What Does a Loquat Really Look Like?

Posted on: August 15th, 2008 by Jason 10 Comments

Somehow, somewhere and sometime ago Loquax users became known as Loquats! But what does a Loquat look like? Thanks to the miracle that is Youtube we’ve found a video of a Loquat in action – complete with exciting commentary too. So sit back, relax and observe a genuine Loquat.

If you do have a video of you using Loquax – why not upload it to YouTube – so we can all have a laugh enjoy it!

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  • jodeme

    jason, i’d rather sit and watch paint dry!

  • JSH

    WTF??? I was expecting a man in a duck suit to jump out or something!!!

  • LaLupa

    Nice one, Jason! What a find!

  • Midastouch

    How enlightening. LOL

  • tractor girl

    He’s no Alan Titchmarsh is he! 😆

  • labazs

    yawn dont see what that has to do with comping but who the heck would want to post a film like that!

  • Loquax users call themselves Loquats… it was meant to be a bit of fun…

  • piemaker


  • rum truffle

    OOOOooooo can’t wait for “next time”, the guy is a nutter but it made me smile…. thanks jason

  • linasi

    Maybe ‘next time’ we can actually watch paint dry? I’ll book the day off….lol