How Do You Solve A Problem Like Advent Comps?

Advent Competitions

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Advent Comps?

With their being so many advent competitions some of you have told us you’ve found the lists we have quite daunting and that it’s difficult to keep track. You also wanted to be able to discard some of the ones you didn’t much care for! We think our two advent lists (web advents and facebook advents) are pretty comprehensive – but surely we couldn’t make the better?

New Advent Tracker

Next to each advent listing you will now see a grey duck and a red cross! The grey Santa Duck works like our day to day “Quacker Tracker” Go to the competition, enter it, click the duck and it’ll go yellow and the listing fades out. The beauty of this version is that come midnight, when the advents begin again – duck turns grey and you’re on your way again! Note that this is independent to the day to day version! But what about those advents you want to ignore? Well click the red cross and you’ll find the competition fades. However, come midnight when the grey ducks all return, the red crossed comps will stay faded.

Making Advent Comping Simpler

Note that we’ve done as much testing of this as we can and it should work. If something goes wrong, for example, come midnight something goes awry then don’t panic as it’ll be fixed in the morning. Anyway, we hope that this feature really makes going through those advent competitions a lot simpler. If you like it, then please do tell your friends and other compers just how good Loquax is to you.


The Ultimate Advent Competition Prize!

On December 1st Loquax will once again run it’s annual advent competition. In previous years we’ve given away vouchers, chocolates, and even the