Facebook Advent Competitions Have Their Own Pages

December 4th, 2011

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With there being so many advent competitions this year we decided that to make it much simpler for you to pick and choose competitions that we’d create two pages for the lists. There’s the web based sites and linked from there are the facebook advents. Now we thought it was fairly obvious – but our stats are indicating that page 1 is quite a lot more popular than page 2!

This could mean either you’re all concentrating on the first 150 or so advents and don’t get to the next 150 … or more worryingly you’ve not realised that we’ve split the pages up! If you’ve not spotted the link on the page, then we’ve made it a tad more obvious – and put it in a couple more times as list 1 is long enough.

Now we hope that most of you have found the second page of our advent list. Firstly because there’s some decent prizes on offer via Facebook this year, but also because it took a fair bit of effort to compile it and we don’t want you missing out on any competitions. As with page one, there’s out tracking system in place to help you.

Of course we also know some of you live on Facebook so to help you there’s a tab on our Facebook wall called “Advent Competitions” – as shown below.

Via that link you’ll get the same information that’s listed on Loquax, except the tracking system isn’t in place. Our tab was installed on 1st December and has since tripled in size since we put it live.

With so many advent competitions a long list – which is up towards 300 or so valid advents – can seem quite daunting and after a few days a little soul destroying (we know, we’ve compiled it). In fact we’re already seeing some compers struggling to cope with the volume. If you know about the above great news, but if you didn’t then hopefully you’ll see just what we’ve done to make your advent comping a little bit easier this year.

So remember – on the main site there are two pages of advents complete with tracking options. On Facebook there’s the same information (and also access to all advents) but the tracker isn’t in place. Take a look, see how good it is and then tell your friends so that they don’t miss any comps or end up struggling with bookmarks and scraps of paper!

Go to the Facebook Advent Competitions List

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