Advent Competitions On Loquax 2015 Q&A

Advent Competitions

Advent Competitions On Loquax 2015 Q&A

It’s almost that most wonderful time of the year when advent competitions appear from every where. As we mentioned a few weeks back advent comps seem to have taken on a whole new meaning with anything festive and daily entry falling under the advent banner. Anyway the real things will start on the 1st December and all being well most of them will end on the 24th. To prep you for that we thought we’d try and predict the various questions that may crop up and just for fun we thought we’d dispel a few myths about advent comp listings whilst we’re at it.

Will Advent Competitions Be Listed On Loquax?

Yes they will! You can find a whole bunch of links and options on our advent competition list page. We’ve got prize categories, comp type categories and more options than a Sky Remote Control.

Will Loquax Be Posting Competitions?

Sadly for you – but happily for us – The Loquax Team remain firmly in comp listing retirement. As in the last couple of years the comps are posted by the comping community. However we’re happy to faciliate things with our advent tracker, opt-ins etc.

Will Loquax Have The Biggest List?

We probably won’t have the biggest list but then again we might do – we’ll not actually know until a few days into advent – and usually by then most listings services have pretty much the same content. And after a few days no one cares because they’re sick of advents anyway!

Will Loquax List More Advents Than Last Year?

We have no idea whether they’ll be more advent competitions listed this year than last year. No one knows how many comps there will be! If we could predict stuff like that then we’d probably take our amazing predictive skills and apply them to something more exciting – like Saturday’s lottery numbers.

Will The Advent Competitions Be Exciting?

No!! Long gone are the days when sites did fancy advent calendars with dancing snowmen, flashing lights, glittering baubles and animations galore. Most advents are simple like and shares, enter your details or click a button to see if you’ve won. It’s an unspoken comping fact that advent competitions actually stopped being exciting in 2003 (’tis true, honest).

Will The Advent Prizes Be Rubbish?

Whilst we can’t predict the number of comps, we can safely say that within 24 hours of the 1st December a discussion about the quality of prizes will emerge somewhere. Actually it usually pops up around the same time that people start lamenting for the exciting advents of old. We will guarantee that the advent prizes this year will not be up to some people’s standards. It’s very unlikely anyone will dish out a car a day for 24 days!

Should I Stress About Advent Comps?

No you shouldn’t! Advent comping has become over-hyped yet there’s no need for any one to stress about them. The first couple of days can be a little bit hectic but after that the majority of folks should be able to narrow down the comps they wish to focus on. Also if you miss a day then you miss a day – it’s not the end of the world. We used to stress about listing the advent comps – and it didn’t do us much good.

Should I Enter Every Advent Competition?

No! You need to eat, drink, sleep and do some Christmas stuff with family and friends. Enjoy the festive season and don’t become a slave to the advents. Don’t be getting up at stupid o’clock to squeeze in an hour before work or stay up ’til 3am to do them all. Some people will do this but then some people like egg nog.

Will I Win An Advent Competition?

You might do – you might not. Same as any other competition at any time of the year. Don’t worry about it. Advents don’t come with guaranteed wins.

Will I Get Advent Fatigue?

Yes! It will arrive around about 9pm on the 10th December… advents are like a box of six mince pies. Try eating all six in one sitting – the first two will be nice and you’ll love mince pies. The second two won’t be so enjoyable but hey it’s Christmas. The fifth one is a struggle but you push on. The last one just makes you wish Christmas would hurry up and vanish. That’s the feeling you’ll get when you hit the advent wall.

In conclusion… enjoy the advents, have fun, don’t take them too seriously, ignore the hype, remember there’s more to Christmas than advent comps and show peace and goodwill to all.


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