Prize Guy – Daily Star Article on Loquax From 2000

Posted on: June 24th, 2011 by Jason 10 Comments

It’s time for another blast from the past! Despite Loquax’s 13 years online, we’ve not done much in the way of publicity. We turned down two TV interviews (one because it was for 6am and the other because Jason was about to go on holiday). We’ve only done one radio interview (and that story is for another time) and newspaper articles about the people behind Loquax have been few and far between.

That’s actually not a bad thing. Myself and Kirsty never wanted to be the “stars” of the site. The celebrity comping thing never appealed and our aim was that Loquax and it’s users, regardless of how much they won, should be the main focus.

However, that’s not to say we’ve not courted “15 minutes of fame”. A few months after our Readers’ Choice Award a couple of comping articles appeared in the press. We’d been promoting competitions on South West News and a journalist, as a thank you, offered to do a few articles for us. No one told us it required photos and besides we were young etc…

Prize Guy

This article appeared in The Daily Star in May 2000. First off, as tough as the site can be to run some days, it’s not usual for Loquax desks to be covered in alcohol. Secondly there’s a few exaggerations in the article – take the numbers with a pinch of salt. “Dotcom millionaire”? This time next year Rodney!

The great thing about the article is that it’s from a time when we did enter competitions – and we won stuff. Some people forget (or have never realised) that Loquax was originally started by compers for compers.

We actually did win two holidays to Barbados, a trip to Ibiza (long forgotten about as we passed the prize on), £1000 (remember, mountain bikes, a Vespa Scooter, a HiFi, a lawnmower (in-laws still have this) and countless Bertie Basset tshirts.

In some ways it’s nice to do these kind of articles – after all it’s good publicity for Loquax – but on the other hand it can be quite strange seeing yourself in print in this way. It’d be a surprise to do anything like this again though (so at least we can say we did it).

When it comes to comping articles these days, journalists tend to like featuring people who are winning stuff and have you notice, that they also rarely feature guys. Judging my that haircut above, that’s probably a good thing.

By the way, the case of wine on show was a prize – and it wasn’t very nice at 10am in the morning!

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  • colvilleone

    Keep them coming…..please!

  • sheena444

    It must be nice to look back at the start of Loquax though- I’m sure you could not have foreseen how entering (and winning) a few competitions could change your life and career so much.

  • maisy1

    Excellent article! It is my dream to give up work and make my living from entering comps. It is lovely to see how it all started all those years ago. Thank you for sharing.

  • libra100

    Interesting article! With increasing internet usage many more people are now entering competitions, and it seems that I’m winning fewer prizes than before.

    Comping is a great hobby though, I visit many varied websites and discover lots of interests out there on the world wide web.

  • denbri

    I remember that article, my penfriend of many years (swapping entry forms) had sent me the clipping. I then visited Loquax and made it my home page, the rest as they say is history. I did think I had kept the cutting but haven’t been able to find it!

    I didn’t use the forums then (time was limited on the net as I paid the internet provider per minute, not like it is now).

    I was however “lucky” enough to win a years supply of wine through Loquax in the early days.

    Anyway thanks Jason and Kirsty, long may Loquax live on

  • Mac1

    Fab article. It sort of “personalises” you! I used to visit Loquax as a “guest” in the early days. Saturday mornings on my desktop that was located on a desk under the stairs! Very slow loading up and could take some time to enter comps. Keep the nostalgia rolling.

  • kevinwj

    £4,000 per month! I think they put the dot in the wrong place. 😉

  • hazelangell

    Fantastic – you should really do more. I’ve read a few articles about compers in the past and it’s always piqued my interest. I’m so glad you did give up work as a geo chemist because Loquax is brilliant.

  • suroben

    Those were the days. : )

  • KarlC

    Wow, I remember joining Loquax about five years back and hopin it would be different to those other “competition” websites where no-one seems to exist or win anything.

    Joining Loquax was a great decision!

    Loquax is the best!