquax name and get away with it!!!!
    If there is any way you think we can all help then please let us know,
    ( VERY ANGRY!!!!!) Denise x

  • freebitscomp

    For what it is worth, MyComps say they have checked and double checked the comps they list to make sure they are genuine, however, when they checked my comp they must have skipped the section of my terms and conditions which clearly state that bulk submissions will not be accepted. Loquax have listed my monthly comp for over 3 years now and I am more than satisfied with the service they give.