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Walkers Crisps used to get a regular mention on the Loquax Blog due to their big prize promotions. For example there was the Bring It Back Campaign with £100,000 on offer and who can forget the Mystery Flavours competition which saw £50,000 cash prizes being dished out. There are more cash prizes on offer in […]

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are investigating the current Walkers prize promotion. According to reports in The Grocer complaints have been made by entrants that some letters are not being generated. Without these letters it’s therefore impossible to win some of the holiday prizes on offer. The article includes a screenshot of source code which […]

Walkers Crisps do love their big competitions and to celebrate their latest promotion they have £100,000 to be won. You may have seen the advert already for this particular giveaway as it features Gary Lineker alongside Black Lace, who are singing Agadoo! Gary obviously isn’t too impressed at this and soon Black Lace, like their […]

We’ve featured Walkers Crisps on the blog a few times over the years and that’s because they like to run some big competitions. This time round there’s no difference as they’ve just launched Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt. Every promotional pack is a winner and there’s up to £10,000 waiting to be won. We suspect that […]

The big day has arrived at Walkers Crisps. Not only are they revealing the mystery flavours of Bags A, B and C but they’re also revealing the names of the three lucky winners. Those winners each get themselves £50,000 cash simply for guessing the names of the flavours. So do you want to know who’s […]

You only have a couple of days left to put in your suggestions for the What’s That Flavour? competition from Walkers Crisps. The competition, which has 3 x £50,000 prizes on offer, ends on the 9th March and to help you with any last minute guesses we have a special image to share with you. […]

Walkers Crisps have launched a brand new campaign called “What’s That Flavour?”. They’ve released three new flavours and in a nice little twist they’re not telling anyone what they are – and to make things more fun they’re offering a £50,000 prize. Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is use your skill and […]

Back in April we told you about the Walkers Crisps Flavour Cup. There were 15 prizes of £10,000 on offer for each of the various crisp flavours. After judging the entries the winners were announced including the one below for English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding, the flavour which has also been crowned the Walkers […]