Loquax Launches It’s Competition Blog

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Today (March 23rd 2007) sees the launch of the Loquax Blog. Competitions have been in the news since the revelations about Richard & Judy’s phone in issues. As a competition service we wanted to provide information and comment on these problems to help inform our users and compers. However, the Loquax structure and forum restricts us – therefore the blog idea arose. And let’s face it everyone is starting a blog these days.

Commentary On Comping

And then the ideas kept coming! We’ve always wanted Loquax to be different and to be more than just a list of competitions and so our blog will provide a platform and mouthpiece for us to comment on and report on competitions. We’ll also be using the blog to report on developments and news from Loquax HQ (or HQs)! Over the next few weeks the blog will expand and develop, and user’s will be able to comment on the blog posts. We hope you’ll be a regular reader of the Loquax blog!