Finding Low Entry Competitions on Loquax

Finding Low Entry Competitions on Loquax

Sometimes people make comments about Loquax that are so far off radar that you do wonder if they know what they’re talking about. This week’s gem suggested that there are “thousands of entries for each” competition that is listed on Loquax. Now, if that was the case why would we bother highlighting blog competitions, twitter competitions and creative competitions to you? Not every competition listed on Loquax gets “thousands of entries”. In fact many competitions don’t attract that much interest. A recent competition for Truffle Shuffle for example, which was listed on the site, only got 327 entries (their figures). Our own blog competitions (posted on here) tend to attract a few hundred entries. Blog competitions (something we’ve mentioned as far back as The Mirror’s Blag It giveaways) only get a few hundred entries. The fact is that just because a competition appears on Loquax, or indeed any other popular competition forum or service, doesn’t always equate it being swamped with entries.
So what competitions traditionally get low entries?

Blog Competitions

We might have mentioned these once or twice already! But, competitions that require you to post on blogs tend to attract low entries. The prizes tend to be fairly small (<£50 value) and targeted at mums. Entry format also tends to be quite complex (comment, tweet, facebook) etc. 2. Facebook Competitions
Despite them being listed on Loquax, on our Facebook Wall and on other competition services the short time span FB competitions tend to only pick up a few hundred entries. OK, not everyone likes Facebook, but if you can overcome your fear then there are some good prizes on offer.

Twitter Competitions

Despite their perceived popularity, our research indicated that not as many people as you think do Twitter competitions. Naturally numbers will grow, but with prizes such as a Jason Donovan CD on offer for Freebie Friday you know that not too many people are going to chase these kind of goodies.

Photo/Video Competitions

Our photo/video competition is a mish mash of competitions that involve .. erm .. photos and videos. Get creative with your camera or camcorder to try and win usually some decent prizes. Sometimes the prizes are for cameras and camcorders which we never really understand.

Creative Competitions

Write a story, write a poem, send in a recipe or draw a picture! Yes getting a bit creative does take a bit of time but not many people enter. Artful Adventures for example has very few entries. If you can spare the time then it can be worth the effort. On top of those above don’t forget those Tiebreaker Competitions as well as local radio and local newspaper competitions. Sometimes the local forums on Loquax will highlight comps in your area too.

But What About Free Prize Draws?

Time though is a problem for many a comper. It’s often much easier to enter 10 send in an answer type entries than create a video, chase votes or come up with a cracking tiebreaker. So what prizes tend to get the least entries? CDs and Music, books and DVDs often get overlooked. There’s a tendency by many to chase the biggies (cars, cash, holidays) and ignore the smaller prizes. If that’s you, why not take a moment to try for a few prizes in these sections that you might fancy? Our local interest listings are also worth a quick look to see if there are competitions specific to your locality. You might find a local radio competition listed or the chance to win tickets to the local theatre.

Increase Your Chances Of Winning

Tickets for concerts, sport and other events attract fewer entries. Usually because people have to travel or the tickets for a specific date or the competition is short notice. Travel is another factor when it comes to choosing competitions to enter. Holidays can get a lot less entries than many people expect as well. Travel to destinations in the UK for example is often not included. Overseas holidays are sometimes date specific whilst many prizes are either aimed at couples or family. So there are low entry opportunities for compers right here on Loquax, it just may mean a little extra effort on your part to try them. But if that’s not for you then even the traditional free prize draw has factors in it that can increase your chances of winning because other people aren’t taking part.


Losing Your Comping Mojo

For every newspaper article showing a Queen of Competitions there are plenty more compers who struggle day to day for any kind of win.