Is Loquax a Scam and Does Anyone Win Anything?

It's A Scam

Is Loquax a Scam and Does Anyone Win Anything?

Every once in a while we have a look at how visitors are making their way to Loquax and two intriguing search statements crop up. The first one is “does anyone win anything using Loquax?” and the second one is “Is Loquax a Scam?”. We thought we’d take a few moments to ponder these important questions and try and allay potential new user fears once and for all.

What Is Loquax?

Loquax lists competitions and prize draws from around the web and we’ve been doing this now since 1998. These range from well known brands such as GMTV, Capital FM, Heatworld and to independent retailers and bloggers. We don’t run the competitions. They are all on other websites and our role is simply to point you in the right direction via different listing options such as prize type, type of competition, date added and closing date. We don’t collect personal data and we don’t sell personal data. It’s a free to use site and there are no catches. All sites are reviewed (as best we can), the number of “MyOffers” type sites we list are limited and we even have an option to block bingo sites too. Visit us each day and we’ll have updated the site with various new competitions that can be found around the internet. So is Loquax a scam? The answer is simply “No”.

Does Anyone Win Anything Using Loquax?

As mentioned above, Loquax has been listing competitions online for over 12 years now. We don’t think many people would use the site or enter competitions if they weren’t winning anything. Remember as we don’t run the competitions we can’t influence who wins and who doesn’t. But “yes” people do win online competitions and “yes” they do win by using this site. Not everyone can win every competition and yes there are some people who don’t win anything! That’s just a fact of life associated with comping. There are people who will use one listing site and win absolutely nothing. They then go to another similar service and the prizes start rolling in. That’s purely down to luck and nothing else! We’ll only except responsibility provided all other possible reasons such as changing your lucky underpants have been exhausted.

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Remember we are one of a number of competition services, so people will be winning from all over the internet. Our job is to help you find the competitions we think are the best, give you a nice way of finding them, provide a free tracker and offer you a good community to get involved with. The rest is down to you and a little bit of help from Lady Luck.