How To Post Competitions On Loquax Forums

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How To Post Competitions On Loquax Forums

When we announced our decision to stop listing competitions two weeks ago we envisaged that Loquax’s days as a listing service would come to an end. However, the forums are slowly becoming the home of a new set-up as users and promoters post there as opposed to the main site. First off, let us clarify the situation.  Up and until January 2nd the vast majority of the competition listings were done by Loquax plus promoter involvement. Between 10% and 20% of the daily main site listings came from user contribution. On top of that our team were checking sites, searching etc. For every comp you saw listed we’d probably checked twice as many on that day! It’s that workload we have relinquished.

User Generated Content

Moving forward the competitions on the forums are now done by users for users. Promoters are also being permitted to add their own competitions and prize draws (provided they don’t spam). This is a massive difference – and it’s the difference between a competition service on the site and no service and potentially no forums either. The Loquax Team are happy to develop things on site (for example categories, easy searches etc) but we are unable to spend time listing, finding or researching competitions. We also will only do development if there’s activity on the forums… and that means users posting/sharing etc.

How To Add A Competition To Loquax

Firstly (and this is mainly aimed at promoters) you will need to be a registered user (sign up here). You then need to go to the ‘Welcome Forum‘ and make an intro post, nothing too involved though. There’s a good reason for this and it’s relatively painless. Once that has been done you just need to go the ‘Competition Forum‘ and click the “New Thread” button. There are a few boxes to fill in, including title, closing date and category. Make sure you include a link and if you can add a tag that’ll help too. Once done, press submit and that’s it!  Don’t worry if you mess up, get stuck etc. as a moderator will be on hand to help you out.

Our Apologies ….

We appreciate these developments will confuse folk and for that we do apologise. But, whilst there are people on the forums who want the Loquax comping community to stay and flourish then it’s only fair we give that a fair crack of the whip. If it grows and users/promoters contribute then we will do our best to make it a useable system. If it doesn’t – then it doesn’t – c’est la vie. It’s not been our intention to confuse or mess people around. The reality is that we didn’t expect compers to want to stay on after our announcement of January 2nd. However, let’s be clear – our decision remains, we (as in the Loquax Team) aren’t going back to listing competitions for you. That’s your job now if you so wish to get involved. Hopefully the above gives an indication of how to get involved and post competitions.