Get Help With The Daily Wordle Puzzle


Get Help With The Daily Wordle Puzzle

By now most people will have heard of Wordle or at least seen various social media tweets featuring green, grey and yellow boxes which on their own seem meaningless. However Wordle has become a go to puzzle each day for thousands of people worldwide. Wordle is a free to play browser word game devised by Josh Wardle. It’s a simple game that requires you to guess a five letter word in six turns or less. Every time you make a guess you’re told whether a letter is right (green square), right but in the wrong place (yellow square) or just wrong (grey square). By using these results you can use your powers of deduction to get the word of the day.

Mastermind The Board Game

If you’re old enough to remember the format reminds us of the old Mastermind board game where you had to guess the sequence of coloured pegs by making guesses. If you’re young and have never heard of Mastermind then go and find a copy because it’s good fun. Anyway to keep you interested in playing each day, Wordle automatically tracks your progress so you can see how often you’re successful and how many turns it takes you to solve the puzzle. You can also use the share facilities to post your daily result and annoy everyone who hates seeing the Wordle tweets or shares on their timelines.

Get Help With Wordle

Playing Wordle is good fun and for the most part you don’t need any help – in fact we’d suggest you don’t try and get help to get the most from the game. However once in a while you do get stuck and need a little bit of inspiration. Way back when Loquax was in it’s infancy we devised Crossword Buddy, a simple but effective tool to help solve difficult crossword puzzles. By entering known letters our ‘buddy’ would generate suggested answers. And whilst playing Wordle it got us thinking about perhaps adapting Crossword Buddy. So we now have Wordle Buddy!

What Is Wordle Buddy

Wordle Buddy helps you when you’re really stuck! By entering the known green letters into the ‘buddy’ our hard working dictionary ducks will suggest possible answers for you. It won’t solve the puzzle for you but by using deduction based on your grey letters and yellow letters you should be able to narrow down the final word. We do advise you only really use Wordle Buddy when you’ve hit a brick wall or your mind has gone blank. Perhaps even on the last turn just so that you do solve the puzzle? Remember the service is only there to help and not complete the puzzle for you.

Other Word Games

Wordle Buddy will work for other word games provided they require five letters. However Crossword Buddy can be used for variations on Wordle that may use more or less letters. Of course Crossword Buddy is also there if you’re stuck filling in a crossword puzzle. In time we will make some improvements to the look and design of Crossword Buddy because it’s pretty much been the same for the last 20 years or so.


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