Loquax Launches Win a House Competition Watch

October 12th, 2008

On October 16th the winner of the Oldborough Estate in Devon should be announced. This may spark further interest in the other win a house competitions that have popped up on the back of the Wilshaw’s success. From experience these kind of competitions always look good on paper, attract a bit of media interest, but ultimately fail! The Oldborough Estate being, so far, the only exception!

So how are the the other competitions fairing? We decided to create a special Win a House Competitions page to follow how Fellows Hall, The Devon Development, The Cheltenham House and others fair in this arena. Not only do we tell you the cost of the tickets and a bit about each competition, there’s also the total number of tickets sold and the number sold since our last check.

Win a House Competitions

Loquax aren’t the only people taking an added interest in these competitions. The Gambling Commission are also starting to take a closer look at them too. In their latest report they warn that people setting up win a house style competitions run the risk of breaching The Gambling Act 2005. The concern regards just how much skill is required to enter these kind of competitions, and it’s generally felt that organisers are pushing the definition of skill right to the limit.

Analysis of the legality of The Oldborough Estate competition has been done at legal site Out-law and we wouldn’t be surprised to see legislation clarified for win a house competitions in the future.

One thing though is for certain, whoever is picked as the winner of a £1million Devon Estate on October 16th probably won’t actually give a damn about The Gambling Act.

Find out how the other win a house competitions are fairing on Win a House Competitions Watch!

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