Are You Marmites Biggest Hater?

Marmite Love Or Hate

Are You Marmites Biggest Hater?

Welcome to the latest Loquax Newsletter! First off a pat on the back for us as we remembered to actually write it before the month end. Again we’ve gone for a more ‘chatty’ style and highlighting a few things that you may not have seen in comping or on Loquax. Hopefully it adds a bit of extra flavour to things rather than us regurgitating the content on site.

Love It Or Hate It

Marmite are offering one of the most bizarre prizes that we’ve seen in a long time. According to their website they have “created a film so powerful it can turn Haters into Lovers”. If you fancy a bit of hypnosis and convert from a hater to a lover then enter the prize draw. Five winners will have the opportunity to experience the hypnosis and one winner will be named as “Marmites Biggest Hater“.
If you do fancy entering this odd promotion then do make sure you check out the terms and conditions. The winners (winners?) will need to attend a health pre-screening as they’ll be undergoing mind control and hypnosis. It all sounds a bit bizarre to us but thankfully we don’t mind marmite. Do let us know if you choose to enter – and your experience if you are one of the 5 winners!

Elf On The Shelf

Christmas is on it’s way and it won’t be long before we send Kirsty up into the virtual attic to dust down Loquax’s advent competition section. Now advents are a tradition we’re very familiar with, but when did Elf On The Shelf become a thing? You’re all dying to know aren’t you? Well after a quick Google we discovered that it derives from Chanda Bell’s book – The Elf On The Shelf – that was published in 2005.
If you’re eating Kellogg’s cereal then you may be aware that they’re running an Elf On The Shelf promotion. Every hour (8am – 8pm) until the 20th December they are giving away an Elf inspired Christmas prize package. You will need to enter a promotional code to find out instantly if you are a winner. If you already have an Elf then it might be an idea to start thinking of creative ways to use it – just in case there are some Christmas photo competitions popping up over the next couple of months.

Retro Sweets

Whilst we might not be on the pulse of new Christmas traditions we do know about retro sweets like refreshers, drumstick lollies and shrimps! And if you win one of our latest prize draws then you’ll be able to experience some of these if you’re a lucky winner. The Retro Sweetie Jar looks like it also includes Superman Candy Sticks, Love Hearts and Dolly Mixture. If you are our lucky winner you won’t be able to get the prize in time for Halloween and offer them as treats. However we are getting to that time of year when a few oddities creep into comping. For example look out for sites offering advent calendar prizes but closing dates of mid-December. Or festive themed hampers that won’t be with the winners until 2020. Hopefully promoters will think about these things before launching their giveaways!

Ready Steady Lapland

Last month we told you about how you could apply for ITV shows. Well, this month we’re switching channels and featuring The BBC. Follow the link and you’ll find a whole bunch of shows that you can get involved with. Not all are prize/competition related though but there are a few gems. For example did you know that Ready Steady Cook is returning to our screens? Rylan is hosting the show and you have until mid-December to apply to take part. You’ll need to be quicker if you’d like to win a trip to Lapland. Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby are “looking for fun, enthusiastic people to take part in a new entertainment show”! On offer is “the ultimate festive prize of jetting off to Lapland”. You need to complete the application before the 24th October. Full details can be found on the BBC Shows & Tours page. Finally, if you’d like the chance to win either nothing or maybe a fiver then Bargain Hunt are looking for contestants. In all the years this programme has been on I can only remember one couple unearthing a valuable antique. The dealers must be laughing mind! Sell a pot for £100 then go back and rebuy it for £10 at auction – and that’s usually the expert’s buy. If you apply and are successful hopefully you’ll do better!

Thanks & Congrats

Hopefully you’re enjoying our new style newsletter. Feedback is always welcome and if you have any suggestions for the future then please let us know. Likewise if you have any ideas or suggestions for the website, our giveaways and social media. If we like it and can do it then we usually try to accommodate.
As ever we’d like to thank everyone who is part of the Loquax Community. We’d also like to say “hello” to any newbies who have joined plus a “welcome back” to those who have returned. It’s actually quite nice to know that people still return to our site – sometimes after years away – and are happy to do their comping with us. Finally let’s end with some wins as our Winners Post section has again been busy. A quick scan through and we can see that amongst the prizes won are an iPhone XR, Samsung TV bundle, cash and a cool update on a “TKMaxx Neverending Stocking” prize. This was won last Christmas but the winner gets a surprise parcel every month. Maybe TKMaxx will run a similar promotion this year?


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