Jacob Leeks Mogg Finishes Second

Jacob Leeks Mogg Finishes Second

After a little bit of a summer break, we’re back with another exciting Loquax newsletter. As we did last time, and hopefully in the future, we’re going for a more newsy style email. If all goes well – and Kirsty remembers to remind Jason to write it – we’ll also try to be a bit more regular with our deliveries.

Oh No – It’s Brexit

Brexit is currently dominating discussion on the Loquax Forum, but don’t panic we’re not going to talk about leave or remain. Instead we’re going to highlight how current affairs and a bit of creativity can help you with comping. We’d like to present to you Exhibit A from the Newent Onion Show’s “Vegetable Character Over 17 Years” competition. Hester Feld entered an inspired entry titled ‘Jacob Leeks Mogg’ and it shows him lounging about in the House Of Parliament. It’s a very clever entry although surprisingly it took second place to tortoises and snails created with spring onions and slices of red onion. You can find out more here. If you’re entering creative competitions and lacking inspiration then something current can catch the judge’s eye. Keep an eye out on various internet memes that get posted and see if you can be inspired by them to generate fun creative images and ideas.


A new competition site has been launched that gives you the chance to win daily cash prizes for guessing. It’s a bit like Pick My Postcode in so much that revenue is generated by ad views. To be honest we don’t know much about the site – Guessmaster – other than some Loquats are enjoying playing it. However it did remind us of an old site from way back in the day. It was a quiz style site that ran hourly draws all day and every day. However the name escapes memory at the moment, which is strange as they were once a suitor for Loquax. They even took Jason out to Copenhagen for what was the shortest negotiations in history. “We have this much to offer you” they said. “No thank you” was the reply. And that was pretty much it. If anyone can remember the site name do let us know, even more so if you ever won a prize on it.

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep is back on the TV and although Rylan is lovely it’s just not the same without Dale Winton. If you want to up your comping stakes then TV Game Shows are worth a shout. You need to apply to get involved but this usually can be done online. For example by heading over to ITV you can apply for the next series of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. We can’t give you Supermarket Sweep but you can shop and win with another new site. Kerching Shop And Win gives you prize draw entries when you shop via their links. Think of it as a bit like Quidco but instead of cashback you get the chance to win stuff. The current prize draws include an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet and various vouchers. The shop and win style competition isn’t new. In fact we’re pretty sure there was a site called shopandwin back in the day? A number of cashback sites have offered similar incentives though. For example Boom25 give every 25th customer a full refund on their whole cart! If you shop online and aren’t too fussed about cashback then these sites are worth checking out.

Unlucky 7 & Lucky 3

Fans of the various free prediction games will have been disappointed to discover the closure of Racing Post’s Lucky 7. This was a horse racing prediction game that offered players the chance to win up to £50,000. It was free to play too. We’re not sure if anyone won the big money prizes though – if you were successful on any Lucky 7 game then do let us know. Anyway, the good news is that whilst Lucky 7 has gone, other games have launched. Unibet for example have a prediction game that gives you the chance to win up to £100,000 whilst 888 Sport have a new game called Up For 8. Details of all of these can be found on Loquax if you’re interested. Are these games worth playing? Well Sky’s Super 6 registered three successive jackpot winners during September. That’s three lucky players each winning £250,000 for predicting football results. Not bad eh? One final point, these games are run by gambling companies so it’s 18+, UK only and please gamble responsibly (begambleaware.org).

Thanks & Congrats

As ever thank you to everyone who contributes to Loquax. If you’re unsure about how to get involved with us then contributions can be posting competitions, congratulating winners, entering our prize draws, helping flag up issues, sharing links out on social media, or even just visiting the site.
Since the last newsletter we’ve seen some great wins added to the forum. They include a £3000 holiday to Marbella, £5000 cash, a first ever win for user Rutavas and a Pomsie Poo – whatever the heck that is. Let’s hope it has a sweet smell of success for the winner. That’s it for another edition. Do feel free to offer your feedback. This is new territory for us and your comments are valuable. If there’s something you’d like to see in a future edition then do also let us know.


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