The Ultimate Advent Competition Prize!

Posted on: November 22nd, 2007 by Jason 32 Comments

On December 1st Loquax will once again run it’s annual advent competition. In previous years we’ve given away vouchers, chocolates, and even the very popular Loquax Duck Photo calendar (we really need to do another one, perhaps next year). Anyway this year we decided that we’d give away something extra special.

An LCD TV perhaps? Nintendo Wii? 24 days of holidays? Of course you don’t want those do you? Especially when you discover that the prize this year is a brand new limited edition (of 100, and they’re not numbered) ‘I am a Loquax Winner’ mug!

Designed to hold tea, coffee, water or indeed any kind of drink, they show our logo and the ‘I am a Loquax Winner’ line on both sides. They’re an ideal addition to any mug collection at home or at work, and if you win one you’ll be able to clearly show your friends and family that you’re a winner with Loquax! Their envy will be obvious and before long they’ll be desperate to win one too!

A Loquax Mug Earlier Today

The mugs are not available in the shops and the first 24 of them will be given away to our daily advent competition winners. The rest will be given away in competitions on Loquax during 2008.

Remember to visit Loquax on the 1st December for this and many other advent prize draws.

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  • susanemily

    Ohh Jason, theyill be priceless.

  • relisys222

    I want one. I NEED one!

  • chippy2000

    Amust have for the fashionable comper

  • car01e

    oh my goodness if i dont win any other advent i must win one of these!!! they rib me at work for having the sticker in my car so ill love showing this off in work!!!!


  • lilmiss1982

    Wow they are great what a fab idea.

  • aliali

    OMG I laughed so much at the thread ‘trimming my bush’ , that I’ve lost my new contact lens,. Not good when your partially sighted.
    For a minute or two I really thought it was a tv, wii, holiday, until my friend put me right.

    Just as well I’ve got an appointment at Moorfields eye hospital tomorrow.

    BTW The mugs are fab, fingers crossed I’ll be lucky enough to win one.

  • Laine21

    I need one for inspiration, I will be entering to get one!

  • sasba

    Im lovin these mugs, would make coffee taste even better, advent comp sounds top notch, glad to be here for it this year.

  • jjbeagrie

    Think of the joy these will bring to those lucky enough to win one, a real badge of honour for the comping fraternity

  • nijp

    What more could a comper want????

  • redrose

    I want one NOW


  • suroben

    I’ve put the kettle on so if you could reserve one for me I’d be very grateful. : )

  • commandervimes

    So when the postman doesn’t bring me good news I can at least have the memories of winning when drinking my tea!

  • hellywelly

    I’ll probably have a tantrum if I don’t win one! Nice idea Jason.

  • dynamicdragon75

    Who needs Haggis? pah! humbug!
    I don’t want a lot for Christmas…There is just one thing I need… I don’t care for other advents, Santa Claus or Christmas Trees! I just want a Loquax mug, Comping Fairy hear my pleas…All I Want For Christmas is one of these ooo ooo oooo

  • djbrammer

    The mug is fantastic, it is the ulimate competition prize.

  • barb10

    Love the mug , a definite must enter comp

  • mandy101

    A proper posers mug…… i really want one of these!!!!!

  • Jackinthebox

    Love it!!!! Really want to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scrapaddict

    A Loquax mug is what I need within my Christmas stocking
    And so I’m waiting patiently for Santa to come knocking

  • pinkfox

    Send one now or the duck gets it. Only need to make a phonecall.:)

  • candybabe

    Im lookimg forward to entering. Helps to make the countdown to christmas more fun for busy mums.

  • labazs

    who needs born to loaf tshirts i want this mug and i want it now. OH keeps breaking our cups so itll be strictly hands off this one

  • millsw74

    Wow, another mug for our already full cupboard, but the more the merrier. I am going to enter every day, bring it on. I’m no mug but could do with one more.

  • imsimpson

    need one to add to my collection of weird and wonderful mugs

  • pburnage

    Need one of these to help spread the word at work !!!

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  • suzzie61

    please can i have qne soon there are lovely suzzie61

  • val2238

    Jason, you forgot to point out that if anyone wins a Loquax Mug Jigsaw Puzzle, it is one of those difficult 3-D ones!!!!!! 😀

  • kevinwj

    I want one, I need one, I’ll cry if I don’t win one :weep:

    Hmmm :think: , so one a day for 24 days, then the remaining 76 given away in just 7 days…wow!!!! :dance:

    “The rest will be given away in competitions on Loquax during 2008.”

    That’s just ruggered my chances of winning one :foot: :dtrod:

  • silviam

    Must. Have. One!!

  • chickybeak

    Please can i have one this year-any shareable wins like choccie I take in and share with my workmates, I show them the winning letters I have but I dont think they believe me-now a Loquax mug, on my desk, everytime we make cofee-that surely will prove I’m a winner eh! Good Luck in the Xmas comps everyone xx