Does Loquax List Twitter & Facebook Competitions


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One question that has cropped up since we revamped our listings is about Facebook and Twitter competitions. Users looking for lists of giveaways especially on the popular #WinWednesday and #FreebieFriday may not be actually aware that these competitions do appear on the site. First off, if a competition on Facebook or Twitter has a long shelf life then you will find it in and amongst the usual new comps, closing soon and categories (Facebook Competitions and Twitter Competitions. However those that are running just for a day are posted in another section – and the reason for this is because we use embedding.

What Is Embedding?

Embedding is where we show you the actual tweet or Facebook post in full. We believe we were the first competition portal to implement listings this way. The reason for showing comps this way is that you can quickly Like, Retweet, or Follow. On a Friday when there’s 100+ Twitter comps and 100+ Facebook it’s especially useful. There are benefits too for people wanting to share competitions on Loquax as for these posts all you need to do is paste the relevant Twitter or Facebook link. The site then converts this so that your fellow users can interact accordingly.

Daily Reminders

We do try and remind you that these competitions are listed by including a couple of lines on the new today/closing today listings. We suggest not clicking the duck/cross as this may remove it from your tracker. New comps are added during the day and you may miss out. We also suggest assuming that the competitions posted in the social media section are open/closed on the day of posting. This will save you trawling through old posts! Hopefully this explains where these social media competitions appear on Loquax. At time of writing there’s approximately 400 in the main listings and almost the same number added over the last seven days within the social media area. As ever if you have any questions about comping with Loquax then please feel free to ask.