JamDoughnut Cashback App Offers Rewards & Deals

JamDoughnut Cashback App Offers Rewards & Deals

With everyone looking to tighten their belts due to rising fuel costs, energy costs and inflation we thought we’d take a look at some popular apps and services that may help you save a few pennies and pounds. It also gives us the chance to populate our offers section too as at the end of 2021 all the information expired and we forgot to update it. First up on our list of services to check out is a company called JamDoughnut. They say that they’re the number one cashback app that you can use in store, online and get instant cashback. JamDoughnut also say on their website that you could save over £800 in a year.

How It Works

To get started with JamDoughnut you need to download the app for either an Apple or Android device. You’re then asked to register with an email address and password followed by a series of verification steps including a code sent to your number and a six figure pin. Once inside the app you’ll find a daily doughnut deal (sadly not for doughnuts but in today’s case it was for Creme Eggs), links to 116 brands which offer 2.5% to 20% cashback and advice how to use the app. Cashback sites aren’t new (we even had one way back in the day – it was rubbish) and by now most people probably know how they work. You login to, for example Quidco, follow their affiliate link and make a purchase. Quidco get a commission for referring the sale and they share some of that with the customer. JamDoughnut works in a similar way but instead of purchasing your item via a link you purchase a gift card from them. This gift card generates a reward code which can then be used online, instore or via phone depending on the offer you’re taking up.

Save 11% At Pizza Hut & 20% At Buyagift

For example, let’s say you’re thinking of visiting Pizza Hut today. On JamDoughnut you can purchase a prepay code to the amount that you want to spend. You then pay JamDoughnut using ApplePay, GooglePay or Bank and get a reward code in return. This code can then be used at Pizza Hut whilst the app rewards you with 11% cashback. As another example you might be looking to purchase an experience day at Buyagift. Again you simply select how much you want to spend, purchase a reward code and get 20% cashback too. Before you get too excited there are usually some terms and conditions associated with each offer. These include minimum and maximum spends and combining the reward code with discount codes. If you can combine other discounts then that will make bigger savings but just be aware that things like traditional cashback and voucher codes may not always work. Occasionally some items may not be included in the purchase offer so it pays to check these things out before committing to buying a reward code.

Getting Cashback From JamDoughnut

When you make a purchase of a reward code – or prepay code as it’s sometimes referred to within the app – you’re awarded points as the cashback. You’ll receive 100 points for every £1 spent. This is done immediately which gives the app the edge over the likes of Quidco. Quidco rely on third party tracking and your cashback can often be delayed until the merchant involved has confirmed the sale via an affiliate network platform. As you’re purchasing a code from JamDoughnut the transactions are therefore immediate. Getting your money back isn’t that immediate though because you need to have over £10 in your ‘Jar’ before you can make a withdrawal. Withdrawals can be paid back into your nominated bank account. If you want to try and earn more points then you can always try and refer friends by using your refer a friend code. You’ll get 400 points provided your referral signs up and cashes out – so they’d need to make a few purchases first. Feel free to use the Loquax code of WXFJ when registering but we don’t mind if you don’t.

Save Money On Your Food Shopping

If you shop at Morrisons, Iceland, Asda, Sainsbury’s, M&S then you can save up to 7.5% simply by purchasing a code via JamDoughnut then using it when you buy groceries instore (check terms). Provided you do that regularly then the cashback savings can mount up. The problem with things like JamDoughnut and indeed any cashback service is just remembering to use them in the first place. In this case you’re going to need to remember to pre-pay for your purchase before then going on to make the purchase. If you can remember to do that then this app will benefit you. One positive for this app is that any money you don’t spend is always available next time you shop at that particular retailer. However some cards only have three month time limits so do make sure you’re not losing money by purchasing rewards then not spending them.

Pros & Cons Of JamDoughnut Cashback App

All cashback services have limitations. Although there are 116 brands offering cashback on JamDoughnut you may well find there aren’t that many you shop with. Big brands like Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Amazon and eBay are not part of the mix. We were also a bit disappointed in the deal of the day. Whilst it’s nice to know that Lidl are selling 5 Creme Eggs for 87p that doesn’t fit in with the idea of getting cashback and Lidl aren’t on the listed brands either. Under the daily deal are a whole bunch of other offers yet these links don’t work. Of course getting cashback and saving money is always a good thing and we like the way JamDoughnut works versus more traditional sites. But if you want to purchase things like insurance then you’re going to need to head back to Quidco or TopCashback. Our general view is that people who utilise cashback sites most likely will stick to ones they know and have accumulated savings with already rather than jump on board with another. However it’s worth a look and until August 2022 ten lucky winners will receive triple cashback up to a maximum of £150 when they cashout.


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