Loquax In The Big Brother House

August 19th, 2011

Celebrity Big Brother is back and so we thought we’d go and look for a suitable video for this week’s blog. Then we remembered that a few years ago Loquax was in The Big Brother House and although we don’t have a clip we do have some photos. So, for our fun duck inspired blog this week we give you Loquax in The Big Brother House. Did we take pictures of The Loquax Team? No we used a rubber duck!

Big Brother Loquax

This one features the Big Brother Series 7 Gold Chair. Duckie even got grilled by Big Brother. The room’s actually a lot smaller than you’d imagine. Incredibly cramped and it’s quite nerve wracking being spoken to by BB, even in just a fun situation. We were invited along to the house by the way by our friends at Jackpotjoy who had hired the venue for a bit of a corporate do!

Big Brother Loquax

As well as having a go in the famous chair, we got to look around the house. It was tiny! We also got to see behind the scenes, including the rabbit runs where the camera crews hid and filmed everything that went on.

Observant Loquax users will notice that it’s not our usual duck in the photo. These were taken at the time when we were doing Duck Holiday photos (users were invited to take pics with a yellow rubber duck). Unfortunately we forgot our usual duckie, but thanks to an affiliate friend who lived in London we managed to get a worthy replacement.

Anyway, it was a great experience, but a few hours in the house was more than enough!

Back to the present day and as you’d expect there’s a competition to win tickets to Big Brother evictions. These are on offer from programme sponsors Freederm via their Facebook page. Play the game and then enter the draw to win tickets. The prize also includes overnight hotel accommodation. There are various closing dates until the end of the month.

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