Hope This Twitter Competition Doesn’t Take Off

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by Jason 10 Comments

We’ve focused a lot of this blog on Facebook competitions lately and overlooked the fact that Twitter also has it’s fair share of issues. There are still question marks about how winners are picked, mutliple entries and running good interactive competitions. Examples of competitions that aren’t good are always worth sharing – firstly it makes the comper aware of things to look out for and it also helps promoters run better competitions.

And here’s a good example of how not to run a Twitter competition!

Manchester Airport would like entrants to tweet and tweet and tweet about flying from Manchester Airport to Edinburgh. In order to enter they have to make tweets containing #IwannaflyfromMan2EdinburghwithBMI. Firstly the length of the hashtag is a bit silly, but secondly it’s simply asking people to spam Twitter – and yes, there are people who will do it.

More importantly though the mechanic of this competition is in our view outside Twitter Contest Guidelines. Twitter advise that “posting duplicate, or near duplicate, updates or links is a violation of the Twitter Rules and jeopardizes search quality”. They then kindly ask that brands “don’t set rules to encourage lots of duplicate updates (like saying, whoever retweets this the most wins)”.

Now, we’ve messaged Manchester Airport and will see whether they decide to change their competition or continue encouraging their followers to spam their own timelines for the sake of a couple of flights.

Let’s hope they decide to ground this competition format and take off with a better idea.

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  • nazma

    I spotted this too and tweeted back to manairport, let’s hope they listen to the voices of reason rather than being blinded by people who are happy to spam twitter!

  • lapsapchung

    If they keep it as it is, they will find their most enthusiastic supporters, who really do clog Twitter with entries, will get their accounts suspended or even completely closed down for spamming. So then they will try to contact the winner and the account won’t exist. And they won’t be able to give away a prize – but they can say they tried. Maybe that’s their hiddeen agenda, lots of promotion but no prize?

  • Pumpkin2

    If you have a look at #TheCrystalBoutiqueShoes you will see that some people have tweeted this to win over 120 times. Now I enjoy entering competitions and have sometimes tweeted the same thing up to about 10 times, but 120 is mad and that is in the space of half an hour!

  • Pumpkin2

    Obviously not enough – one person is now over 200 tweets.

  • Angie-k

    Yikes Pumpkin2! 200 times? Thats a tad too much.

    1 tweet from each comper would start ensure companies lot’s of followers. Maybe 1 tweet a day. Like you say though Jason, how do they keep track of these tweets?

  • Littleboot

    I never enter anything that requires me to retweet more than once. If I do retweet more than once it is by accident. Haven’t got time or inclination for this kind of comp. In fairness similarly repetitive/sign up all your friends/etc etc elsewhere leave me just as cold.
    I’ve done very well on twitter using the once-only method. And it doesn’t P off my own friends/followers.
    I concentrate on finding lower entry comps i.e time sensitive…enter before such-and-such a time….or maybe a draw after we reach 250 followers which is a reasonably low entry too. Also there are quite a lot of twitter comps requiring effort or a bit of wit etc. Much better use of time and much much more fun.
    I think the promoter of this comp should be reported for Spam. Just because they don’t actually send the spam themselves, they are actively encouraging spamming. That would serve them right.

  • fmaclean1

    I’m really irritated by the radio station that has people tweeting ‘what’s playing now’ for every track! it is just pure spam…!

  • suewilly

    Well done for keeping on top of these silly comps. I don’t like anything that asks compers to repeat themselves over and over, or comps that ask for public votes.

    Let’s face it, I love comping but a lot of my friends on facebook and twitter don’t. I really don’t want to lose friends because I’m constantly asking them to ‘vote for me’ or because I’m spamming them with repeat messages that they’re not interested in.

  • selene16

    I’ve seen a trend in this of late, theres a couple of companies who ask you to tweet as many times as you can a couple of times a week to enter a twitter comp, it honestly does my head in and has completely put me the people in question, as they seem to care more about getting a trend than about the people who might actually buy from them.

  • tabitha2sugars

    There were several people on my time line doing that crystal boutique shoes one and that was all i could see – it was verrrry irritating. I refuse to spam.

    Also the problem with twitter some of them never seem to have an end date or have some completely unrealistic goal – like win a prize when we reach 5000 & they’ve only got like a 1000 followers.

    One competition – pink flame said they would do a giveaway at 1000 followers – but they reached a that goal over 2 weeks ago & still no giveaway. I think there are a lot of comp runners doing this so beware.